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  1. I am losing my wits and wondering if anyone can gear me the right way if anyone went through this or going through this.

    Anytime I sit down, my DS 17 months, starts to cry and whine and pull on my hand to go and play with him, or watch him play. He wont stop crying, the longest that I have let hiim cry is about 10 minutes. I know he isnt hungry or thirsty becasue he was just fed...I also had jsut played with him for quite some time. I dont know what to do. He alternates between cyring and screaming. Do I give in each time? I dont know what to do. I have been giving in and then I play with him and then I stop and he repeats the same crying etc...

  2. You can't keep giving in. He's got to eventually learn to play by himself. What things does he like to do? I know he's young, but I would start using a timer with him. Tell him that you are going to play with him for \"X\" amount of time and when that time is up you are going to do your thing - dishes, laundry, whatever, NOTHING if you want. Don't feel guilty for not playing with him 24/7. It's definitely important to play w/ your kids, but equally as important for them to know how to entertain themselves!

    Good luck! =)


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