Pg with 3 day donor embryos?

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  1. I know that this board is mostly for those getting ready to transfer donor embryos or with questions however I see alot of women who are pg or have been pg with donor embryos still posting and visiting here (which is fabulous!).

    How many of you who are pg or have been pg were successful with 3 day frozen donor embryos? What was the age of the female that contributed to the donor embryos? How many did you transfer?

    My clinic mostly freezes on 3 days when embryos look fabulous, those that don't meet that "perfect" status go on to day 5 or 6 to see what develops for freezing.

    Thanks in advance for your responses!

  2. I have twins from 3 day old donor embryos. my donor was 28 and we thawed 6 and implanted 4. good luck!!

  3. susankilani: Congrats on your twins! Did you get pg the 1st time? Thank you for sharing your success as it is nice to keep myseld motivated and moving in the right direction .
    Best Wishes,

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