PG with subchorionic hematoma - and scared!

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  1. I'm six weeks, 3days with a sch. I started bleeding red blood last week, and after a few days of bed rest, it stopped. It is back now, mostly brown and some cramping. I saw my RE yesterday and there was a heartbeat, but I am terrified of losing this pregnancy. Any words of advice or similar experiences? TIA

  2. Hi roro,

    I had a similar experience. I had brown spotting from the very beginning and the dr saw a sch on the ultrasound. At about 8wks, I had a large bright red gush that continued as red spotting for a few days. It scared the cr@p at of me. I went on bedrest for a few days and then went in for another ultrasound. Dr found a heartbeat and the sch was mostly gone. I had periodic smaller brown gushes throughout my first trimester and recurring brown spotting. I'm now 16 weeks and no longer spotting.

    I know spotting makes it impossible to relax or feel confident. Hang in there!

  3. I don't have personal experience but there's a thread somewhere here called "Bleeding But Brave" or something like that - lots of info and experiences from women who've had SCH. Worth finding and reading through, IMO...

  4. roro,

    I had an SCH in the first trimester - I also posted in this section a few months back and had some good responses from others sharing their experience. Yes, the red bleeding from an SCH is scary. The good news is that they generally resolve and don't cause problems with the pregnancy, but with that said, you don't want it to continue to get bigger - did your doctor mention size and location to you (these are important)? I had a very small SCH, but it lasted a long time, kept bleeding (though never got bigger) and caused many sleepless nights. Many people don't have bleeding or have only one or two episodes. I would encourage you to stay in bed (especially if you are bleeding red) and drink tons of h2o. It may not feel like its helping, but I believe it really does. I am 20 weeks now (dx @ 8w6d) and my SCH is finally almost gone - I've been on bedrest the whole time. There is a great support group on Baby Center (in groups), you should check it out - it is a great source of info.

    Good luck & keep us posted.


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