Perimenopause - impact on DE ?

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  1. Hi there ladies !

    I am interested in whether anyone has read or heard anything useful on the subject of whether those of us who need DE AND are in a PERImenopausal stage are less likely to get PG - even with donor eggs - than someone who's not in this hormonal stage. I have a gorgeous DD from DE two years ago, but have moved further into the perimenopausal stage since then, though not actually into menopause.

    Anything you know about this would be useful for me as we contemplate a final DE attempt to give my DD a sib.

    Thanks !


  2. I am not sure how the hormones are affected, however from a biological/structural standpoint, my RE and OB have always said that a woman's egg age but her uterus does not, regarding donor egg.

    I don't know if that helps at all.

    Good luck to you!

  3. the lupron suppresses your cycle into 'menopause' so i think it would not matter what stage you were at 'normally'

  4. Thank you, ladies.

    Good luck to you too !


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