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  1. I transfered 3 5 day blastocysts (2 grade 1A and 1 grade 2 so very high quality - made from donor sperm and eggs - both parties in their 20s and proven donors) on the 3rd of this month. My lining was excellent so the doctor gave me a 70% chance of success and told me to expect multiples. On the 16th my beta was 434 but I was afraid to trust it because I made a stupid mistake and ended up getting badly bruised trying to break up a dog fight and had some bleeding and cramping issues. Thankfully my second beta looks good. It came in at 983 on the 18th so my doubling time is 40.7 hours according to beta base. The problem is I have no idea where to go from there.

    My IVF was done outside the country so I am using my local ob/gyn. He is very helpful when I can get him but he is always out and his nurse is a gorgon so I am having a hard time getting to talk to him because I can't get past her. She practically refused to give me my beta numbers and I had to be stubborn with her to get them. (I think I am their first IVF patient so she is not entirely to blame) She just does not quite get the implications of the process and actually told me to "relax, women get pregnant all the time" and informed me I was "over complicating" the process. You know how stupid that sounds to a woman who has raided her IRAs and flown across an ocean to get donor eggs so I won't go into detail about my annoyance with her. The problem is that because of my location I am pretty much stuck with this office as I am having some bleeding issues and do not want to spend multiple hours in a car to go elsewhere if I don't need to do so as it makes the bleeding worse. (right now it is mainly spotting and seems to be ok so I don't want to risk getting back to where I was over the weekend) This leaves me unable to get a sonogram until the 3rd so I have no idea if I have 1, 2 or 3 babies in there. I don't want to fight with the nurse over this if there is only 1 baby as the stress is not worth it but if there are 2 or more there is valid reason for concern.

    I was supposed to get my progesterone levels checked if I had twins or more because my RE in Czech suspected progesterone issues in my past miscarriages but I will be over 7 weeks pregnant by the time I will be allowed to get a sonogram so this is an issue in my mind. The nurse says betas can't tell you anything about how many babies are in there but I know REs have made predictions based on beta levels and doubling times with a fair degree of accuracy.

    In addition to this I am having a rough cycle because my stomach tends to be delicate and I was having vomiting issues due to the pills I took prepping for the cycle. At this point I am still on the pills so my stomach is a mess plus I have morning sickness. Prior to the transfer I had a couple of weeks where I could not hold down a normal diet and lost weight. Things are now worse. Food repulses me and in the past week I have lost 5 pound because I simply cannot eat enough no matter how hard I try. I have told her about the situation and her only advice is that I go to the ER if I can't hold down fluids for 2 days so I can get a fluids IV. Again it is not entirely her fault as she is not used to IVF patients or someone with my gastric issues but if there is only 1 it is not a big deal because as she put it "all women lose weight in their first trimester" but that is not supposed to be the case if you are carrying multiples. I read Dr Lukes book when I was pregnant with the twins I lost this spring and I know it is very important to be gaining weight in the 1st trimester if you have multiples and added to that I know I will have major problems gaining weight in my second and third trimester due to my gastric issues.

    My symptoms are much stronger than even with my twin pregnancy and came on very early so I really do think its more than one baby but I can make neither heads nor tails out of the beta base site because my betas fall in all three options (1, 2 or 3 babies)

    With the information I have provided does this look like a multiple pregnancy to the rest of you? If it looks like a singleton the just rest and wait plan is in my best interest but if not I think it might be worth the risk to either find another doctor or pt my foot down with that office.

  2. Pickles - what day past transfer was the first beta? the doubling time of just under 48 hours, along with the high numbers would make one suspect twins or more, but what was the starting date. I am currently pregnant with twins and my doubling time was about 34 - 36 hours and that was the reason I suspected twins with us.

    Can't the OB get you in to test your progesterone? Are you doing shots, not sure I read that or not.

    In terms of the US, 7 weeks is a good time, although we always want to see them earlier. At 7 weeks there is really a good indication of how things are going, how babies are measuring, etc.

    I have read your posts and am glad that things appear to be going well, although I understand when this early it really is too hard to believe they will continue to do so.

    I just re-read your post, was your beta on day 16 post retrieval or post transfer?

    My betas were from our fet:
    14 dpo - 213
    18 dpo - 1428
    22 dpo - 8928

    At 5w6d we could see two sacs and cardiac activity.

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  3. Thanks for responding...

    The beta would have been

    13 days post transfer with 5 day embryos 483
    15 days post transfer with 5 day embryos 983

    Your numbers seem much higher than mine and sooner.

    As to the OB I think it is just a matter of getting past the nurse who seems to be addicted to her normal way of doing things and thinks I am just being a difficult patient. (Which I well may be but unlike her other patients I can't try again next month because of the costs of IVF so it is hard to be a good patient) If the people here think twins a realistic possibility I will just have the hospital call the OB tonight and ask him to call me and I will go around her.

    Honestly I do not see what the problem is as I am paying them for the proceedure. It is not as if they are doing me a favor or something so this seems silly to me.

    On the bright side as much of a pain as this cycle has been hubby says this cycle has to be the one simply to balance things. Think what a good story this will be when the kid forgets to clean its room as a teenager... all my mom had to pull on me was changing my diapers when she wanted to pull the guilt card

  4. Pickles ~ Call your RE immediately and have them get in touch with the OB and have him personally call you. Explain to the OB the situation your are experiencing with Nurse Ratchet and ask who will be liable if things go wrong. Will his office pay for another round of IVF because his nurse thinks your over reacting. sorry that just p.i.s.s.e.d me right the f. off. Who does she think she is. F'n puta

  5. I would do what you have to in order to get the peace you need. When I did my betas I had them do the progesterone check as well just to be safe, but my ob office is great (we cycled out of town) and all I had to do was ask.

    Post how things turn out and once you know how many. Our OB would do the US after the #s hit 2000. We did ours at 5w6d, 6w5d, 7w5d, 9w5d - had a SCH so they check fairly often without me even needing to whine or really ask.

    Best -


  6. Your numbers are right in line with a singleton. At the time of your beta you were 18 days past ovulation. According to, which gives average, high and low betas for each day past ovulation you are right were you should be for a singleton. The aveage beta for 18 dpo is 405 and yours was 434. (the average twin beta at 18dpo is 801). Betas aren't a great indication of how many, but based on your numbers I would say you have one in there. Congrats on your pg!

  7. I did what you said. I tried to explain the progesterone issues yet again but the call was a total waste of time so I made an appointment with the doctor that did my IUIs and even though he is over 2 hours away I think the long drive is worth it. I will be seeing him on Monday morning.

    The last call with the origional OBs office was completely over the top. The witch said "miscarriages happen and sometimes we can't do anything about them" I ended up losing it with her and chewing her out because last cycle I M/Ced the night before my sonogram to check for a heartbeat and she kept telling me it was a wasted test to test early because there is nothing you can do to stop a miscarriage this early. I tried to explain that progesterone issues are like diabetes... a treatable issue. You wouldn't say deaths from diabetes just happens if someone needed insulin. She had me in tears with frustration and the bleeding has picked up again.

    I am so ticked off I could throw things right now. There is a difference between miscarriages that happen for genetic reasons and ones that happen because of progesterone issues. The witch was incompetent, incapable of listening and rude beyong words. I called and really laid it out to the office manager because I feel that the nurse is incompetent and dangerous to other patients. I am going to go lay down and try to calm down. Thanks for helping me find my backbone.

  8. Pickles -

    What type of PIO are you on? And how much?


  9. Pickles - What type of PIO are you on? And how much? A

    I can't do PIO. I used it last cycle and for a while I was fine but I began to react to it with welts and asthma attacks after each injection. The fertility doctor tried a couple of different carrier oils in hopes that the oil was the problem but it didn't help. So he put me on Crinone and shortly after that I MCed the twins. The OB I just dumped handled the m/c and told me he had tested for genetic issues and that was the problem but while in Czech the new fertility doctor had concerns about the timing and pointed out that even if there were genetic issues the timing between the change in delivery methods and the m/c was so close that he thought it was worth careful watching. Also he pointed out that sometimes doctors say such things to comfort patients and keep them from blaming themselves. (Which is probably a nice thing to do for a regular person on their first m/c but can really mess up an IVF patient who is spending a fortune on each cycle and has a history of M/Cs.)

    I am doing 5 progesterone pills each day and a crinone suppository at night.

    BTW The bleeding is back to being just a pinkness when I wipe. (Sorry if TMI) Being upset seems to make it worse as does driving on bumpy roads but I am not hurting the same way as with the m/cs in the past so hopefully it is not a big deal.

  10. BTW Thank you all for putting up with me. I know I am taking high strung to a whole new level but the whole thing is just making me crazy.

  11. Pickles - I do endometrium suppositories and I was wondering if you could simply up your dose if you can't get into the Dr. for the test. Do you have those 'any labs' or 'any test', something like that? We have them here and can basically order our own tests.

    Don't worry - on this board we are all pros at 'putting up' with all that goes on. We never know when it will be us needing the comfort and support or needing to offer the comfort and support to someone else. It is what makes these boards so great.

    Best -


  12. I took an extra one of the pills just to be sure and will do so until Monday and I have my levels tested. That was a good idea and the pharmasist says it is safe for now though it might mess up the tests if I don't remember to tell the doctor so I had better be more together than I have been today LOL

    Honestly I feel so much better just getting rid of the odious woman that I feel like singing. A good nurse is often of more help to a patient than the doctor because they take the time to listen when a doctor can't but a bad one is a complete nightmare because they don't do their job and the keep the doctor from doing his. I feel like I have just been let out of a cage. It is so good to be rid of that office I will gladly drive the extra 2 hours each way for the rest of this pregnancy without a word of complaint.

  13. I am glad you are feeling a bit better without that monkey on your back. It sucks to have to drive that far, but the peace of mind is worth so much that I would be willing to do the same.

    I agree about nurses. I simply have to email the head nurse for my ob and she gets right back to me, gets me in, calls, etc. I would go insane without her.

    Try to rest, drink water, and know you are doing all you can no matter how many babies are in there!

    One more thing, with the suppository, remember that isn't registered on a blood test, so no matter what your number, you are getting some extra progesterone that won't show up on the test.

    Hugs -


  14. Thank you so much for helping me.


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