Pg from IUI after multiple IVFs and FETs... wow!

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  1. i am almost six weeks pg from an IUI with clomid. i am in shock because i've had 3 fresh IVF cycles, 2 FETs, and 3 IUIs. i have a 10 month daughter from my last FET. so, i know that i can have a successful pregnancy. however, i am still nervous and taking it week by week.

    so far, my beta numbers have been strong, and last week my dr saw one sack. on thurs, i have another u/s, and we are hoping to hear the heartbeat. hoping for the best!!!

  2. Hi, I was going to ask you before if you were going to move over here now, but I didn't want to jinx you either.

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you on Thursday. I will look out for an update.


    P.S I didn't know you were 39. I'll be 35 this yr.

  3. hi suzanne... glad you found me

    keeping fingers crossed for thursday! i am a bit nervous because i really don't feel pregnant. but, i don't remember feeling morning sickness until week 7/8 with last pg. so, hopefully all is good. my dr says morning sickness signs don't really mean anything... we'll see.

    hope you are doing well with ds and his bday! i am sure you must be counting the days for dh to come home. i know i usually do!

  4. DS has been ill with a sickness bug. He just cannot keep anything down right now. I do get a little stressed as DS is at the lowest for his weight in age and when his sick and doesn't eat he just loses weight that he cannot afford to lose.

    Plus I always seem to forget what is best to do when it's mine. Whenever it's anybody else's child I'm full of advice. It doesn't help that I'm here dealing with this when DH is away.

    As for you not feeling PG please try not to worry (easier said then done, I know). I think when it's your first you really don't know how you should be feeling so the worry is not a much. But when it's your second you are always comparing from the other as to what you should be feeling etc and will make you worry more if it's not the same. Remember all pregnancies are different so maybe you will get off lightly without morning sickness etc. This would be a good thing since you have your DD to look after as well as work.

    If I do get PG later this year I bet I will be here with the same worries. It's only natural.

    Must go as I have a mountain of washing to do and I'm low on changes for DS's bed. I've never changed his bed so often.

  5. Hi Hope, It's 6.30am with me right now. I'm waiting for my DH to call to say he has cleared customs and then I will leave to pick him up.

    I thought I would come here and wish you luck for today. I'll be waiting for the news later.

    I'm sorry your DD has not been well either. WOW she has had a lot of firsts this week too. Shame that two of them are that she's unwell. You know that the cold may also be due to the teething. Kids have different teething symptoms. Mine never had any symptoms until the K9's came in (these are the most painful of teeth). My neice had a high temp with every tooth she got. You may find that she gets nappy rash around the time she cuts a tooth or she will get the symptoms of a cold. As for the ear infection that's is just bad luck that it has come at the same time as everything else. Ear infections are so common in little ones ( touch wood mine hasn't had one YET.) but everybody I know and through reading on here there child has suffered.

    I hope your DD gets better soon.

    My DS was feeling a lot better yesterday.

  6. so so sorry to hear about DS being sick. my DD just has her first sickness this week (an ear infection), PLUS her first cold, and she is getting her first two teeth in the same week. it is SO sad to see them sick. it just breaks my heart, and i can't imagine dealing with it all without DH. so, i understand where you are at. good news is that DH will be home tomorrow, right? hopefully, you can have a little break.

    as for me, now i am feeling sick! i think three nights in a row of very little sleep (due to poor DD being sick) has really taken it's toll on me. i stayed home from work the past two days, and i am really hoping to feel better soon. i was also worried about being sick this early into my pregnancy, but the nurse at my dr office said it won't affect anything. i hope she is right! i am just resting and taking it east. thank goodness my nanny is here on tues - thurs so i can take it easy.

    also, i had a journal when i was pg with DD, and it said that my morning sickness didn't start until week 6 or 7. so, since i am just starting my 6th week, it made me feel better. and, yes, i agree... all pregnancies are different. it is just so hard to worry a little after all we've been thru. plus, when you are pg with the second one (and i just know you will be too!)... you don't think about it every second like i did with DD. i think that also makes me feel not as pg if that makes sense.

    anyway, tomorrow is the BIG day... hoping to hear the heartbeat at our u/s. i will be sure to send you an update.

  7. well, i had my u/s today and it looks like i have a 50/50 chance with this pregnancy. before the u/s the dr said we won't see the heartbeat until next week but he wanted to see the sack AND the baby. unfortunately, we only saw the sack. the dr said there is a chance that it is too early since they don't know the exact date of implantation with an IUI. so, i really won't know more until next week. also, he called with my HCG numbers. based on the doubling, he wanted to see my numbers around 16,000 but they were at 11,000. he said he has seen successful pregnancies in the past with these numbers, but still, he gives it a 50/50 chance.

    i am SO sad, but trying to stay positive... not much i can do for the next week. this will be a tough one.

  8. OMG Hope, You must be feeling awful right now. I'm lost for words as there doesn't seem to be any that will help.

    I want to tell you to stay positive, but I know that is close to impossible given what we've been through in the past. Here in Greece when we want to say a special prayer for someone we light a candle in the church. I will go and light one for you next time I leave the house.

    I'm not doing to good either, but this is not about me.

    I\'ll speak to you soon.

    Next week cannot come soon enough.

  9. hi suzanne, thanks for your note and for lighting a candle for me. that really means a lot.

    this week is going to be so tough... i am not trying to be pessimistic, but based on my experience with fertility issues and all the stories i read online about hcg numbers dropping or poor u/s results, i just feel that this is not looking good for me. i swear... it is just so frustrating that this is such a struggle for me and my family. i see women ALL the time who get pg accidentally or just so easily, and i am just so disappointed that it was never like that for me. sorry to rant... i am just really sad. i know i should be positive, but i think i am just preparing myself and being realistic.

    anyway, thanks again for checking in. hope you have a good week and that you are enjoying your dh back at home.

    btw... i didn't realize you lived in greece, such a beautiful country! i've been to athens, sanotrini, and mykonos. so wonderful!

  10. Hi Hope, Please if you feel like ranting or venting here please do so. I feel the same as you. I would love to have a sibling for my DS, but before I can even consider doing anything we have to see if we have the money to even try. I see others who get pregnant so easy and I wish it would happen to us. During this time we are saving we are also trying the old fashioned way just incase we are lucky. Our chance are less then 1% given DH sperm and my Endo and under active Thyroid. This is driving me crazy every month even though I know it's not going to happen. It's like I'm addicted to trying I cannot stop.

    I'm so frustrated right now.

    I live just outside of Athens by the sea. The weather right now is nice and warm, but not hot.

    I see you have posted to see if anybody else has had a positive result. I hope you get some answers that will put your mind at rest a little.

    Speak to you soon

  11. i totally know where you are at with being "addicted" to trying on your own. that has been my life for the past few years when i wasn't doing fertility or pg. it's so frustrating, but then again, if you don't "try" it makes you feel like you could be missing out, right? o man... but, if it makes you feel better, keep doing it. our problem was that it really took the fun out of our sex life. i really hope that comes back one day!

    i have been reading so much online about pg symptoms at six weeks, and i know better. i know ever pg is different. but i just can't help myself!!! i used to have these hip pains that made me feel pg because that is what i had with DD. unfortunately, they are gone now. not sure what it all means, but it is just SO hard to not think the worse. in fact, i think i have already convinced myself of the bad news. i know that is bad...

    i need to get my mind off of this some how!!!

    as for athens, dh and i went to a club at the beach in athens when we were that. that was a looooooong time ago when we were young and dating. i wish i remembered the name.

  12. Hi Hope, Have you been reading any of the posts on the Beta board? There is one there that I was reading just now and was thinking of you. It's called "How early did you go for a sono". The average there is 7wks to see a heart beat. So I would think that given that you don't know when the implatation was that it is still too early and there is a lot of hope for you still. Plus they also talk about symptoms and it's also early for most of the symptoms to start too.

    I hope you are keeping well. I'll be back later as I'm not having a good day today. I'm not well still and am suffering a lot with my back.

  13. thanks suzanne. yes, i have been trying to find some positive stories on the blogs, and luckily, i have found some. i really hope it's just too early.

    sorry you are not feeling well. take care of yourself!

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