PG at age 46 or older?

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  1. HI
    I don't know if anyone is still coming to this board but I have some words of encouragement, I am 46 years old and am pregnant with triplets. I am 9 weeks along and all is well. I did donor egg IVF and got pregnant on the first try. We put back two grade 1 embryo's and one grade two, that was all that was left alive after 5 days. All of them took, so now we are going to have 3 babies. I am very worried about it but all is well so far.


  2. Congratulations, and I hope all is going smoothly, it must be daunting to go from infertility to fertility plus plus, I will keep everything crossed for you that your babies are healthy and you have a longggggg pregnancy. How is your hubby coping with news, nervous as well no doubt. Gabriela Canales

  3. Callie,

    I just wanted to give you a big congratulations on your trips. A dear friend of mine who used to post on these boards also had trips with DE IVF. They were born at 32 weeks and have done very well. They are turning 3 now. You are going to do great!

    Allie age 2 DE IVF

  4. Hi girls, may I jump on board? I've just come across this site and I'm thrilled to see all the 'older' women. I just turned 46 in Jan. DH is 41 next month.

    We have been ttc since Dec04. I am currently in the 2ww after ivf, with my own eggs. They retrieved 6 and put 4 back in. The doc said they were grade 'A'. I also did ICCSI and AH. I have been searching the internet for info regarding my odds of a successful pregnancy. I have got pregnant several times in the past, but, it never sticks. It always seems to be a chem. preg.My doc also has me taking 2 progesterone tablets 3x a day., injections of Heparin. I'm also taking estriadol (sp?) 2 tablets 2x aday and a baby asprin, once a day.

    As you all know this wait is agony. I am so in tune with my body now, after so many cycles of trying. The only thing I'm not sure of is how all these drugs affect my interpretation of what's going on - I know progesterone makes my breasts tender. The retrieval was last Monday and the transfer last Wednesday, I am trying very hard to stay in bed, or at least horizontal, on the couch. Last night I felt a real burning type pain. I have had this before, and got excited, only to be let down.

    Well that's enough about me. My question really is, what do you think my chances are at my age, with my own eggs?

    Thanks for being so inspirational. I'm glad i stumbled onto this website.

  5. Janie- good luck with your cycle. I just wanted to let you know that I just finished an ivf cycle and we found wed that I am pg with my own eggs. the re gave us a 3% chance when we first started seeing him. not much of one we knew but we felt we had to try. they were real aggressive my first cycle and we went from 4 follicles to 1 and then he couldn't get the egg at retrival. then I talked him into letting me do a medicated cycle the next month (we travel for the ivf) and monitor me from home. well that month we started out with 8 follicles but on cd9 they were still small in growing and a week later had all disappeared. we knew at that point i was probably be oversuppressed so for my ivf cycle in jan while he cut back on my suppression meds I didn't start them till cd10 when I knew the follicles were responding. I wouldn't recommend that as we almost like the cycle because I got to him on cd12 and he triggered me that night. its was just something I felt I needed to do/try. we had 8 fertilize, put 2 back in (I think 2 made it to freeze) and now we wait and pray we make it. I'll feel much better in 2 weeks when I have my u/s. He told us our chances with DE would be 70% but we just felt we weren't there yet if you KWIM. I just felt my body was gonna do it. I also did lots of acu starting in oct, cut out the majority of caffeine etc. its possible but we consider it a miracle that we got this far. it sounds like youve got a good chance and I'll keep everything crossed for you. when is your first beta?

    just wanted to add I will 46 in april

  6. Oh my goodness, thank you turpen01! Huge congratulations to you and your dh. You must be over the moon.Well done.I am so thrilled for you.I have goosebumps after reading your post. I mean, you really had the odds stacked against you, with your cycle and meds, and yet you knew, that you could do it, somehow. You are one positive and determined lady!
    That's very encouraging. Dh is dead against all of this IUI, IVF etc. This is our 2nd ivf, and last. he is adament about that. DE is definitely out of the question. Im really trying not, to feel the pressure on me, but it is so hard. I don't test until 18th Feb

  7. Monkey 1
    Who are you seeing ?
    I am so excited by turpen01 post and BFP that i want to just want to jump out of my seat how excited i am for her and you i hope to find a good doc soon and get this ball rolling again.

    Thanks for all the positive/ encouraging post

  8. Hi Ruby,
    Dh and i now live in Crete, Greece. Dh is from CO, I'm from U.K. My doctor here, based in Hania, is so caring and approachable. We have gone to Mitera Clinic in Athens for the ivf's.
    While we lived in the the states we had 6 iui's in New Mexico. This was the closest centre. 4 1/2 hrs drive each way! In my opinion the 'side- kick' doc ought to be struck off. I think I am more upset at the wasted months then cost. During our initial consultation I informed him that my thyroid was out of whack ( hypothyroidism) I have read since that as high as mine was, causes infertility.He didn't address this. The he looked at our paperwork. First he says 'oh, you want an iui today?' This must have been the first time he had even looked at the notes. Then he notices that I am almost 5yrs older than Dh and says ' oh, the older women, every schoolboys fantasy, I bet you wish you'd met her in high school' Can you believe it?I actually wrote them a letter, but, did not receive a reply.We have to move on but I am bitter about the waste of time - 6 cycles, and money.
    So my doc here..what can I say, he's wonderful. He is actually friends with the doc in Athens, so that's why we go there. The embyrologist is actually the director of the facility. The only thing I'm a little unsure of is that most of the other posts I read the gals do the transfer later than I did. My retrieval was Mon and transfer Wed. Surely the longer in the petri dish dividing the better? Anyhow that's me. I'm now trying hard not to do much. Searching my body for the tiniest clue for pregnancy and going insane. turpen01 is now my mentor! I actually have 2 friends who gave birth at 45 and 46 with their own eggs.
    Where are you Ruby?Do you have any children? What's your story, if I may be so bold to ask? Hope you find a good caring doc soon.

  9. buket- they decide on the quality of the eggs as to when they put them bback. if there are not of the best quality they will put them back quicker as they say the uterus is the best incubator so take that as a good sign and good luck.

  10. Hi lori, that's interesting, I wondered about that. I also wonder if each clinic has different methods... for my first ivf, the doc said the egg quality was excellent ('scuse the pun) but they put the embryos back in the next day. This time they took 'em out Mon and put 'em back Wed. are you feeling, have you come down to earth yet, or still on cloud nine?

  11. I just saw on Page Six that JJL is preggers at age 46--I wonder how she did it.

  12. The obvious and most likely answer is that she did donor egg...!


  13. hey girls how are you all doing? just wanted to update that we were pg with twins but lost one of them. we've had 2 u/s and the other baby appears to be doing well and on track. hb at 7wks1day was 138. have another u/s a week from monday. keep me posted on how things are going for you and remember dont ever give up hope!!!

  14. turpen01, sorry for that loss, but thank you for that update--strong baby dust your way!

    ttc #1 age 45

  15. turpen01: I'm sorry you lost the one twin. It's amazing that of 2 embies transferred, both took though. How wonderful that you have a heartbeat! That's the most important thing. Please keep us posted on your next u/s and how it goes...!


  16. monkey and others, any updates?

  17. I'm new to this forum, new to any forum about IVF. Still trying to get the initials straight. It's tough!

    I'm 47 plus two months old. We did IVF with donor egg, transfer was on dec 20. I'm not sure what a chemical pregnancy is, but maybe this was one. The blood test said I was pregnant but it did not hold. He says there must have been some problem with the embryos and nature decided not to keep them.

    I\'ve never tried to get pregnant in my life, but my husband had a vasectomy, so because of my age and his vasectomy, we went straight to IVF.

    I'm upset because my doc is treating people in groups and I have to wait an extra 4 weeks before I can even begin the meds for the next try.

    I'm very discouraged, but reading your posts has helped me feel better about my age, at least. Thank you for the positive imput!!!

    Anyone with any input would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Hey Ramia_s,welcome aboard!!

    Im 46.6,DH 52 and we dont really care about the age so dont let that bother you!<br /><br />Did you transfer 3 day embies?How many did you transfer?<br /><br />Did you do all the meds such as PIO shots,estrogen pills,baby aspirin and progesteron lozenges?<br /><br />My RE wants me to be on all of those,yuk!<br /><br />How old is your egg donor?<br /><br />Do not be discouraged,just keep positive and your baby will come soon!<br /><br />Im such an optimist person!

    My FET is Jan20th,I have a final u/s Jan 16th.

    Well transfer 2 embies either 3day or 5 day ones,not sure yet.<br /><br />Our embryos were created from a 24y.o proven egg donor so were hopeful.

    Dont hesitate to write back.<br /><br />All will be fine in the end.<br /><br />Good luck,<br /><br />Natash.

  19. Hi Natasha,

    Sorry it took me so long to find my way back here! Does this board send notifications? I didn't get one. I was very depressed for January. My February cycle was cancelled, errors on both sides.

    I hope your Jan transfer went great and that you are BFP!!!

    I\'m doing all the stuff you mentioned now and will be adding the twice a day stomach shots of heparin to this transfer. I'll be having two frozen donor eggs transferred on May 4.

    I felt very hopeless for awhile and then learned that a cheech swab test I took came back with high numbers. Something about clotting. Very poorly explained on the phone by a nurse, but it seems to mean that adding heparin might turn the tide for me this time around.

    I'll definitely be back!!!

  20. Hi,
    So sorry about your cancelation and hoping you can cycle soon.

    I did have my transfer and did get my BFP but ended up getting a blighted ovum and misscariaged naturally about a month ago...

    Now need to save all over again...

    Good luck,


  21. Oh, Natasha, I'm so sorry to hear that.

    I'm beginning to think the IVF process, especially with donor eggs, is a long process, but that it offers pretty good chances for success. Just not on my schedule.

    I\'ve renewed my determination to keep going, even though it's scary. It's good to find these forums, because the RE gives you so little information.

  22. Hi,
    I turned 46 in April and about to go do my first DE ET and wanted to make friends with others my age doing the same thing. I feel ready for this and am so scared and excited. My donor is just lovely, fell in love with her the minute I saw her photo-she was the one. HOpe to make some friends here

  23. Ramia_s,thank you.

    I am better by now and like you,determined to do this!

    But Ill go with embryo donor once again since no $ for egg donor.<br /><br />Good luck to you!<br /><br />muneer,Well,Im 47 and hoping to do this FET in December with embryos donated to us.

    I wish you lots of luck in your IVF journey.

    Email me or pm me if youd like to chat.<br /><br />Which State are you from?Were from Phoenix,AZ...

    Good luck to all the ladies!


  24. I am now 48 and doing an FET with my last 2 embryos oct 2nd. th first set did result in a beautiful bay boy who will be one on 10-11. good luck to you both

  25. The other thread has more traffic.....LOL. 46 is a baby....there are 2 of us at 53 with twins. Age is a state of mind. And on that note, dear this time of day......I am about 106!


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