Physical/emotional exhuastion of raising little ones?

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  1. I could really use a pep talk and a "it will get better" speech! My kids are 3.5, 3.5 and 11.5 months. For a variety of reasons, the twins will not be in pre-school for another year (Fall 2011). I am finding this age pretty exhuasting and am it just b/c there is a baby in the mix? or is it the age of the twins? I do have a sitter come once a week, for maybe 2 hours so I, or DH and I can get out together...we often joke that we should just sleep in the car LOL! Usually we just go get coffee and I have to laugh b/c half the time one of us is yawning.

    I think that I'm more exhuasted in particular right now b/c in addition to karate twice a week, they are doing a month of swim lessons, so FOUR straight afternoons of activities and most of them I am alone with all the kids, cooking dinner and then doing the whole nightime routine.

    I honestly do not know one-single-person that doesn't have their kids in either pre-school or daycare at this age (most of them, started closer to 2.5 actually).

    So tell me, does it get easier? I think just when it was getting easier with the twins, the baby came. And although I am glad of the age gap and we wanted it that way long-term...some nights just feel so chaotic (baby fussing, kids have gotten their second wind and playing buzz lightyear off the couch LOL!!)

    I feel like our coffee consumption has increased two-fold!

    Liam and Tiernan 3.5
    Brennan 11.5 months (almost a year!)

  2. Yes it does get easier. They go away to college<smile>. One thing, and I know there may be howls of BAD MOMMY....if taking kids to activities is exhausting YOU..drop 'em. Your little ones are not even 4.....if they do not take karate they can still get into a good college<smile>. Swim lessons for a may live. But seriously....the first and foremost thing is to TAKE CARE OF YOU. Listen cannot give what you do not have. You cannot give your kids your best as a mom if you are beat. So be a bit *selfish* and get a nap when the babies are down. If the twins don't nap, turn on a movie with orders of do not bug mommy til X time.Trust me.....laundry will wait til you wake up.

    Today is a Mommy Needs A Break Day here. I know I am running on empty since I slept thru the alarm going off at 12:43 AM Sun. Then still slept thru the alarm co calling, my son ( emer contact) calling on both the house phone and cell ( that was 2 feet from my head). I only woke when the dogs would NOT shut up at 2 AM. They would not shut up because the police were at the door! took them over an hour to get here because " We were busy". So mommy WILL nap today.

    Another thing. Can you do activities earlier in the day? What works for us ( single mom, etc) is from about 5 PM, we do hanging around stuff. This way the kids are not wound up at bedtime. C and I go out on his balcony for about 1/2 hour before bed. TTTs hit the skids at 7 so they are down by then. We chat and just chill so he is relaxed and goes to bed reasonably. Anything interesting is done before lunch.

    Guard your schedule. Just cuz somebody else wants you to do/be someplace does not mean you have to do it. My kids turn mean if they are over tired and then can't rest. They will only be small once, and for a short time, so most anything else is not *THAT* important. I even refuse to answer the door if somebody stops by at nap time. Sorry but nap time is sacred! Check with us before 12:30 or after 3 and I will be thrilled for the company!

    What I *hear* in your posts is a very caring, loving, concerned Momma. You are giving your babies your best. But you are not Superwoman and need to take better care of YOU so you can continue to be such a great Mom. Take care of YOU at least as well as you take care of THEM.


  3. What she said (see below). The witching hour truly is around 5p for us (mine are just over 2yo). Unless we're going out to dinner (which equates to dinner and a show (i.e., people watching) and will thus keep them entertained for the hour or so we are eating), my 3 are in the settling down stage by 5P. I try to get them down by 7p as well. DH doesn't make it home from work on Friday and Sat. until after bedtime, and isn't home another couple of nights a week due to school. May not be an option for you, but I do groceries once a week after DH is home and the kids are in bed. It's almost "me" time it's so quiet (well, at least no one other than the cashier is demanding my attention). LOL We did swim lessons with all 3 last summer for a month or so (3 nights a week) and I told DH never again. I'd rather take one for a mo. each than all 3 together again, but in your case it may help to wear them out, so no Buzz Lightyear going on at bedtime. Hope it gets better soon.

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