PG at age 46 or older?

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  1. Can anyone tell me about their experience being PG at 46 or older?
    I had my last baby 2 months ago at 44 years (DE) a fantastic healthy PG and beauitful baby. i have 2 frozen blasts and I am wondering if my poor body could do it again at 46 years or am I expecting too much?

  2. conibee ~ I got pg at 45 with DE and delivered at almost 46-1/2. The only 'problems' I had were bad indigestion and carpal tunnel. Other than that, I worked full-time up until I had dd and flew 10 times to attend some classes up north. I say go for it....I still want another one, but dh isn't so sure. Rats! I'm now 48 and would be 49 when I delivered if I got pg now. My OB says it would be fine since I did so well with my first pg and labor/delivery.

  3. Hey conibee - glad to hear your success with DE at 44, as I will be 44 for my first DE cycle.

    I don't know have any personal stories, but do read my celeb tabloids and believe that there are several DE success stories (even if they don't admit it) 46 and older. The ones I know of:

    Elizabeth Edwards (46 & 48 - maybe even 50)
    Adrienne Barbou (50 twins)
    Holly Hunter (46 twins)
    Joan Lundon (50 twins?)
    Cheryl Tiegs (50 twins)
    Angela Basset - not sure of her age, but believe she's over 45, she's expecting twins.

    Then, there was that 62 yo woman who had her 12 or 13 child with DE.

    Good luck!

  4. Ebee - wow, what an amazing story. Thanks for the Joan Lunden correction!

  5. I am currently 21w4d and turned 48 in july. My \"poor old body\" seems to be hanging in there ok so far first baby!
    One previous pregnancy last year miscarried twins at 10 weeks.

  6. I'm 46 soon to be 47 on the 27th and I'm 25 weeks pg with DE for the first far everything is great! I've put on 20lbs and it's all baby! My blood pressure is great and I will have my glucose tolerance test next week.


  7. Thank you your inspiring stories! And good luck to those lucky PG ones. Yes Joan London actually has 2 sets of twins all carried by the same surrogate. Hmmm talking of surrogates...theres an idea! My last PG at 44 was such a great experience but Im not sure how much more my body is capable of. Im planning to breast feed for the 1st year and then Ill see what shape Im in. So I guess Ill be closer to 47 when I deliver as i will be 45 next month.

    Ebee- you are amazing deliering at 49! How are your energy levels and how was it with twins at 49 during that first year??

    stelious2-when do you start your donor egg cycle?


  8. Great thread, ladies. I'm a few days away from 45 and have a 4 month old son and one frozen blast which DH and I are debating whether to give it a chance or not. Nice to see others have had success after 45 and congrats to those who had healthy pregnancies and babies in spite of \"advanced maternal age\" as the medical community likes to call it.

  9. How are we all doing?? i had my DD two months ago at 44yrs so its too early to say if i will do another....I would love to of course.

    Newmom@50 you are my hero!! definately a fine feat. How is it going?

    it bugs me, all these judgemental people, that we are too old! i think things are so different these days, we live longer, stay healthier, have more time. My children are my life, i wish i had started younger but wasnt with the right person and was kind of immature i think.

    what do you think and how are all the PGers doing?


  10. Hi. I'm 47 and last Friday went through a frozen embryo transfer. I'm self conscious about my age, but it's my life and I'll be a good mother. Any one else in my age group?

  11. Hello all. I had my first baby at 45 after an FET. 1st pregnancy, miscarried twins at 8 weeks. Next FET, BFN. My DS is 8 months old and we are going to do FET for number 2 in Dec. I am a much better mother than I would have been 10 years ago. I am in good physical shape, running 3 miles a day. Cheers to all of us.


  12. I had small boy 2 1/2 years ago ( DEIVF). No probs. I was 48 when I delivered. I am now < smiling broadly> pg with probable twins from FET with same * batch* that produced DS. I am 51....will be 52 when I deliver. Heck....I would be a GS for somebody after new somebody(s) get here in an instant. Labor with DS was 4 hours, homebirth with DH catching small boy tho midwife was hanging over his shoulder to make sure he did it right. I do pg well<smile>.


  13. Hi All,

    I have 22 month old DD from IVF DE. I just turned 52. Had no problems with carrying the pg except for GD which I was able to completely control. I know what you mean about being sensitive about your age though. I was 50 when I delivered and my office made such a fuss. Another lady on my bus had her DE baby when she was 49 also and although her pg was harder than mine due to blood pressure issues, she is a sweet one yr old now.


  14. Thankful for all the success stories. I'm over 50 and going thru ivf #4 in January. Keep the good stories coming!

  15. I see my last post on this old thread was a year ago! wow! Anyway I am 49 now and my baby guy is asleep turned 8 months about 10 days ago. We are both still well and happy. the pregnancy went very well. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Still have some frozens. but finances are an issue. We accrued much debt TTC for many many years, and then out of work 3 months for birth of baby on about 1/4 pay, and now there are baby care, feeding, supplies etc. He was worth it though!! I hear the FET cycles at my clinic are currently running about 4100 plus meds. My OB he says he's up for another pregnancy for me!
    Keep us posted ladies on the progress of your pregnancies, and cycles!

    PS Hi Dee! i haven't been on the boards in a while, just now trying to surf around the boards and catch up.

  16. Nancy,

    So good to hear from you. The old gang doesn't post anymore. Laurene called me on my birthday, they are all doing well. So you think you might try again, hey? Good for you. I wish we had done DE sooner and I might have considered it but not now. Allie is such a cutie and getting more independent every day. Almost two now, can you believe it!

    Do you still have my email address? If not pm me and I'll give you the one I check most often.


  17. Hooray for us older moms...I truly think we're better, too!

    Well, I am doing a DEFET this next Tuesday. Hoping for success again. We did our DE/DS transfer on a fresh cycle 4 years ago October and dd is now 3.

    I will be 50 in February. What could be better than to be pg on my 50th birthday?

    Yes, I worry about what people will much so that I haven't told family or even close friends that we are cycling. I'll just wait and see what the reactions are if I get a bfp.

    OB said go for it...I had an easy pregnancy and VERY easy delivery (less than 4 hours, no epidural...piece of cake!). OB said dd also needs to be a big sister - LOL! Hope she steps nicely into the role.

  18. Congrats to those of you who have had children later in life. I do have kids but want more. My dh is not on board

    After 10 years of infertility I got pregnant at age 45 naturally (!!) but sadly miscarried the baby at 9 weeks. I have been trying since then (am 46.4 now) but without success.

    I would love to do donor egg but my dh is absolutely not on board. Makes me incredibly, incredibly sad.

    I too hate when people are shocked with older moms. But I agree with the poster who said that these days, people are living longer and healthier. I also believe that 50's now is what 30's was 20 years ago.

    Good luck to us all Here's hoping I join you ladies one day with a baby soon...

  19. I just wanted to tell you what happened to me yesterday. I was at a party, and I met a big kindly woman who appeared to be around 60 years old. We got to talking. She said that she and her daughter lived alone in the countryside, that her daughter was attending middle school, and then casually mentioned she had her daughter at age 47... (!) I was pretty surprised, so I asked her to repeat herself, LoL.

    I hadn't said anything about my own TTC journey, but I immediately asked her about her fertitility treatments... she said no. She never did any fertility treatments. No IVF, no donor eggs. Not even IUI. This was her third child.

    I can't really imagine this woman was lying. She seemed very frank and sane. But I don't think she understands at all how unusual her situation is.

    I'm still trying to get my brain around this. I've heard stories of course, like everyone else. I'm pretty skeptical, so I never would have believed it had I not actually spoken with this woman.

  20. What a great inspiration you ladies are!!! Your strength determination and fortitude is fantastic!!! It's great to read your stories and its nice to know that there are other women out there like us!! I'am 46 and have a 3 year old beautiful son from DE/IVF. I am currently a week away from another DE/IVF fesh transfer. The Dr. called sunday to tell me that my donor had 30 eggs so far and that they would be doing another us on her on tuesday. So we will keep are fingers crossed. Like some of you others this will be my last IVF for financial reasons. But its sure nice to know that there are other older moms out there like me. There just aren't any in my neighborhood I guess!! You ladies keep marching on you will get where you need to be!! I wish you all lived in my neighborhood!

  21. Hi rainylake (and everyone else!) I am 46 now, DH is 51, and DD is 2. WE did DE IVF after I had 3 m/c that were for chromosomal problems. I do wonder about DD having \"old geezer\" parents, and don't want her to end up with us as a burden. We are putting money into a 529 (college) fund for her, and are trying to maximize our retirement accounts. Of course it's difficult, especially since SHE isn't even paid for yet. Haha! ANother thing we've done is take out long-term care insurance on both of us. Probably WAY too practical, but you never know. Her godmother is my 22 yr old niece (and my own godchild) so I'm counting on my niece to keep DD up-to-date and cool. I'm lucky because my little sis had a baby 2 months before I did, so I'm maximizing our visits to where they live so that DD can sort of \"grow up\" with her cousin.

    We are just starting to contemplate trying DE again. Can't really afford it, but it sure would be nice for DD to grow up with a sib. It's funny because when you're ttc all you think about is getting pg. Or at least I did.....There's a whole new range of things to think/worry about once you are pg, and once you have the baby. Maybe women are just destined to worry! My mom says that being a mom never ends, and you never stop worrying about your kids!

    Have a great day everyone, and good luck on your journeys!

  22. Hi!

    I'm a little concerned about being 'older' when my children are young adults. Other than the past few years, I've been extremely close to my parents (Dad was 42 when I was born and was often mistaken for my Grandfather.) I am concerned about not having as much 'time' with my children period.

    I enjoy being an older parent. Pus, I have m/c'd many times, so I appreciate every moment with them. I DO notice it when I am at Parent and Tot playgroups and preschool. I am the age of many of the Grandparents picking up the children. Doesn't bother me---just find it noticeable.

    I've found dealing with elderly parents while raising young children to be challenging.

    I'm ttc #3 and will be 46 when my next child (should I be blessed) is born. NEVER thought I would be doing this when I first wanted children in my middle 20's, but hey! Better an older parent, than no parent! Love is love.

    GOOD LUCK with your cycles!


  23. Found this thread and started reading and saw I had posted here over a year ago. We transferred our one frozen embie in October, but it was a chemical. I would be up for another FET if we could find donated embryos that we don't have to wait several years for or pay outrageous fees for, but we can't afford to do another fresh donor cycle. I just turned 46 and zacharoula's post caught my eye. Were you trying to get pg and following any health regimen or was it a surprise? I've been reading about the so-called \"fertility diet\" and wondering if there's anything I can do to increase my chances at getting one last good egg from my 46-year-old ovaries. I know it's a long shot but it's probably the only (slim) hope I have now at having another baby.

  24. I was trying to get pregnant. I didn't change my diet much but did up my protein intake. I do think there is something to changing one's diet, but haven't researched it much. I also did acupuncture and herbs when I got pregnant. I am 46 now and am still trying, but have not had success so far. I went to my OB in October and he ran some tests and said that he thinks I'm still in the game. By the way, when i got pregnant at 45 (last year), I had been infertile for 10 years. And then had a natural pregnancy. So, I'm still holding out hope and still trying.

    Best of luck to you and everyone else. Perhaps we should check in with each other from time to time to give each other support?


  25. Are you saying you had a baby at 45 (natural) and know trying IVF at 46 or our you trying on your own ? Sorry confussed.

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