Pessary anyone?

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  1. Hi gals,

    My Peri suggested a pessary placement this week to lift the weight off the cervix. I've already got a shirodkar cerclage in place which is holding well so far. My cervix's 3.9 cm long and closed. I am 20 wks now.

    Have any of you got one? Please share your experience.


  2. Hi irenebio-
    Not yet, but my high risk Dr. will use this as a back up plan for my next pregnancy if she starts seeing funneling after the cerclage is in place. She has had great luck with it and said I would barely feel it. I lost my baby this past April from IC.
    Good luck, and I would love to hear more about your experience.

  3. i never heard of this and googled info on it and found this:

    Exclusion Criteria:

    Major fetal abnormalities (requiring surgery or leading to infant death or severe handicap)
    SROM at the time of randomization
    Cervical cerclage in situ
    Active vaginal bleeding
    Previous cone biopsy or cerclage
    Major uterine structural anomalies
    Placenta previa

    so if you have a cerclage u cant have this??? what does it hold a preg? or do they have to take out a failed cerclage and then put in?? i am just curioius and hoping you ladies can give me some info on it....

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