Pathology report came back from my m/c

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  1. The nurse called me and told me the fetus had trisomy 8. She said to be tested for chromo abnormalities. She said it was genetic. But I googled it and read it is not usually genetic. But it is rare, only 3% of the population has had a trisomy 8 m/c. Anyone have a m/c due to this problem?

  2. Sorry for your loss. I'm guessing the nurse is saying it's not one of the typically occurring trisomies (like trisomy 21 (Downs)), and so b/c it occurs more rarely, they want to see if they can figure out why it occurred with you, and so they want to do a karyotype on you and your partner to make sure neither of you has a translocation or other chromosomal abnormality that would put you at a higher risk for having fetuses with trisomy 8.

  3. Actually spoke with genetic counselor today. She said Trisomy 8 is not hereditary. It occurs by chance and is age-related. Full blown Trisomy 8 results in a m/c always. Trisomy mosaicism (where only SOME cells are affected) are compatible with life but the children are sometimes severely affected. I must have had full blown Tri 8.

  4. The thing is, it's not true that Trisomy 8 is NEVER genetic - if you (or your partner) DID have a translocation involving chromosome #8, you could wind up with fetuses with trisomies or monosomies of that chromosome. That's true for whatever chromosomes are involved if a person has a translocation (I have one myself). I'm on a message board for people with balanced translocations and some do have it involving #8, and have had losses as a result. I'm not saying you have this, just that what you were told was not 100% accurate - I'm sure the geneticist meant that it is almost always a randomly occurring, age-related trisomy and that she didn't think running a karyotype was necessary. They typically only do it after several losses.

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. It just isn't fair that it comes so easy for fertiles.

    I had a loss with a baby girl that had 2 chromosomal abnormalities - Tri 15 & 21. 15 is always fatal at some point in the pg. I guess you could say we were 'lucky' that it happened around 9w rather 39w. My ob had never seen a baby with 2 issues - I'm always the weird case for him. We did karotyping and we were both fine. We had had a prior pg again with a girl who was Tri 21. We finally did move on to donor eggs and sperm to spare ourselves the heartbreak of these losses. Apparently I could get pg fairly easy via IVF but my eggs were bad.

  6. lykartem, how old are you? At 42, I'm sure most of my eggs are bad too! I'll know soon enough when I start my cycle in August.

  7. So, so sorry for your loss. At age 39 we had a trisomy 8 m/c at 9 weeks. Somebody had posted a GREAT site about trisomies on the boards and what I learned was that it was generally age-related and usually egg-related. In our case, we ended up cycling one year later with our own eggs (and sperm) and had a normal successful pg. Wishing you the very best!


  8. Congratulations Dawn! I hope I have the same luck this year!

  9. MT... Sorry for your loss. I'm 40, I've had 5 pgs/mcs (2 at 36, 1 at 39, and 2 at 40). 2 were chemicals, but the other 3 were tested... chromosomally abnormal... all different chromosomes. Yes, it's age and egg quality related. One of the chemical was with a slightly younger donor, so it can happen to younger eggs too. At 40-42, you have higher risk of m/c due to chromosomal issues... less good eggs to work with. Good luck with your next cycle.

  10. Thanks Christi. And good luck to you too. We have to find those elusive good eggs!!

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