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    IVF Connections muiti

  2. Hi my name is Michele .I 'm 29 from Philadelphia I have been married for 11 years and I'm having my first ivf cycle .I'm a little nervous about all the meds and if Im doing everything right . Can anyone help

    Thanks Michele

  3. Welcome Michele. My name's Chrishel (rhymes with yours) and I am going thru this for the first time, too. I'm 24, married almost 6 years. I start my Lupron on the 11th, so we line up rather nicely. There is a thread on here of women along the same timeline as us called, \"Starting lupron around Nov 10th..anyone else?\" that I post on. The ladies are very kind and a lot of us are first-timers as well. Let me know if you can't find it. And I'm always open to talk privately if you'd like to email me: I haven't gone thru this yet, either, so I can't give much advice, but it's nice to know others in the same place.

    Good luck!!

  4. Hello, I am new for the most part also. I started Lupron on the 7th. It was a little intimidating at first but gets easier as time goes along. I am in the same boat as you, as this being my first time with IVF. I am 27 and have been married for two and half years. My DH had a vasectomy in 2001 and we tried to reverse it twice, both being unsuccessful so here I am.

    Michele~I used to live in Maryland right next to you. I love Philly during the fourth of July. We moved to Hawaii in 2004 so I have not been there for a while. One thing I did to remember all the meds is make a schedule and then check them each time you take them. I also set my watch , which has three alarms, to go off so I stay consistent.

    Chrishel~good luck with the start of you Lupron.

  5. not sure how to start a new thread

  6. Nancy, click the \"new thread\" button when you are in the forum view.

    Lovely site elders, at what point should we start new at how many pages?

  7. hello, waiting for ET maybe on 12-03

  8. Hello - I think that my ET will probably be around 12/3 too. I'm on IVF#2, found out last Friday that I had a positive test result with low numbers and then on Monday that I lost it. Chemical Pregnancy, it's called.

    Michele, what meds are you on. I am very happy to answer any questions that I can for you or anyone else!!!

  9. Hi Everyone,

    Glad to be on this board. I'm new to this board and would like to meet some IVF cycle buddies. I started Lupron on 11/9 and had first baseline ultrasound on 11/18. Things are quiet says my nurse and thats what they are looking for. I reduced my Lupron dosage to 5 units today and will start stimulation meds on Friday 11/21. If all things work out well, which I know they will, they are looking at retrieval anywhere from 11/30 - 12/3. Is there anyone out here in this cycle. I just want to be able to chat and share some thoughts. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon....

  10. I started Lupron on 11-07-08...I have ultrasound on Friday and I already feel like it has been months not weeks

    I wish everyone the best and I am very thankful I found this forum.

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