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  1. have deleted as concerned re privacy

  2. I would contact your attorney - there is clear evidence of failure to care for the child and unsuitable influences.

  3. I agree. I know you say you are scared to report him, but you really need to. He should not have custody and should have supervised visatation only from the sounds of it. Mention too when reporting him why you are scared to do so. Document, document, document.

  4. Do you live in the states? I would call Child Protective Services on a weekend while your son is there so they can see the conditions he lives under when under the supervision of your ex. No way would I let anyone watch my kids drunk.

  5. I'm sorry I don't have a lot of advice but I hope some of things other people have mentioned are helpful. I can see how this situation is very upsetting.

    Perhaps encourage him to take ds to your ex's sister or Mom if you think they are at least responsible. He may be using them for a free meal and babysitting but at least your ds would be in half decent hands during that time.

    I agree everything you mentioned is a problem but if none of the big suggestions work it may be helpful to prioritize the issues and deal with the biggest ones first i.e. the Grand Theft Auto game is terrible but being drunk and no food in the house are probably bigger issues to resolve first if you can't tackle all of them at once.


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