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  1. I have one more question.
    Can anyone give me an idea of how much a DEIVF cycle costs? I have emailed a clinic in the US but am waiting to hear. I don't want to be nosey but can someone give me a ball park figure....are we talking 18,000?
    12,000? 20,000? I'm just starting to research and see if this is even feasable for me.

  2. Hi - I am in S.CA and it when we checked it was anywhere between $15,000 and $20,000 depending on whether you used an agency and whether the DE was proven.Good Luck ..

  3. We'll be paying approx $34K for a DE IVF w/ a proven donor.

  4. About $16,000. Donor fee ( donor was thru the RE) was $3,000. DEFET after was around $2500. Last DEFET was twins ( RE was not pleased to see twins)so I told RE that the per unit cost went down.........LOL.


  5. turpen01,

    Some clinics offer 'split' DE cycles using their own donor pool. One donor, 2-3 recipients. Prices vary from $8,000. to $16,000. including all meds and donor fees.

    Hugs on starting the process. The beginning can take a while to emotionally catch up to your 'intellect'.


  6. Thanks for responding.
    It does seem daunting and overwhelming but it also gives me hope.

  7. Ours cost 30K with a proven donor. We had one shot and got our daughter. That was in 05. There are other clinics like SIRM that give you more cycles for your money. Good luckDee

  8. Hi. You know the problem is they quote you an estimate but by the time you are done (at least with us) is several thousand more than quoted. We went in to it thinking 24,000 but additional testing and other expenses have put it at more like 27,000. However, I was able to get a small percentage of labwork covered. Good luck.

  9. You might check out this website. DH & I are here in the Czech Republic (traveled from Arkansas) for DE IVF. The cost is so much less than U.S. and the donors are anonymous. The clinic founder was the doc who pioneered the GIFT procedure, so they are technologically advanced and very professional. They use ISCI routinely, but it is an added cost in the U.S. And, you get a trip to Europe in the bargain! Fun!!

    Good luck,

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