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  1. Please rank your two favourites for gg twins

  2. On June 20th you posted that your girls were 3 weeks old so does this mean that you have still not finalized the names?

    I voted again for Rachel and Rebecca - beautiful Biblical names!

  3. i voted rachael and rebecca

  4. I voted for rebecca and katherine..they are all very pretty names

  5. I picked Caroline and Chloe.

  6. Looks like all of the names you picked are getting votes! I picked Alexandra and Katherine. Both of those are pretty names with lots of different nickname possibilities depending on your girls' personalities.

  7. This Thread Is From Last Year!!! Please Stop Dredging It Up!

  8. I like Rachel. Only thing is, I knew I Rachel that wasn't nice to me so I wouldn't pick it for my kid, but if I didn't know her, I would in a heart beat lol

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