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  1. Ok I've been doing the shots now for 4 weeks. still have another 3 to go and my butt has so many knots in it I dont know where to do the next shot. I sit on a heating pad and that doesn't seem to help anymore. Anyone have any helpful hints to make the knots go away faster? I seriously dont know that I can keep this up much longer.

  2. Hi Lorib,

    Sorry you're suffering with those nasty PIO shots!

    I was on PIO in sesame oil once a day for 13 weeks with my twin pregnancy (just delivered the boys 6 weeks ago!) and I never once had a lump or knot. I'm not sure if it was my technique or just luck, but here was my routine: I used EMLA cream for 30-60 minutes before injecting. It's a local anesthetic that numbed the area well enough that I never felt a thing and could therefore inject really deep into the muscle instead of injecting into subQ or fatty tissue- I've read that this is where you get the lumps from.

    For the same reason I also used a 1 1/2 inch needle. It allowed me to reach the muscle and avoid the fat/subQ tissue. If you have alot of \"extra padding\" you might even want to go to a 2 inch needle.

    After the shot I would lie down on the floor for 20 minutes or so keeping pressure on my hip/glute where I did the shot. This prevented any bleeding/bruising (I was also on blood thinners throughout my pregnancy for a clotting disorder) and lumps, IMHO.

    I didn't ever use hot or cold but I know some ladies have found one or the other helpful. I also alternated sides from night to night.

    Hope that might help a little! Good luck!


  3. So sorry, I don't have any advice. I too got the knots. I was probably on the PIO for 10 weeks with my twin pg. I delivered them 27 months ago and I still have a small knot, but I can only feel it if I push hard to find it.

  4. Rachela- I use the emla cream too and the longer needles. gonna try warming it up tonight and see if that helps any.

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