Pleae tell me I am not alone with these "feelings"!

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  1. ***previous success mentioned***

    I have been through this process a lot (this is my 3rd FET in the past year, I have also had a fresh IVF & an IUI this year), but I just need some reassurance that I am not alone with these crazy "feelings" I am having. I am currently 6dp a 6dt of 3 frozen embies...I feel like AF is coming on...achy back, crampy feeling in abdomen, the whole 9 yards...I am just thinking it is giong to be another BFN. I felt this way after each procedure this year. The strange thing is, is that I have had success in the past (after 5 IUI's & 2 fresh IVF's), but for the life of me I can't remember if I felt this way when I did have a BFP....please tell me it could go either way at this point b/c I need some hope to hang onto! TIA. Nicole
    Beta is this coming monday

  2. NO you are not alone. I'm right there with you! Not sure of anything any more, even my own name sometimes, lol!

    YES it is possible that this worked. Remember that every pg is different so I think that most times it is not even relevant what happened last time.

    All bets are off until beta day so please do your best to hang on.

    This process is maddening and me for the TWW is THE worst, bar none. I really really don't do well with uncertainty and this really takes the cake.

    I hope this is IT for you! Best of luck!

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