placenta previa-OB wants C-section at 36 wks?

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  1. Hello all
    We are doing well i was 26 wks 1 day yesterday and babies weigh 2.4 and 2.1 lbs and are doing well-but baby A's placenta still cover's my cervix although it does look like it is slowly moving away-but doc thinks there is a good possibility it will remain over the cervix. He mentioned if this is the case at 36 weeks doing an amnio for lung development than doing the c-section 4 days later when they get results because if i go into labor and bleed it will be \"disatratous\"sorry sp. I live an hour and 1/2 away from hospital maybe this is why? I didn't ask questions i was shocked as this is the first i have heard this. Why not put me in the hospital at 36 weeks and if i bleed do the c-section-or let me stay in a hotel 5 minutes away? I don't want to do an amnio. I don't wat a c-section earlier than needed. My cervix is like \"steel\" according to the tech and measures 7 cm and is closed and from what i have read if your cervix is longer than 4 at 24-26 weeks you have a 97% you will not go into pre-term labor(at least according to one study i read)-so if i can go to 38-39 i want to.
    anybody else deal with this or know someone who did?

  2. 36w sounds a bit early with a great cervix measurement. I think they consider twins full term at 37w.

    I had vasa previa with my twins. The umbilical cord crosses the cervix with a low lying placenta and the vessels were not all the way into the cord (think webbing) so I could not go into labor or have the babies drop. If it happened the vessels would rupture and the baby would bleed out in less than 2 minutes. Given all of that, I was in the hospital on bedrest starting at 32w and the c-section was scheduled for 35w1d. The 3 nights before that date I was having more than 6 contractions an hour and had to have them stopped with medication. There was no bleeding or else the c/s would have been that second.

    Every day in the womb is better than a day in the NICU. My guys were great size for preemies at 5.11 & 5.9 and still had to spend 10 & 12 days in the NICU learning how to eat.

    I like your plan of hospitalization at 36w for monitoring. No amnio (times 2) and hold off until 38 weeks if you can. Your BP could spike or something and that would make it earlier. Typically, white boys have the slowest lung development and African American girls have the fastest. Depending on what you are carrying could determine when they can be delivered with the fewest complications. I had 2 white boys which is called Wimpy White Boy Syndrome! Surprisingly, their lungs were fine.

  3. my twins were born via c section aty 36 weeks (was scheduled for 37) and they were fine!

    Boy (PRESTON) 6lbs 3 0z 18 and half inches
    Girl (JORDANA) 7lbs 10 oz 19 and half inches

    Had no problems with the baby we went home 4 days later like any standard c section

  4. lykartem-thanks for the info. I go to the perinatologist on monday so hopefully i'll have more info than and who knows maybe my previa will move- i really do hope so. As it is only the outermost portion of the placenta that is covering my cervix and it looks like to me that it is slowly moving.
    just out of curiousity- i rememeber you from tampa threads- where did you deliver? I'm going to St. Joseph's and my perinatologist is Angel's group and my Ob is Tampabay woman's care. I am extremely happy with my care so far. It just threw me for a loop to hear the news about delivering earlier.
    browney- that is so great your twins did so well- i can't imagine how much they would have been if you went to 38 weeks!

  5. I had full previa with my twin pregnancy. My OB and peri wanted to deliver at 36 weeks (I ended up with severe pre-e at 32 weeks). I think it is pretty standard. Believe me, you would prefer a scheduled c-section verses an emergency one. You want to avoid any kind of labor with full previa b/c the bleeding can get out of hand very quickly.

    Are you seeing a peri? I can not imagine any peri allowing a twin pregnancy to go to 39 weeks. It is too risky. By 36 weeks, you will be begging them to deliver you......LOL! Good luck!

  6. sheri is right, by the time you are 35ish weeks you will be so ready for it to be over. Plus i remember my ob and peri telling me no good dr would ever let twins go back 37wks because it is toorisky for mom and babies

  7. Plus i remember my ob and peri telling me no good dr would ever let twins go back 37wks because it is toorisky for mom and babiesNothing personal browneyed, but I disagree with this. The peris who saw me through my twin pregnancy as well as my OB who is Chief of Obstetrics at a major teaching hospital were happy to let me go to 40w. When I initially inquired about a c-section, my OB told me he wouldn't do it before 38.5w. I'll add he sees lots of multiples because we've got the highest multiple birth rate of any city in this country.

    If there are medical indications for delivery before that time, then of course it's safer to deliver sooner, but making a blanket statement like \"no good doctor...\" isn't right. So much of how medicine is practiced is based upon a practitioner's individual experience rather than what is printed in the journals.

    Ready, gather all the information you can, talk with your doctors, and make up your own mind about how you'd like things to go.

  8. Kasamanli-I think I read somewhere that going past 38 weeks with twins is risky--placental issues, IUGR etc. My peri wanted to get me to 38 weeks (but not past it). Thankfully, I delivered at 36w6d, and felt like I was physically falling apart, I can't imagine what I would feel like at 40 weeks!

  9. my peri and ob said the same thing that after 38 weeks there is growth restriction and it is not safe for the babies. Said there is no point to torture the mother when it isn't going to benefit the twins either

  10. What I've been told is that there are often problems (of the sort mentioned: growth restriction, placental issues, etc.) after 38 weeks. But this is not always the case and these are things they can monitor for-- with ultrasounds, nonstress tests, etc. So, it doesn't make sense to have a blanket cut-off, if the babies are still growing well past 38 weeks.

  11. So if the issues arise at 38w, why say that the pregnancy shouldn't go past 37w? That week can make a huge difference!

  12. thank you everyone for the imput!
    I have good news- my complete previa is now only a marginal previa!- so i do not think this is going to be an issue for me. The perinatologist said that if it hadn't moved though yes indeed they would recommend the amnio and do a early delivery at 36 weeks.

  13. I am 37 weeks and my doc is making me until 38 weeks 6 days aka 39 weeks. I have been ready for awhile now. Well, since last week (feet swelling began). According to my doc, no problems=no delivery. However with placenta previas, maybe they have different rules.

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