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  1. did you become pregnant after your Hsg? and if so, please post and tell me how many more IUIs you did after the Hsg. thanks!!

    IUI #6 coming up!
    Hsg tomorrow.

  2. I did become pregnant after an HSG however I had a M/C, I then went on to do another IUI round a couple of months later and got pregnant again. My HSG was on a Friday morning and I got pregnant the following weekend.

    Best of luck,

  3. im very sorry to hear of your m/c.

    are you pregnant now?

  4. I did end up pregnant on the cycle after the M/C and had twins but unfortunately they passed away at 19 weeks. We did another IUI in Feb and had another M/C, and did our last try in June and it worked. We are currently 22 weeks with a little girl.

    Good luck,

  5. asiye-i am very very sorry for the loss of your twins, and for the m/c's you have had. i wish you good health and the most joy ever with your little girl to be!

  6. just bumping this up...hoping for more answers

    5dpiui #6.
    Beta Nov 13th.

  7. bumping up again. i thought my IUI #6 (1st IUI after the Hsg) would be successful...but it was not.

    anyone become pregnant on their 2nd IUI post-Hsg?

  8. FureMoms, I just got a BFP last thursday. It was my second IUI, first with injectables and I had my HSG on CD8, triggered on CD11 and IUI on CD13. Seems to have done the trick!

  9. Zbibo_I-many congrats!

  10. I had an unsuccessful IVF with my partners eggs then 3 unsuccessful IUI's with my eggs, then the HSG, IUI 4 days later was successful and I now have a 7mon old!!


  11. when i had my Hsg on cycle #6, i thought for sure that the IUI #6 would be a bfp. but it wasnt, and i wonder if it was due to the timing of the IUI.

    i have IUI #7 coming up in April/May and im still hoping that having had an Hsg will help

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