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  1. I am 18w4d today and had my anatomy scan where baby A looked good, but baby B is measuring 3-4 weeks behind (was normal at last scan 7 weeks ago). They stopped the exam after only looking at the brain and heart - I thought it was because the tech was having a hard time getting baby B on the screen (took an hour of me constantly turning and her pressing the probe HARD into me) but the peri said no it was because the baby was too small.
    I was just wondering if anyone had this much difference in size this early and what the outcome was? The peri is insistent on an amino (which I don't want to do) saying it is chromosomal at this age and that if I don't do the amino they will have to take both babies at 24 weeks and therefore compromise baby A for baby B that may not live anywhere if it has trimosy 13 or 18.

  2. bakar, I'm sorry all of this is happening and that you haven't gotten any response to your post. It's scary information to hear I am sure.

    I don't have any experience or good information to offer. Just wanted to offer my support and say I hope you get some answers from your peri that are satisfying.


  3. I am so sorry to hear this. I have a friend who learned her twin had Trisomy 18 around 20 weeks. It was risky at that point to reduce, but also risky to carry. Her Trisomy 18 son's sack burst around 31 weeks and she had to deliver her other son. He is now a healthy 5 year old. I hope that both of your babies are healthy, but if for some reason one of them isnt, I am not sure why they would have to take both babies at 24 weeks?

  4. bakar, I'm very sorry about all of this. I don't have a story for you but I would guess that if you are like most women on these threads, it took you a while, maybe even years to make it this far in a pg. Given that, I would focus on the healthy one and what it takes to get a HEALTHY, LIVE BIRTH. I have a brother with a learning disability and I can tell you that he was and is a tremendous strain and source of worry for my mom (as much as we all love each other.) To have two like that, would have driven my mom over the edge.

    I would recommend getting a second opinion from a peri and possibly doing the amnio test even though you don't want to if both recommend it. I'm sorry you are in a position where you have to choose. However, it's important to have all the facts (not just guesses) and make an active decision. Then you can take comfort in knowing you did all you could do.

    Good luck with everything and take care of yourself.

  5. Thanks for the responses. I did consult with the other peri at the hospital last Thurday and he was a little bit better - said they wouldn't take them at 24 weeks, but we would have to make a decision at 26-28 weeks.
    He still recommended the amino, but I refused - I chose not to do an amino from the very start of this pregnancy and after suffering a m/c from my last ivf cycle - after my RE told us that we had less then a 5% chance of m/c 2 weeks before - I don't believe in stats anymore - if I am that 1% that had a complication from an amino no one else would care and I would be left with nothing. Plus I feel it is a placenta problem instead of chromosomal.
    I chose to wait until the next peri appt on the 29th to see how B looks and measures then. I did have a small u/s at my OB's today and happy to say B is still alive (I am 20 weeks today), but sad that there is now clearly a big difference in size between A and B on his screen as well (exactly 3 weeks ago they appeared to be the same size). My OB wasn't too optimistic after that and wanted to move my u/s up to next Tuesday but I feel it better to wait until after Christmas - no way can I find out B is no more 3 days before Christmas and act like perfectly happy for the holidays - I don't have dh's family support through this - his mom thinks I should be happy at least A is fine and since I ruined everyone's Christmas last year because of the infertility there is no way they will allow me to do it again this year).

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