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  1. I am lovin' all this POSITIVE energy!!! Yeah!!!! About time... we deserve it!

    Aggie - I've only gained 7lbs.

  2. Elizabeth ~ I'm so jealouse. I've gained 7 pound BEFORE getting my ++ from the drugs. So frustrating but worth (I know) just not looking forward to the effort it take to get it off... Small price to pay.

  3. Oh please Aggie.. I neglected to mention the 15 I put on BEFORE all of this.... da*mn drugs LOL

  4. Not that I'm happy about your 15lbs, but I will admit that misery loves company Have a great weekend everyone... I'll try and log in over the weekend, but... I wont promise

  5. +++ Energy is good !!

    Crazy week at the O house this week. Might have to put our blood draws off for a week. Chris is going to court Wednesday to fight for his right to get unemployment. We meet with our atty this morning. Sounds like we do have a good case. It has been an emotional day. Chris had an interview & guess did not go very well.

    Moving forward, I still do feel very positive about PFC. Who knows what is going to happen ... BUT I agree with you Aggie, if I really feel comfortable that will only help my chances.

    Don\'t worry about the weight gain. You both are beautiful ladies! Who cares, you are carrying your babies. What's a little weight? I know easy for me to say!! Meant with love.

    Hugs & I'll check in again when I can.

  6. Megan - I'm sorry to hear that this week is so crazy for you guys this week. Crazy that he has to go to court to fight for his unemployment, yet they've been paying tons of people for extended periods of time for unemployment because of the crappy economy. Hope it all works out for you guys with that, nice to hear that your atty thinks you have a good chance! I'm anxious to see how your cycle goes with the donor eggs at PFC, because we are endo sistas you know, and I'm wondering if it would be a good option for me! I'm here rooting you on all the way girl and hope that it'll be your time. You know, my sister knows a couple at church that have adopted 4 children, have been married for 9 years (not sure of their ages) and just found out a couple weeks ago that they are pregnant...how crazy is that?!?! It's enough to give me a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe someday, somehow, someway. I do have my hands full with 2 very active toddlers, but I still do hold that hope, and get that disappointed feeling when AF rears her UGLY head every month. We've been told that there is no medical reason that the RE could see why we aren't getting pg. Last month I even had a last appt. with my OB before moving....I needed to have a simple u/s to see if my endo has progressed (luckily it hasn't), so I told him that I had been having bad ovulating pain for a couple days, and we saw the reason why....we saw that I was probably going to ovulate from my right side, so dh and I made sure to do the hanky-panky that night, but nope.....nothin'.....it's just still sooo baffling to me that we still haven't gotten pg after 6 1/2 years, but I do believe everything happens for a reason. I told my DH the other day that the couple that now found out they're pg probably had to adopt those 4 children before they could get pg, because if they had gotten pg anywhere in the middle of all the adopting maybe they wouldn't have ended up adopting those children that were meant to be in their family. Does that all make sense? Sorry I'm just going on and on about it, just some feelings I've been having.

    Aggie and Elizabeth - I'm sure even with a few extra pounds that you're just as beautiful as ever! I have about an extra 10 pounds and I don't even have the IF dr*gs to blame.....ahhhh! Hope you're both feeling well and staying positive!

    Aggie - do you go in for another u/s soon, or at least a check-up? I would be so anxious to get in to hear that heartbeat all the time! And those home dopplers probably can't hear the heartbeat this soon, or do they?

    Marie and Megan - how's the weather been in No. Ca.? I guess it snowed pretty bad (almost blizzard-like) on Saturday here. I was gone so I missed it...oh, darn!

    So DH and I went to Las Vegas from Friday afternoon until last night for our 8th anniversary! We stayed at the Excalibur hotel, went out to dinner and walked down part of the strip on Friday night....saw the water show at the Bellagio - it's always beautiful (they did it to "Time to Say Goodbye") - it's absolutely breathtaking! Then on Saturday we went to a timeshare presentation in the morning, then got free tickets to the Shark Reef exhibit and "Bodies" exhibit. Saturday night we went to the Donny & Marie Osmond show and it was really good, very entertaining and funny! We went to the "Bodies" exhibit yesterday before heading home...absolutely amazing! Near the end of the exhibit they had a warning sign that they would be showing fetal development and if you didn't want to see it, to step through a door that bypassed that part. We went in too see it and it was quite interesting. Our bodies are definite miracles the way they work....it is a science, and just astounds me how all the body parts, down to the tiniest cells work together to keep us alive and functioning properly.

    Anyways, sorry such a long post. Keep up the +++ energy around here! It's wonderful the great things that are happening to all of us ladies! Have a great week!

  7. Oh Stacie I’m so jealous I would love to go to Vegas. I’m so glad you described it in detail because I lived it thru your words. You guys had a blast. I would have loved to see the fetal development movie and the Donny and Marie show. He’s dancing on Dancing with the stars and I just love him. He’s such a nice guy. How are the boys adjusting to Utah? How is the weather these days?

    fromrose ~ Let us know how Chris makes out in court. Why was he denied unemployment?

  8. Aggie - Any updates??? When is your next u/s???

  9. Hey there.. Thanks for checking in. Today was my last day at my clinic. I didnt think I would cry, but the tears just started flowing. I got to hear the heart and said my good byes. Now I'm just a number at the ob with no u/s in the horizon...

    I'm 8 weeks today.

    How are you? How are you feeling what have you been up to. It's been so quiet here lately. I miss chatting with the girls

  10. Hi guys,
    I've been feeling super depressed lately. I know I need to kick myself in the a$$ to start feeling mentally better. Chris was denied unemployment because of one transaction that went against bank policy. He never received any warnings in his 9 years of being with the bank. While it will not give us a lot of $$, we are hoping if he wins his unemployment case the win will validate that Chris was in the right. It has been up and down with emotions! I've also been feeling depressed because another couple just had a baby (right before our birthdays). The female used to be a stripper (whatever, she is actually very smart & received her Masters in Economics in London) but the main point is that she NEVER wanted kids. Always would tell us that having kids is not a "feminist position". What the h*ll does that mean? So on November 5th, she gave birth. On one hand, I'm happy for them & on the other, I'm steaming that she can give birth (and no I don't know her story, maybe she suffered with IF too?) but please how long do we have to wait until we become parents?? As you know, IF can wear on a marriage/psyche and it is one of those times.
    To boot, I had an interview last Tuesday & have yet to hear anything. So I've been doubting myself to stay in this field. I'm terribly tough on myself, something I'm really working on. I did go back to my old placement today for their Thanksgiving lunch celebration. It was so nice for my first two clients to rush up to me to give me their updates. That warmed my heart.
    I feel like I'm often misunderstood. That my insecurities get the best of me. Then I judge me ...feel others judge me.
    I know I have humor in me somewhere just seems to get buried when life gets me down. PFC thing is slightly on hold. Finally, I managed to apply for insurance. A TOTAL nightmare. I had been denied so many times because of my endo plus can't say I'm about to cycle/adopt or they will DENY the application. Even though, I'm basically healthy. I'm sorry health care in this country is ridiculous! Something needs to change! I'll know if our application was approved in 5-10 days. Then I think we will get our blood draw to move forward in our process. My eye on the prize is still to join you two. Mentally I'm ready to start another cycle tomorrow if I had insurance already & not having to juggling all the bills. Blah blah ... it will all turn around & get figured out. Hopefully soon!

    On a happy positive note, I am so thrilled for you both. Yeah, Aggie 8 weeks!! Glad to hear your pregnancies are going well. I think of you two everyday! Are you feeling anything yet Elizabeth?

    Aggie, are you still having progrestone shots?

    What you said does make sense. I would love it if we adopted a baby first too but they are taking their sweet time for that to actually happen!

    My mood will shift as it always does. I just feel exhausted by always feel I am fighting life. It should not be this hard!!

    Extra hugs to everyone!! Thanks for listening. I hope everyone has a Happy and safe Thanksgiving!!

    xo Megan

    PS ... we have started going to church, which we have been loving!

  11. Aggie stalking....

    Hey girl!!!! Its one of those bitter-sweet milestones, but I am soooo happy for you!!


  12. Hey ladies,

    First Megan - Don' stress...things ARE going to work out for you. Does Chris have the ability to request another hearing? I have worked in HR for many many years and I am really surprised that he was denied unemployment benefits. I have gone to many hearing where the people basically stole from the company and they were given benefits. The state of California is so employee friendly that I can't see why he would not qualify. If he has the ability to petition again i would. Did he get to speak at the hearing and give his side? Did he bring up that he was never warned? Was he given a "policy or handbook" that called out this policy? What was the exact reason they gave for denial? Let me know as I would love to try to give you any pointers that might help in appeal. I have not done unemployment for a few years so I can't remember if he has another level of appeals.

    As for your IVF journey, I hear you on other people being able to get preggo especially those that really never wanted a baby. Unfortunately, that is the way this shitty ride goes. I went thru many, many people around me getting preggo, once, twice before I even started IVF and it SUCKED! I was super jealous, which is not a characteristic I ever had in my bones before all this. I hated that about myself. It was really a hard time but you learn a lot about yourself and what you can get thru and I guarentee you will get thru this! This is a part of what you have to go thru to get the ultimate reward that I baby, which you WILL get. Never ever give up......we are all pulling for you and 2010 will be your family's year!

    Elizabeth and Aggie - My two preggo ladies...are you ready to get your Turkey on??

    How was your trip Elizabeth? Are you almost 20 weeks? When is that next U/S to find out the sex? I can't wait to hear and hear names!

    Aggie - Almost 9 weeks, before you know it you will be past 1st trimester. All I can say is to get ready, #2 rocked my world. Of course it is wonderful, but damn it is a lot of work! But with everything in this world, we get thru it with a smile

    Stacie - 1st Thanksgiving in Utah, woo hoo!!! Are you loving your new home?

    What's up for Thanksgiving ladies? I am heading down to the OC for the weekend. We are staying with my brother an SIL and my parents are coming with us, should be nice. We are going to bring Ava to Disneyland on Friday, this should be FUN. We have been talking about it for a month so she is ready! Oh, I did go to NYC a few weeks ago, had a great time. I went with three other ladies and one of them was a FREAK! She got drunk and all crazy with me, so that was a bit odd. She has had a lot bad stuff happen to her over the year and needs some seriuous therapy. I am over it and did not let it ruin my trip, however you learn things about people at the weirdest times. We saw Rock of Ages on Broadway it was FANTASTIC. Constantine Murelis (American Idol) played one of the leads. It was total 80's rock and was just a feel good show! Does anyone watch Grey's ?? I caught up on all my TIVO'd shows last night and loved the episode where we found out about the Chief. I was shocked and thought they did such a great job with the flashbacks of him and all the things that he had been doing over the last few episodes.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Oh, did I tell you all I am Thankful to have all of you in my life



  13. Megan - I'm so sorry to hear you've been feeling down lately....not fun. I hope everything ends up working out for you guys to get the unemployment. I agree with Marie to keep on fighting for it! I hope you don't think that by what I said that I was saying that you should adopt before you have a birthchild.....that wasn't it at all....I was just wanting to share the story of that couple that finally got pg after 9 years to show how everything happens for a reason. I KNOW it doesn't help any part of this journey to be easier, to take away any of the jealousy (which I think we have ALL felt at some time or another in our journeys), it doesn't take away any of the pain or sorrow that comes with the failed attempts or the waiting time in the adoption process. You really have been through a lot.....all the cycles and now also the waiting game with adopting also. I admire you for your determination and motivation to become a mother....it is very admirable! (And all of this on top of work and everyday stresses.) Keep your chin up - it WILL happen for you - you WILL be a mommy!

    Aggie - Congrats on 8 weeks....how are you feeling?

    Elizabeth - so have you guys thought of any girl or boy names for your little one?

    Marie - I completely agree with you that having 2 is hard work.....although I never experienced anything else. But having 2 definitely keeps you on your toes! Disneyland....wow, do I love that place! I'm sure Ava will have a great time....what fun memories. Does she love princesses?

    Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you ladies also, and the support I've received from all of you along my journey to motherhood!

  14. fromrose ~ What transaction did Chris do that went against bank policy? I’m floored that he’s been denied unemployment especially during these times. I too would be depressed and PTFO (P.i.s.s.e.d The F.. Off) Also if he wins the unemployment case what would he be in the right about? I’m confused because I have no idea what happened. As for the stripper who just had a baby.. I bet she doesn’t have that stripper body anymore so just stick your tounge out at her and see if she can move that a$$ again with out having it all shake from fat HA! I hope her tata’s sag down to her belly button too.

    Let me get something straight… You went for a Thanks Giving celebration to a place that let you go and spoke negatively about you behind your back? Girl… I give you a lot of credit for going.. Me.. I would have told them where they could stuff the bird.

    I totally get the whole insurance issue. I received two letters from my insurance.. 1 said I was denied because I was infertile and the 2nd said I was denied because I was pregnant. WTF! You KNOW I wrote them a letter and questioned how they could send me 2 letters that contradicted each other… I now have insurance.

    Honey hang in there… Everything has a way of working itself out… There is a light at the end of the tunnel and just think… Things cant get any worse for you guys right now, so you can only look up.

    I was never on progesterone shots. I was (and still am) on crinone suppository and prometrium pills. I still have to take that until mid December.

    Thanks for my beautiful Thanks Giving card. I received it yesterday.. Your so good that way. It def. put a smile on my face.

    barrie cooper ~ Thanks for stalking… Now I get to see a mid-wife. I have no idea why on earth they want me to see one, not like I’m going to have a vaginal birth. Thank God for my baby heart monitor… a couple more weeks and I’ll be able to hear the heart beat on that.

    MARIE ~ Girl You should know better than to post that little bit of information and not give us details. What crazy stuff did that chick do to you? Don’t be a tease… you left me hanging here. Did she try to come on to you? Did she kiss you? I’m DYING over here LOL

    I’m afraid of #2 rocking my world. #1 is doing a pretty good job at that. I’m actually scared beyond belief what my life is going to be like with 2 kids at my age.

    Stacy ~ I hope your all settled in Utah.. How are the boys loving their new home? Are they sharing a room or do they have their own? Have you met any cool neighbors? What’s it like?

  15. Aggie,

    To clarify a little, the luncheon I attended Monday was with my first internship placement that I loved (it is a socialization day program) not the toxic hell environment I just left. I'm not that insane nor stupid!! I have not interned there for nearly two years and I always try to go back for the holidays. It was really special to see everyone & get a round of applause from the members as I walked in the door!!

    As for what happened to get Chris getting fired. Ok, I'm not a bank/money person. Marie asked this question too. Long time customer came in to cash a fairly big check (over $30,000) for her payroll for her employees with different name on check than her account. There was $$ in account. Bank did not loose any $$. Chris never had any warnings against him EVER. We feel Chris was let go because of politics. This customer was horrified & since has written Chris a reference letter (should have honestly written a letter to the bank). We should know the verdict in a week. Don't worry I post whatever happens!

    Many customers still come to the bank nearly 6 months after his termination and complain that he no longer works for the bank. Some customers left! The bank is going downhill ~ his boss was just fired. Keeping fingers crossed that his unemployment did go through.

    It is TRUE things can only look up!! Glad you got my card in the mail. Girl, I swear if we lived closer we'd be hanging out laughing all the time. Loved your comments about our "stipper" friend ~ read it to Chris as he was walking down the hallway & he confirmed that the last time he saw her yes, her rear is bigger pre-getting pregnant. I'm so bad for loving that he said that! The evil me.

    Stacie & Marie,
    PM me your addresses if you like. I do prefer sending cards. Thank you both for your kind words to cheer me up. I just feel a combination of frustrations right now. I wish I was in an internship or working. Or at least at this stage in my life, becoming a mom (I'm not as young as you guys even though I am in spirit). I need a little acceptance in my life. The biggest thing is that I have to accept myself. I know I am WAY too hard on myself.

    Moving forward, as soon as we are approved with the insurance we are getting our blood drawn for this donor cycle. I feel better when I am moving forward. I don't do so well standing still if you will that's when this depression seems to SEEP in. I did find an internship program to apply for starting in Jan.

    Here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving with families and friends. I am so blessed to have all of you ladies in my life. Marie, have fun down with your sister in the OC. I'm making a Kentucky Derby pie & creamed onions. Thrilled not to host!

    Hope you are feeling well! Thinking of you.

    Hugs to all,

  16. Hey Ladies- Once again - I am not getting the notifications - so I MUST catch up on all of you!!! Give me some time....

    We just got back from our 20 week full anatomy scan... IT'S A GIRL !!!
    She got a 'perfect' scan - no issues ...so all is well. We are over the moon. Finally relaxing about all of this!

    We stopped in my fertility clinic to show them the 3D u/s pics. So emotional, so wonderful. I miss those guys soooo much. It was great to see everyone!

    Aggie - any news? any u/s's? Hope you are doing great.

    Megan - hang in there. Good things happen to good people.

    Stacie - thanks for all your kind words.. How's Utah? Do you love it? Any snow there? My Aunt lives just outside of Salt Lake..in the hills by the mountains (the big U) .... been there many times. Was supposed to go back for Memorial Day weekend for my cousins wedding... that may not be happening now.

    HI MARIE!!

    I'll post our little girls 3-D pic on FB when we get out new scanner up and running later today!!

  17. Elizabeth,
    Congrats finding out that your baby is a little girl! Any name ideas? That is fantastic news & that she looks as she should "perfect"!! I am so excited for you!

    What notifications are we supposed to get from this site? I just periodically check our thread. So glad I checked tonight for the news though.

    I\'ll pop in when I have some interesting news to share. Nothing yet on the insurance or unemployment.

    I read your exciting news on FB. Way to go Addison! How cute ... of course I'm sure it is a terror having two little ones fully mobile.

    Hugs & hellos to all ~

  18. Hi ladies,
    Hope everyone is doing well. I got an email from Blue Cross indicating that "we might not be approved for insurance since there are medical risks with one of the family members." Felt so low & bummed out ~ if we do not get health insurance, we cannot move forward with Donor IVF & frankly adoption. Don't worry I'll fight by writing letter & do whatever I can on my end. But it is ridiculous to think that because I have endo that I am a high risk! I did not have cancer & as a matter of fact looked up endo today & really there is very little connection between cancer & endo. Less than 1% get cancer directly from their endo.

    On a positive, I signed up today to be apart of a clinical study re:endo. It sounds like I would get paid for my travel expenses (up to Sonoma, about an hour away) and my time. I would love to be apart of research so other ladies do not have to ever feel what any of us suffer with endo do!

    Other than that, I'm good. Christmas cards are nearly done & I've made a good dent in my shopping. We aren't doing anything big this year.

    Hope everyone is doing well.
    Hugs to all,

  19. Meegan ~ You hot mama you! I LOVED your christmas card. Chris is a hottie . You should put that picture up in your adoption album, you both look so happy together. Appeal the insurance decision I had a similar thing happen. I wish you luck with that and everything.

    Elizabeth ~ Congratulations on finding out the sex. A beautiful baby GIRL yaaayyy. Here's to pink

    All is well on my end... I go for my nuchal translucency on the 23rd. I'll feel much better after I pass that test.

  20. Aggie,
    You are too sweet. I think Chris is a hottie too! Glad I have a husband that loves to workout. Stomach hard as a rock! My bragging rights!!

    Got my dreaded letter that yes I was denied for health insurance because of my endo. Kicker is Chris was accepted!! I would really like to know Aggie what you included in your letter. I had myself a little cry this afternoon & now my head is back in the game, ready to write some letters to get this thing turned around. I'm going to contact my doctor Monday & see if she is willing to write me a letter.

    I\'ll send all my positive vibes for you on the 23. I do hope the nuchal translucency test is perfect so you can breath a little easier. How are you feeling?

    Talked to the adoption agency, 4 letters went out in Novemeber & 1 letter went out already this month. I swear I will be a mom.

    Hugs & love to all,

  21. Hi ladies!

    Elizabeth - Congrats on the news of the baby GIRL!!! Have you started painting/decorating a nursery for her, or picked out a theme, or have ideas for names? What FUN stuff!!!

    Aggie - I have my fingers crossed for you for the test on the 23rd....what exactly does it entail or test for? I'm sure this has been explained on here before, but I don't remember.

    Megan - so INSANE that you should be denied coverage for endo. I do know that it's pretty much not cureable, but it's not like you have to be operated on for it really often, or like you said....it doesn't mean cancer. I'm sure GLAD to know that less than 1% get cancer from endo....I've never let myself think or worry enough about it, but that puts me at ease. I do go more regularly for check-ups with my ob/gyn to make sure that any cysts I do have aren't growing or need to be operated on, but seriously....to deny coverage???? I think that a letter from your dr. sounds like a good idea! So happy for you that so many adoption letters have gone out! If I PM you, will you send me a card, or do you have any left? It would've been fun to do the endo. study together since I use to live just outside of Sonoma....I swear you girls are like good friends, and we've never even met!

    We are having a good time here in our new house! We got our first big snow last night/this morning....a few inches, and it's suppose to snow more tonight/tomorrow. It's so much fun to see the boys get excited about the snow. Today while out shopping with my sis (we go out shopping quite often - it's sooo fun!), our older boy was with us (younger was sick, napping at home with daddy) and ran out of the store, only seconds later to find himself on his bum from slipping! It was so funny....he just looked up at me and got back up. I had to explain to him that in the snow we can't quite run around!

    I just ordered our Christmas photo greeting cards to pick up tomorrow, so I hope to get those mailed out in the next week. That's pretty much the happenings in our neck of the woods right now!

    Hope this holiday season finds you all well, happy, and FULL OF HOPE!

  22. Megan: Here is the letter I wrote I hope it helps.

    To Whom It May Concern:

    After a couple of years of trying to conceive a child, my husband and I are pleased to find ourselves pregnant with our first child. Since then I applied for, and was denied, both Short and Long Term Disability Benefits through Hartford Life. I’m writing to officially dispute and appeal your decision for denying me these benefits.

    In two letters sent to me from your company denying coverage, you gave two different reasons for short and long term disability.

    • Denial of Short Term Disability coverage was due to “Pregnancy”
    • Denial of Long Term Disability coverage was due to “Infertility.”

    Both letters are attached for your review.

    These reasons seem quite contradictory and I am looking for some explanation on how my prior experience with infertility “exceed acceptable risk parameters” for Long Term Disability benefits?

    As I’m in the second trimester of carrying my first child—a standard pregnancy by any measure—how is it that I could be infertile?

    And if I were infertile, exactly how would this logically mean that my health exceeds acceptable risk parameters?

    I sincerely hope that my prior condition (which was never a risk to my health) is not the source for any discrimination in determining coverage for the future. I see no basis for the denial of Long Term Disability.

    How could Hartford deny me Long Term Disability for “infertility” yet at the same time, deny me Short Term Disability because of “pregnancy”? That appears to be contradictory.

    Infertility is not a choice but an unfortunate circumstance that many women are faced with. Being infertile does not make me handicapped. I sincerely hope that my prior condition is not the source for any discrimination in determining coverage for the future. I urge you to please reconsider my claims, and at the very least, offer some sort of explanation for your reasoning.

    Can you also explain exactly how does or would infertility pose a risk for long term disability illness? Exactly how would a woman lose time off from work due to infertility and claim it as a disability? That would never happen.

    I view this as a form of discrimination. I would greatly appreciate if you would reconsider my case and grant me long term disability coverage. While I realize Long Term Disability is not useful to me for my maternity leave, I would like to be enrolled in the Long Term Disability program to ensure that any possible future mishaps would be covered. My prior fertility issues should not exclude me from this.

    Your time and assistance in this matter is very much appreciated.


  23. Hey Stacey ~ That is so funny about your older one falling for the first time in snow. That’s great. Too bad you didn’t have a video camera going LOL. Pretty soon they will both be snowboarding doing tricks and giving you a heart attack.

    What’s the story with their carrier? Are they seeing her at all or has that ended. I hope it has.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the post card make sure you mail me one

    The Nuchal Trans test basically measures the fluid in the baby’s neck to help determine if the baby has a high risk for down syndrome. If the risk’s are high then I would have to go back for more testing.

    What are everyone’s plans for the holidays? We are staying home this year so not much going on for us, which I’m looking forward too

  24. I just edited my profile to be able to receive PM\'s.
    Megan - I PM'd you my address, and thanks for sending me yours on FB!
    Aggie - Could you PM me with your address and I'll send you a card!

  25. Hi Stac ~ Done.. I pm my address. Send me yours

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