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  1. Hi Girls-

    My stupid email notifications didn't work. I should have know better to just check back!

    Aggie- that is wonderful news! So glad things are headed in the right direction! wooo hooo! Monday will be here before you know it. Relax and put those feet up. You have a little fighter in there!

    Megan- Good luck tomorrow!!! Will be thinking about you. Post when you can.

    Had my OB appointment today. Baby looks 'perfect'. Measuring ahead of schedule. This would have been the earliest we would have figured out the sex but the little one didn't cooperate. He/She was too busy with his hands in it's face .... but when we scanned down ... there was a black blob right over 'that' area. So, it had twisted itself out of view. I have an appointment in 3 weeks with the Perinatologist for a 'full anatomy scan' - so we'll get to the bottom of this!!

    Everyone check in tomorrow!! Want to hear how you all are doing!!!


  2. Hey there E. I never get any e-mail notification. So I check all the time

    What a bummer regarding the black bob in the way. It just makes the anticipation that much sweeter in 3 weeks you'll get your second chance so you tell that baby to cooperate How are you feeling? Are you tired? Are you craving anything? How much weight have you gained? I'm going to make sure I dont gain as much as I did last time (40 lbs) I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes well.

    The bleeding is very light now so I'm just taking it day by day. Of course I dont feel anything. No nausea or sore boobs or anything. Well just one thing now that I think of it.. Around 1:00pm I get very tired and crave a nap so who knows. My next appointment is Monday in the afternoon.

    H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N

  3. Aggie- Thinking about you today.... post when you can!!

  4. Girl. I'm freaking out over here.... The sac is there and everything is ok but................... in one angle they see two sac's . And when she moves the wand at a different angle it looks like one. Then she moved it again and said... yup.. I see two.

    We'll know more next Monday

  5. OMG Aggie...!!!!! I can see why you are a little shocked, see what a crazy roller coaster this is, one day scared that you are miscarrying and the next two BABIES!!!! But what great news that everything looks good so far. Take a deep breath and relax my friend, everything happens for a reason When do you go back? Wow, this board is hot, hot, hot!!!! I will make sure I have a glass of wine in honor of you and the babies!!!

    Elizabeth - How are you doing?? When is the anatomy scan? Are you having any feelings towards this being a boy or a girl? So exciting!

    Megan - I am sorry about your job, but screw them! They were just bitter that you had a positive outlook with patients. Your ex-boss is probably some uptight old bat who is just bitter. On to bigger and better! How was your meeting on Friday? Are you loving our 80 degree weather or what??

    Stacie - Where are you? I know you are moving but to where?

  6. Marie,
    I am so loving this amazing weather. Yes, she probably is an old bat. I have moved forward. I've begun applying for other jobs & tomorrow I'm applying for a few retail jobs down on 4th Street (Berkeley).

    Exciting ... keep the faith! I know it is hard to stay on this roller coaster but hang on. I think this is a very good sign. When do you go back?

    Just wonderful news that the baby is looking perfect ... as it should be for you. Who knows maybe it is a girl & did not want to show herself to the world yet? Are you and G hoping for one sex over the other?

    My appointment with PFC was great. I was so impressed with them. I only wish that we went to them in the first place or at least in 2007. But I can't get time back ... still working on that one! LOL! Dr. said my uterus looks great and that she sees no reason we would not be successful with a donor. We have an appointment set up for Tuesday to meet with the therapist (every couple needs to do so in order to move forward in the process ~ very cool I think). We were given a code to access the donor list. On the 11th, we have a phone appointment with the nurse coordinator and the financial coordinator. Dr. said process usually takes 3-6 months. I'm like ready NOW!! We instantly looked at the site and found a few we felt might be a match. I feel some excitment and quite frankly some sadness that my genetics won't go into this baby(babies). BUT one of the reasons I want to use a donor is to give myself the best chance I can to be a parent (and breastfeed). It seems like this adoption is taking FOREVER! Only 5 letters have gone out since April. Not too happy about that. I did send some new photos over this morning to update our site.

    I'll keep everyone posted as to when I pick her & when I start the fun with the needles again.

    I'm praying for you Aggie. Hang in there, my friend!!

    Hugs & thanks for all the support ladies.
    Love, Megan

  7. fromrose ~ That's great news! I'm so glad the appointment went well and now you have an idea as to when your going to start and you have a plan. It's great to have a plan isnt it... Gives you something to look forward to. It was 32 degress this morning front lawn was covered in frost and I think I lost my mums to the frost. Oh well.. It was just a matter of time. We are expecting snow on Thursday. So while you and Marie are enjoying the sunny 80 degree weather... think of us over here freezing out a$$'s off

    Marie ~ It's so good to hear from you. How are the girls doing? I wish you could have seen Dan's face when she said... I think I see two. He's already pale white... I swear he was going to drop to the floor right then and there. I also noticed a few more wrinkle lines on his face

    We'll find out for sure on Monday I guess since it was too soon to tell. So until then..

  8. Hey Girls-

    I am loving all this good news!! Aggie, hang in there... it's very early! The ambiguity stinks - but this will sort itself out one way or another! It's a shame you have to wait a week... I was hoping they'd get you in by the end of the week!!! Things change daily - and given a day or two you may have more clarity on one or two sacs! Just be happy where you are. Pregnant!

    Megan - I am sooo happy for you! Sounds like things are moving in the right direction. With the holidays almost upon us three to six months will go by very quickly. I understand your urgency - seemed like we were always waiting too. But it will give you time to prepare and get ready physically and mentally. All good! Watch, you be mid cycle and an adoption scenario will present itself.... you wait!!

    We are off to Palm Beach, Florida a week from today - returning the following Monday. Soooo excited. Bumming that there will be no cocktails on the beach this time around but hey - I wouldn't trade it for the world.
    When we get back we have a regular OB appointment on 11/19 - where we are hoping to find out the sex. If not, my 'detailed anatomy scan' is scheduled for 11/30 (20 weeks). We will get to the bottom of this!!

    It's about time we have soo much POSITIVE going on here! Wooo Hooooo!


  9. Elizabeth,
    Yesterday, I did update our adoption website with better photos. The adoption is all about this marketing to the birthmamas ... happy to comply!! You know I've thought of that too that I cross my fingers get pg with donor & bam, we get another baby through adoption. The theory when it rains, it pours. I'm happy with that ... I just know I do not want only one.

    The time does give me a chance to work on my mental preparation & hopefully by then Chris will have a JOB! I keep going back and forth if I actually want a job or continue to find an internship. Have a wonderful time down in Palm Beach ~ is this vacation or business? Enjoy ... I'm sure you can have a mock cocktail!

    Hang in there my friend!! I know I do not sit well with ambiguity either. I like to have a plan & have the plan work. Hence why honestly, I seem to have anxiety in my life! Take it day by day. Elizabeth is right for now you are pregnant!!! Today not so warm out. Cold fog this morning. In our 3-5 plan we are planning on moving to the East Coast ... so I guess I better prepare myself for COLD winters. I think snow would be cool but I've never had to shovel!

    BTW, if we do I would love to try and figure out a way to meet you two.

    Hugs to Stacie & Marie!! We should still try and plan a SF meeting.


  10. Hi Megan

    I also share Elizabeths feelings I think your going to get preggers AND get a call from a birth mom. HA I wish that on you more than anything (said with much love). We are all going to get there... you'll see. By then I think Chris will need 2 jobs.. HA!

    Nothing much going on over here. I'm feeling good the bleeding has completely stopped. It's been a week with no bleeding. My tata's.. well they're growing again and you all know how I feel about that. I think I'm going to saran wrap them tightly to my body.

    My next appointment is Monday... cant wait.

    I keep having these crazy dreams. Last night I dreamed that there were 2 birds (alive) in my fridge. They were flapping their wings and I was wondering how the heck I was going to get them out of the fridge with out them flying all over the house.. It was a nightmare.

    Hope to hear from you all soon...

  11. Aggie,

    I would be more than willing for that to happen. Who knows! I'm trying to take it day by day! We have a couple more appointments with PFC next week. AND Monday is my birthday ... I do still love my birthday just wishin' I am a mama at this point. I get a little depressed when I think how long I have been at this thing. Probably now I would be able to handle the whole parent thing better. All in due time. Chris had another job interview today & one next Thursday. I have one Thursday as well. We are moving & shaking over here.

    Glad you have stopped bleeding & wish you only the best for Monday.

    Cold & rainy today ... feels like fall. I would like to order maybe even partly cloudy or sunny on Monday for my birthday. LOL!!

    How is Cooper these days?

    Hugs to everyone else. I'm going to bed. Boring I know but I was in an all day seminar & I have to get up tomorrow to teach my little darlings.


  12. BTW...

    The dream ... what is the meaning for you? Maybe you are having twins? Getting out of fridge .. could be the your birthcanal? I'm only having fun & I have no zero experience in dream analysis whatsoever. Do twins run in your family?


  13. Aggie - any news???

  14. Not yet. It's 11:30 right now. My appointment is at 1:00

  15. Aggie- I will be checking in this afternoon Can't wait to hear the update !!!! Hugs to you

  16. Thinking about you Aggie! Can't wait to hear whats going on with those little embies!

  17. Hi Girls
    I just got home. There's only 1

    We saw the heart beat, couldnt hear it. She said the number was 108. We are so relieved. I have another bleed off to the side so they said not to freak out if I see something but so far everything looks good. Thanks for checking in, I'm off to get Cooper. I ran a few errands then got things ready at the house, I'm sorry for the late response.


  18. Great news!!! CONGRATS Aggie!!! woooo hooooo

  19. AGGIE!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Simpy awesome news... I am so very over the moon for you!!

    Guess now, I'm next for +++. I'm thinking 3's here!! I can handle the pressure. Bring it! LOL.
    Tomorrow, we go back to PFC to meet with the finaancial coodinator.
    I\'ll keep everyone posted.

    Rest well, Aggie.


  20. Thanks girls. We are ‘over the moon’ that there’s only one. Dan was so emotional, he got chocked up when he saw the heart beat. We can finally start enjoying this pregnancy instead of holding our breath wondering how we were going to get by. I hope and pray that it’s smooth sailing from here.

    fromrose ~ I’m going to give you some tips as to what I did for my cycle. What ever helps right. First, I gave up coffee and anything caffeine related (no chocolate, no decaff nothing). Caffeine of any kind isn’t good for when you’re trying to become preggers. In our situation, we need all the help we can get. A week before transfer I started drinking ‘Mother-to-be tea’, I also ate a lot of almonds and walnuts. I ate a lot of fruit too. I did acupuncture before and immediately after the transfer. I want this to be IT for you too. I can feel it. Oh I also put pressure on my leg artery for about 25 seconds and then released. What that does is it flushes fresh blood into your uterus. I did this for 2 days (Once in the AM and once in the evening) before the transfer. I read about this in a Western Chinese acupuncture book. I can’t wait for you to start so I can cheer you on. You are next!!!!

  21. Megan - I'm with Aggie... behind you all the way!

  22. Aggie - happy that all is well and that you saw the heartbeat - how exciting! So now will you go again for more u/s's until you get sent on to the ob?

    Megan - how cool that you'll be on your way soon too! Good luck with the donor egg....will be interesting to see what happens for you since we are in the same boat as far as the endo. goes! I've wondered if my issue is bad egg quality.

    Elizabeth - how are you feeling? What is the update with your appts?

    Marie - I believe it was you that asked where we moved to? We moved to Utah - hubby got to transfer and got a raise too.....not too common when moving from Ca. to Utah, but we're so excited! We are paying the same amount in rent, but in Ca. we had a 2 bd/1 1/2 bath condo, no garage. Here we have a 3 bd/2 1/2 ba. with 3 car garage and an unfinished basement. We love our place and we're excited to be closer to some family, but it was sad to leave our good friends, some of my family, and the good weather in Ca. There are definitely things about Ca. that I don't miss.....like the cost of everything. We'll save money just in gas and groceries! Will be interesting once the snow starts falling....ahhhh!

  23. Aggie,
    Glad you can rest a little more. TY for sharing! That is so sweet about Dan. I hear you about your advice. As soon as we pick a donor, I'm going to quit. I don't drink any soda, only have like a cup of coffee in the morning. Winter is hard because I hate being cold so I drink either caf. coffee or tea. BUT as I said as soon as we pick her I'm quitting cold turkey. Thanks for the Mother to Be Tea suggestion... like the name. I love all the hippy organic food/tea so willing to try whatever. Taste? Is it ok?

    How are you feeling? What are you now ... 17 weeks? Exciting!

    Where have I been? I didn't even know you were moving! I'm so sorry but it sounds like a much better situation for you guys. That is wonderful plus as you said you are closer to family & I know how much that means to you.

    OK ... so this week has just been appointment after appointment with PFC. Yesterday, we met with the therapist (everyone gets a free session) ... you know I love talking about my feelings!! Today, I spoke to the Nurse coordinator & Financial coordinator from home (how cool is that ~ they want to work with your schedule as well). Girls, I'm feel I at home with this center! I kid you not. I feel such hope. A hope I have never felt. Everyone has been so kind, nurturing, empathic toward our situation. I'm literally blown away by the warmth we have been shown thus far. I am so ready to like start today. Donor does not quite work that way. We still have some blood work to take care of. Then she has some testing (they might have had her on the books for awhile for example) I start injecting Lupron so I do not ovalute (ahh the memories, good I'll be hot in the winter again.. lol)
    Then we take birth control pills at the same time. Once her transfer, then I go to the backside for 2x weekly Estrogen shots plus Progresteron. (sp?) Ok I not fond of the hip shots. But I'll feel this might work. I'm trying not to focus on the $$ because wow it is costly. Moving forward, I REALLY want this ... a baby & to complete this circle we created on this thread.

    Hugs & love to all of you ~

  24. Sorry not her transfer (my transfer) her ER! Opps ...

  25. Stacie ~ Welcome back. I knew you were getting settled and have been thinking about you the entire time. So glad you’re out of CA, even though the weather was nice, now you guys have more space and will have more money to do some fun stuff. How are the boys loving the extra space? Everything must be so exciting for them? Do they now have their own room or are they still sharing? I’m sure you’ll meet new friends soon. It’s just a matter of time. What is Utah like? Are the people into fashion there? Or are you viewed as one hot mama from CA and the folks are goggling over you LOL

    fromrose ~ I’m beyond ecstatic that you’re feeling this great positive energy from this place. That is so key so already you’re starting off on the right track. Keep up the positive energy

    Elizabeth ~ How are you doing? How much weight have you put on? Come on share

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