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  1. Did anyone else decided between ORM or SDFC? I have narrowed my choice to these two clinics as both have good stats and show donor photos.

    If you went with one or the other, what was your reason?


  2. They are both pretty good and are on my final list as well. I choose SDFC because of the donor we liked is from there. I don't have any experience with ORM but heard many good things about them. Thumb up to SDFC for their excellent doctors, nurses, and the lab!

    Good luck on your choices, and you cannot go wrong with either of them.

  3. Do you have complete price lists from both? I was under the impression that SDFC might be a little cheaper. Other than that, I would say look at the donor profiles from both and see if there are any you really like. That might make the decision for you. From what I have heard, they are both awesome.

    We cycled at SDFC (easy decision since we live in southern California) and couldn't be happier with them. Currently 28 weeks pregnant with 9 perfect frozen blasts left over.

  4. I went to ORM so I don't know about SDFC except from others on these boards who seem to love them. I actually switched to ORM from CCRM because they had equal stats and were much cheaper. I like that ORM was a smaller more friendly environment but still extremely professional. They didn't make me repeat needless tests that were already current and the embryologists are great and call you to update and discuss embryo quality during the cycle. I live in CA so I traveled up there but it was very easy to do monitoring locally and we only went there twice. I've cycled with four clinics and they were by far the best on all levels. Our ER was one year ago today and we now have 4.5 month twins and 7 frosties.

    Good luck with your decision. Both clinics are great so it will probably come down to the donor pool.

  5. Bump.... I deciding between ORM and sdfc too! Sdfc has better dart rates for donor but ORM has better rates for non donor. What's up with that?
    I would love to get advice....

  6. We did DE cycle at SDFC in 2005, and were very happy with RE, embryologists and egg donor coordinator. We were not from California, and they worked very well with our local RE for monitoring before and after the cycle, plus did my initial eval via phone and copies of my old records. We found a donor from their online database that seemed very right for us and wound up with healthy BG twins from a 2 blast transfer. We had 17 frozen blasts that we ended up donating. I wasn't comparing with ORM at the time, so can't help with direct comparison.

  7. dimitriosK: Congrats ok your pregnancy an twins! Do you mind me asking where you donate the frosties too? Someday I may be interested in frosties so I would like to get ideas.

  8. Well, we donated our frozen embryos through SDFC. They referred us to a lawyer who did the legal paperwork. Unlike my experience with SDFC per se, which was great, the embryo donation has been extremely disappointing in that we have not been provided with the limited information we agreed upon verbally (results of transfers, number of live births and genders). The lawyer they recommend, who is supposed to be the transfer of information agent, IMHO is a jerk and has been exceedingly unresponsive to inquiries. The information has not been THAT important to us, fortunately, so the benefit of this is that it was convenient--and knowing the clinic who maintained the embryos and referred the couples for "adoption," we feel good about the technical aspects.

  9. thank you, dimitriosK... I am sorry that the lawyer did not keep up to his end of the agreement. That is so unfair after all you have gone thru with infertility it would have been nice to have the information that you asked for. Afterall, your donation is VERY generous... I wish you and your family all the best.

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