October/November Cycle

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  1. Hi all...I thought I was going to shoot for a September cycle, but I had my first appointment with the RE today. Turns out, they only do 4 IVF cycles a year. So I'm looking for some people (especially in our age group) who will be doing an October/November cycle...

  2. I go for my IVF consult Aug 14th.... I think I will be doing an October transfer.

  3. Knock, knock?
    Anyone home here??

  4. Tootsie---I did my cycle in October of '07---from our transfer date, I'm almost positive our babies were conceived on Halloween. (explains a lot...haha!) Anyway, I just wanted to say \"GOOD LUCK\". It was a lucky month for me, so I hope it will be for you as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  5. Nadia---thanks for thinking of me...I'll take all the prayers and well-wishes I can get.

    It is funny though, because it looks like my ET is going to be on Oct 31 (if everything goes accordingly) Fingers crossed!

    Anyone else out there getting ready to cycle???

  6. I am so excited for you...how cool to have an idea as to when you'll actually have your ET Tootsie! I talked to the girl today who does HR at a company that is looking to hire DH and it looks like he'll get a d@mn good raise when the time comes, so we should be good to go for a summer cycle. I also found a grant that we'll apply for to see if we can get some funds for our baby making that way!!!!! I'm feeling much less hopeless than I was when we decided not to do our October cycle...

  7. I start lupron on Sept 14, stims the middle of the following week and are looking at ER the week of October 5th. I cant wait!

  8. Hi Dumbo
    I just came upon your post. We are on the same schedule. I start Lupron on Sept. 15th. I don't have my retreival or transfer date fixed yet. Good luck!

  9. Started Lupron yesterday (10/20).

    This is our second IVF. Our first was at CCRM and resulted in a BFN. 26 retrieved, 19 mature, 11 fertilized. Transferred 2 on day 5. None to freeze.

    I\'m 28. DH has somewhat low motility, but for the mostpart, we're unexplained.

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