Peri or OB

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  1. I also saw both. OB was responsible for basic monitoring (urine, blood, bp) and delivery and peri did ultrasounds, NSTs, and FFNs.

  2. We only saw a peri for the 18 week growth scan. Everything looked 'perfect' (and it cost us $400 OOP which I think would be the case every time we went if we continued there) and I have no other complications or issues so I haven't gone back, although i would the second something came up.

    I think it depends on what kinds of resources your OB has available also. I saw my OB every 2 weeks from 16-26 weeks then every week and even twice a week for a few weeks when I was having some contractions. He has an u/s tech on staff who has been doing it for 20 years and I get u/s every 3-4 weeks and they also have the NST monitor & do those regularly & anytime you need to have some more monitoring.
    A lot of OBs prefer to have a peri following also for their own comfort level and they also often work in the same healthcare system & it works out well to share the info.

    There is no 'right' way, every provider will have a different comfort level as will every patient so you have to trust your instincts like others have said. GL!

  3. Postergirl - Peri stands for perinatologist. HTH.

    We are only seeing an OB for now. I'm expecting however that I will also be seeing a peri within the next few weeks.

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