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  1. So we had the SR done last december after CVS with Dr. Stone and though they didn't "accept" my insurance, they did file the claims for me. for reasons i'll never understand, the insurance outright rejected the claim for the SR after paying for the CVS and learning that the CVS results showed a genetic abnormality.

    so fast forward several months and I called Dr. Stone's office a few weeks ago to let them know that I know our balance is a huge bill and we'd like to get on a payment plan because we never expected it to be denied after the diagnosis and medical necessity was clearly established. not only are they working with me on the payment plan ($100/month), but they chopped the final balance in half for me.

    i guess i'm telling you this to say: do what's best for you and your family and the money thing should (happily) take a back seat to the rest of these very important decisions.


  2. I am glad your story worked out. I just want to say I totally agree with you! We did CVS and S/R last March with Dr. Stone. I knew my insurance would not pay for the S/R and they charged me a "self pay" amount which was more reasonable. Also, my insurance paid a small amount of the CVS and they "wrote off" a HUGE amount. In addition, the insurance paid a small amount for the genetics part and again they wrote off a HUGE amount also....

    It is nice to know that they didn't bill me a difference...

    My DD was born at 39wks by c-section and we are very happy!

  3. Our insurance denied our claim for our s/r as well (we reduced from quads-twins). I appealed it and they covered it completely. I wrote a letter saying how high order multiples could have endangered my life. It was a two page letter and worth it to research it and all so that they covered it. Might be worth a try for some who didn't get it covered?

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