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  1. Kelly - I'm thinking about you and hoping good things for you still! Don't give up hope! Until you get that beta result, you just never know. I've been thinking about you the last few days.

    I feel like I'm in the 2ww game also....although it's so much less likely for me to be pg....just hoping it could've happened naturally, you know??? Today would be 28 days since my bad news of decreasing beta and I started bleeding that day too, but it could be considered 28 days tomorrow (I usually have a 28 day cycle)....who knows. I know I didn't ovulate until cycle day 18, so if its really true that you ovulate 14 days prior to start of AF, that means I won't start until like Sunday.

    Oh well. Hello to everyone else....don't have much time - need to run out the door, but wanted to wish Kelly lots of luck!!! Hugs to you!


  2. Kelly - Lots of luck tomorrow! You never know what can happen. You know the drill it is not over until the FAT BEE-ATCH sings, so keep the faith. And if all else fails you have that beautiful puppy who will make things a little better if you don't get the positive we are all praying for!!!!! Let us know how things go.

    Stacie - Let's think positive, you never know what can happen naturally We will cheer you on during the 2WW !!!!

    To the rest of my ladies - Happy Easter and or Passover. I hope that you all enjoy the day and have some time with your family. I will be driving down to my brothers place in Orange County on Friday. It should be fun a road trip with my parents, the dog and my husband, sound like fun??

    I will check in next week.


  3. Kelly- I am praying for some good news today. How's Freddy? Did your hubby and son go to Florida?? When do they get back?

    Stacie- Praying for you too! George was convinced that we should should try on our own as well - it's a LONG SHOT for us...but I humored him and well, miracles DO happen. We shall see. You just never know. That would be fantastic if it 'just happened' for you!

    hafida- How's Sam? Are you getting your excercise?? LOL. Hope you are settling in to a routine. Sounds like you have a fascinating life. What is the title of the book you wrote? 12 years here in the states... wow. Where do you prefer living? I love Europe. My In-laws live in the South of France - so we get to go there often. No complaints...but I think Italy is at the top of my list.

    Aggie- How's it going girlfriend? Are you TAN ?? Right about now, I am starting to crack with this horrid weather! What is up with it? I imagine it's not much better in New York. How are you doing? Not too much longer!

    Marie- Have a blast on that road trip...Is that Orange County as in The Real Housewives??? OK - I'll admit I am a total BRAVO watcher! Love those stupid shows! anyone else??? It's just silly fun!

    Megan- Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Hope your adoption process is cheering you up. I have a friend who started in January - got all her paperwork done and just had a call last week about a baby... it was so quick! Whatever you decide to do, just know we'll be here every step of the way. I am adopted so I can tell you first hand what a wonderful thing it is!

    Well ladies, everyone hang in there. What are your plans for the weekend? My nephew is getting Christened on Easter morning...so we have a big family celebration planned with brunch and church downtown in Philadelphia... there's also an easter egg hunt for the kids after the service... very sweet. Bittersweet in a way, I mark every holiday by saying well, hopefully next year at this time we'll have our baby . Oh well, maybe NEXT Easter.

    OK enough of the downers! If I can't do it here.....

    Kelly- I am waiting for that GOOD news. Pee sticks are EVIL.


  4. Just cheking in to see if we have heard from Kelly before I go.

    Oh Elizabeth - Yes it is the Orange County from the show, although my brother does not live in Coto De Caza!!! I love that show, don't be ashamed I watch all those lamo reality shows as well

    OK, better go back to work before so I can actually go on this trip.

  5. Hi girls. Checking in to see if Kelly has posted...

    Marie ~ Have fun on your trip... sounds like a hoot I love things being all crazy so I would def. love it

    Hi Elizabeth ~ My tan is fading fast in this crappy weather... I'm peeling and the nose bleeds are back because the air is so dry. It's just so gloomy. I miss the sun.

    Have a great weekend ladies...


  6. Hey sorry to keep you guys waiting. BFN . Ya know when you just know. The worst part was that I had a class at 4 PM and I still had not heard from them. I called and they called me right back and said sorry they thought someone had already called. oh well so i had to walk right into my class with the news and couldn't even call DH to tell him. So right now i have a date with a glass of Chardonnay and some Thai food and my tivo. Freddy is doing great. I will write tomorrow. Thanks for all your support.
    love you guys!!


  7. Ohhhhhh Kelly there are no words. I am so sorry. Now I am . what is going on here????

    The only thing I can say is this: when I went for my consult with my RE the first thing he asked was how I was doing. My response was - ok... in the scheme of things (besides being PI$$ED at the world) which you are completely entitled to be.... as he understood.... But the conclusion I came to was I would much rather have it happen now - meaning knowing it just didn't work - instead of going on - through 6 more weeks like we both did. We have been to hell and back. I never want either of us to be there again.... granted misery loved company! You never deserved to go through that..and you certainly don't deserve this. I wish I had a magic wand to make everything better. Oh honey, you go enjoy that glass of Chardonnay (or 3). Just know I am always here and totally know what you are going through. When you are ready to get back on that horse - we'll be here. We can be cycle buddies once again! hang in there babes. I am thinking about you - always.


  8. I am sooooo sorry Kelly ...I know theres nothing I can say to make it any better, but hang in there. I don't understand it all, I wish we could have clear cut answers.....it's just not fair sometimes. We are all totally rooting for you, whatever you decide to do next, but in the meantime....enjoy your puppy!
    Everyone have a great Easter (if you celebrate it) weekend!

    Hugs to you all!


  9. Elisabeth said it all! And I just want to add: There is no fair-play in life, there is no logic behind it all, all there is is hope and strength, a supportive partner if possible and some friends by your side. You've got that (plus Freddy), hang in. Love. M

  10. Kelly,
    I am terribly sorry!!! I hope Freddie gives you extra sweet puppy love this weekend. Hang in there. I know too well the pain you are going through. It is so frustrating that people like all of us want to be mothers and our paths take so long. I'm thinking of you.
    Take good care,

  11. Hey Guys--

    Thanks so much for ALL of your support. I mean that. Only you guys truly know what I am feeling right now and it means the world to me. So I did a little retail therapy yesterday and went out and bought new shoes, jeans, tops, lingerie and all the things that I don't need!!! It was fun and I did have a shopping high for awhile. Went for a run to clear my head and then went out to happy hour with my best friend. All in all it was a great day and I felt better by not sitting around feeling sorry for myself. RE's office called and I have a phone consult with him on Wednesday to see where we go from here. Oh and the ugly witch AF showed up today just to totally make me miserable LOL.

    How are you all doing? Happy Easter to everyone!!!


  12. Hey Kelly,
    That is great that you went out and treated yourself --- you deserve it!!! You may not have "needed" to buy those things for the sake of your wardrobe, but you did "need" to buy them for yourself/your sanity/your emotions! Good for you! And I'm sure the puppy is being sweet also - I truly believe that they can sense when we're not ourselves.

    Have a great Easter! DH and I redecorated, cleaned, and grocery shopped for tomorrow. We don't have any family in town right now, so we'll be having our friends over (they're newly married and no family in town)! Should be fun.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  13. Marie - Was it you that mentioned that you had looked into adoption from Brazil and it wasn't very expensive??? I might be interested in that b/c DH went to Brazil for 2 years for our church and knows Portuguese, so he'd be able to teach it to the child. I would still hope for an infant....I just really want to go through the baby stage. It just seems like it would be expensive though, cause we'd have to travel there. I think for now DH and I will be turning in our paperwork with an agency near us....it would be fost/adopt a child through the state, but with an independent agency.
    Hello to everyone else. Don't have much time to write - need to get to bed.
    Hope you all had a good weekend.
    Kelly - hang in there...we will all have our time to be moms - it's tough to stay strong though, take time to mourn the way *you* need to. We all need to keep hope that things will work out for us...one way or another!

    Good night all!


  14. Where is everyone??? I am going through WITHDRAWAL ...

  15. Elizabeth-Im here honey, are you okay? did you go back on the devil meds? how are you holding up? Sorry I haven't been around. School/work/freddy/ and my boys got back yesterday from FL, so been trying to keep up. When is it looking like you will be able to start your next cycle? Ya know I know this has nothing to do with both of our BFN's after what we went through, but for some reason I am thinking that the whole Pg/then D&C had something to do with our BFN's. I know maybe I am grasping at straws but maybe our bodies did not recover from everything we went through. This AF cycle was not pleasant and it made me think that maybe my body needed to expel (sorry tmi) some stuff and be natural for a few months. But then the flip side tells me that I don't have that kind of time!!!! ARGGGHHh so frustrating!! Sorry to vent, just thought I'd share. Let me know how things are going. I talk to RE tomorrow so I will know what my next steps are. I think a laparoscopy is in the cards first so my next IVF cycle probably won't happen until June/July. What is your time frame looking like?

    Stacie- thanks for your kind words. you are so sweet especially after everything you have been through. I hope this next go around is successful for all of us!!!! Good luck with your adoption plans, keep us posted because I am really interested in the whole adoption process and I would love to hear about your progress. You will be a mom and you will be a great one!!!

    Meghan- Thank you too for your kind thoughts. I know you know the pain and it just helps so much to know I have such great women in my corner!! Somehow we are all going to be on the path to our children, now matter how they come to us. In a way I feel bad complaining b/c I do have a DS and I know how blessed I am to have him and to have gone through a successful pg, but I just know there is another child out there for me, and I know that there are children out there for all of us. It's the process and the waiting that makes us crazy. It will happen somehow, someway for all of us. As Elizabeth says we must BELIEVE!!!

    Aggie- How are you feeling? You and Marie are entering the home stretch, how exciting!! Do you still use your doppler? And is he a kicker yet!!

    Marie- Same questions for you my friend, how is everything coming along and how much is she kicking, etc. What is the work plan for you and Aggie, are you going to stay home for awhile or do you have to go back after 8 weeks? Whatever you have to do is just the way it is, you'll make it work and the baby will adapt. I hope you are feeling well

    hafida- How's your baby? I do love mine, he is a handful but for the most part I can't complain. Not too many messes in the house, he is so loveable, the only thing I need help with is the biting. He plays but those sharp teeth hurt DS sometime. I try to explain he is just playing and does not know what he is doing but I dont want Freddy to hurt him. So I need advice on biting!!!
    How is your sis doing? What is her due date? I hope everything is going well.

    Well have a good night ladies and stay in touch!!


  16. hey ladies- yeah, I am fine. thanks, Kelly. Oh boy do I hear you loud and clear! How are you doing? Glad you had some 'retail therapy' - i've been doing that since march! yikes.
    Yes, still on the devil meds. it's horrible. I thought this was supposed to be a month off??? If I may complain: my stomach is so bloated (like after ER) none of my clothes fit and it's still wreaking havoc on my system. I (sorry if TMI) but I have decided nothing is TMI around here... I BURP all the time! It's gross! I can't eat bananas anymore - they are worse than anything! A banana burp is just gross! Today is day 30 for me. Waiting for AF to rear her ugly head. Of course, just when you need her she takes a vacation. The only good news is when she finally does come - I get to start stims right away- no bcp's or lupron for me... so hopefully by next week??

    Today we have a phone consult/interview for our genetic testing at 3pm. It cracks me up that I need to be interviewed to spend an extra $5,000 - no idea what the interview entails - if they are checking my sanity - well, that is questionable at this point! I guess it is also so they can explain what they do and give us a chance to ask any questions we may have.

    I firmly believe I rushed into the 2nd cycle, Kelly. You are not grasping! It may well have had an effect???

    I am curious to hear what your RE has to say..You really think you may need a Lap? Is that due to the cyst? Well, if you did have to wait until June or July the good is that your body could get even more of a break. I am wondering if I should wait another month now too.

    I think it may be AF about to arrive b/c I feel like I could burst in to tears at any moment. This whole thing is just overwhelming..it didn't bother me in the past too much but now that cycle #3 is near - I am really losing faith and not very optimistic. It was so sad on Easter - watching my Bro who's on his 2nd marriage (and got married after me) Christening his 2nd child. We were the only couple there w/out kids. It's just getting to me.

    Oh my gosh.. I have to stop! I am sorry.

    We are all entiltled to our 'off' days. I think this is mine.

    Off to take my furry baby for a big walk and get some sun/air to clear the yuck out of my head....

    be back later... hope you ALL are well! Thanks for always being there guys!


  17. OK ladies- here's a kicker! today during my PGD phone consult with Reprogenetics I was officially labeled....(at the ripe old age of 36)....
    of: Advanced Maternal Age..... sigh........

    funny... i don't feel advanced

    or maternal..... yet

    this journey just gets better and better.....

  18. Look! Marcia Cross finally ADMITTED she did IVF! I wonder what she was labeled at age 45!!!


  19. Hey E-- oh you poor thing. don't worry about the label of advanced maternal age, as if you haven't been through enough. If you are advanced I must be in accelerated at 38!!! So will this be your first PGD or did you do it on your first IVF? I feel so bad about you and those meds!! Once AF comes do you get to stop that part? God I hope so!! So once you get AF you are onto your next cycle!! Yay. very exciting. Well sister I may not be too far behind you..... I spoke with RE and he does not think I need to do the lap!!! He asked if the cyst bothers me and I told him no it really does not. He has aspirated it 3 times now and all 3 times they tested it for cancerous cells and it has always come back negative. He said if I really wanted the surgery he would do it but if I am not in pain then we should wait b/c surgery could always cause more scar tissue. He was so cute when he first called me, He said how sorry he was and how truly disapointed he was about this cycle. He sounded more sad than me!! He is always so sincere sounding and not alot of BS. Besides his skill, I love his bedside manner. Very important to me. So once I get next AF (which you never know with me could be 6 weeks) we will do u/s and see how it is and go from there. I am definately doing PGD too. Yours is 5000! Mine is close 3800...yikes!!! If this new insurance is everything it says it is then they might cover some of it. Once the new card and number comes I will call the lady in his office and check it all out. God what a relief this will be if at least part of it is covered. If it is not I don't know we can afford it anymore! So hang in there, I have to check out that Marcia Cross link you sent. Wow 45!! Good for her. IT WILL HAPPEN FOR YOU!!!!!!! DON"T WORRY..... BELIEVE!!!!!


  20. I think Elizabeth you should vent those feelings especially on this board. I am usually pretty good about seeing kids. I get upset sometimes when I see pg women. That is the hardest for me. And of course 3 of my girlfriends are all naturally pg right now. One friend though does have MS and had a really tough time conceiving and in 1st trimester. I just hope you are feeling a bit better as the week goes by. I hope you had a great walk with your sweet doggie. We are all thinking of you! Good luck with everything. That stuff sounds awful.

    I agree with you Kelly. I certainly don't feel advanced or accelerated. I too am 38! How are you feeling these days? I hope you are doing ok. That is great your insurance might cover some of it. I know you are right it will happen. We just have to believe. I just want so much to have the experience of parenting.

    Marie & Aggie ~ Hope you two are feeling well in the homestretch. How exciting for you both.

    Stacie ~ So you and DH are now looking into international adoption? Great that you would teach the baby Portugese. Hope you are doing well.

    I'm in the final weeks of my semester. I'm looking forward to it being done.

    Take care and have a good night.

  21. Hey ladies- How is everyone????

    I TIVO Martha Stewarts show ....her daughter Alexis was plugging her Sirius radio show ..... it was a perspective on Alexis growing up....I was so shocked when... .out of the blue Alexis announced that she is currently doing IVF. She casually explained all the drugs and how you get your eggs 'vaccumed' out (her exact words)..etc. etc. She is apparently 40 - divorced and wants kids without another marriage. huh. the things you learn!
    Just some fun info for the day....
    I don't feel like dwelling on the negative.

    Kelly- yep, this is our first PGD. You have gotta love this - my RE uses Reprogenetics in Northern NJ for pgd. Repro charges $2,600 to test 12 chromosomes.... WELL my RE also charges $2,500 for the embryo biopsy and extended cultures $300 giving us a GRAND TOTAL of $5,400. YEP. can you believe it? George almost had a heart attack yesterday.

    We have to put down $250 for the procedure. If at the last minute we decide not to do it (which we can) we lose $250 and that's all. So, all in all not bad.

    We are checking with our insurance on the off chance part of pgd would be covered. There was a whole segment on GMA about PGD and 'designer babies'. The bottom line was that insurance co. SHOULD cover it if it would rule out costly syndromes in the long run. Meaning if both parents are predisposed to having the genes and passing it on.
    Yesterday on the phone consult we learned that due to our backrounds me(german & english and George - hungarian and german - ) that JUST by that info we are predisposed to cystic fibrosis. She said not to worry - also that CVS and Amnio shouldn't be skipped just b/c you are doing PGD. That's pretty obvious - but I thought all in all a very interesting hour spent on the phone !!

    GREAT news about not having to do the Lap!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!! Your RE sounds a lot like mine. We have become very 'close' after all we've been through. I got many phone calls - even on Sunday morning after the m/c just to check in and see how I was doing. Very Sweet! He explained to me that he see's tons of women who come and go - but people like you and I who are good caring people and take the time to relate - they remember and truly care about us. Yeah!! During my consult - he told me how much he and his staff truly 'love' us - as much as I love them too - i really would like to graduate!!!

    So, I am soo psyched you have decided to get back on that horse with me, Kelly!

    Thanks for the kind words Megan. I really appreciate it. I was just in a FUNK all day that I couldn't shake. Must be AF - on her way.
    How are you doing??? Are you still thinking about a FET or moving on with adoption? Keep us posted as we need our 3RD - to make the circle complete!

    Love you guys!


  22. Elizabeth-- how weird i think my RE's office also uses the same place in Northern NJ!!!! Okay I am starting to really BELIEVE that there is some reason you and I were brought together in this whole process. I would have never even known that but after RE's phone call, the financial/insurance lady from his office called and we started talking about the PGD and if it would be covered and she said that a portion might not be b/c they send it out to a place in Northern Jersey and I could swear she said the same name you mentioned!! Let's hope that it is a great place for our embies to meet and move on to healthy pregnancies for us both!!! How weird. Well I am so glad you sound a little more upbeat today. You are so funny tivoing Martha Stewart, I swear everywhere you turn someone you don't expect is in this whole IF thing. Here's one for ya.... My sister who had to do 4 IVF's for her 2nd child, was on vacation and met a woman, just random talking. Well the woman had a cute little guy running around and they started talking about him and the woman said "he is my miracle child" it turns out she and her DH tried for 17 years!!!! many IVF's etc, etc. She gave up, went back to school, etc, etc. BOOM she got pg. She said she didn't even POAS until she was like 6 weeks late b/c she was just out of the whole IF thing. Anyway it sounds like it is everywhere we turn. I am sorry that you had to go through the whole christening thing with everyone else's babies. That must be really hard to handle. But of course you know it is soooo okay to complain about that to us!!! Anytime!! Well Sister, if I had to guess my next AF will not hit until about mid to late May so maybe looking like end June/beg July for the procedures. Let's hope anyway!!! I am glad that we will be close again. THIS TIME IT"S GOING TO WORK FOR US!!!!!!!!!! AND STACIE AND MEGHAN!!!

    Meghan-- Hi, I noticed you said about final weeks of your semester, do you go to school or are you a teacher? I too am in school and I am just exhausted at the moment. Cant wait for this semester to be OVER. Of course as soon as it is I start a 4 week intense summer course. I must be nuts!! So where are you at in your process. Any word on when you might/if cycle again?

    Stacie-- Keep us/me posted on your adoption information. It is soooo interesting to me. I would love to hear about it as you proceed

    My two little mama's Marie and Aggie!!!!!! How are you gals. We need some info, how's it going how you feeling, how much weight have you gained. and do you think you are getting baby showers soon???? Cmon, we need to know these detailsl.....

    hafida. -Check in when you can. How's Sam? How's your sis? Hope all is well.

    Good night gals.


  23. Hi Ladies,

    Wow, you have been busy chatting I am finally getting caught up from being out four days. Orange County was good, although the weather was not as nice as I would like. It was nice to see my brother and my sister-in-law and my parents had a good time.

    Stacie - you asked about adoption, no I was not the one who told you about Brazil being cheap. I did however mention the Embryo Adoption. I found a place where it was really reasonable. I would have totally done it if this last one did not work out. I am like you and just wanted to experience being pregnant. Although, don't get me wrong I would have been most likely pursued regular adoption in conjunction. The more options the better. Please let us know how the adoption process is going, I am really curious and might look into it after this pregnancy. I also looked into International Adoption - Russia. I think it would be such an incredible journey to go through.

    Elizabeth and Kelly - You ladies are too funny, are you sure you were not seperated at birth? Your stories just continue to be so similar.

    So, Elizabeth when do you start the next cycle? Are the meds getting any better. Don't listen to that **** about maternal age BS. Like you said what does that make Marcia Cross. Look on the bright side it worked for her at her advanced stage so it will work for a youngster like you Keep your head up and just believe. Are you watching Tori and Dean Inn Love

    Kelly - How is that baby Freddie doing? Did you take any pictures? If so, I would love to see them. What are you plans for a next cycle or is it still up in the air? I know whatever you do you will make the right choice for you and your family.

    Aggie - Where are you darling? How are things?

    Megan - What are your plans? Are you also looking into adoption or another cycle?

    hafida - Hope all is well with the family, the new baby and your sister.

    I went to the doctor today for my Rhogham shot, such fun. Things are progressing well. I can't believe I have only 11 weeks left. So far I have gained 22 pounds, not too bad. I really don't want to go over 30 but it seems like I will miss that goal by a few pounds. My shower is on May 19th. My sister- in -law handmade my invitations, she is like Martha Stewart's sister. They are so cute, I love them. Honestly, it is like a dream that I am having a shower, never thought it would happen. I went to so many friends/family over the years, can't believe it is my turn. Other than that just getting ready. We are painting the room this weekend.

    Hope all my ladies are well.


  24. I have to add this and I'll post more later..... OKAY Kelly- things get wierder and wierder! I am sooo glad to have found my long lost sister.... Just so you know.... something to make you feel good - my RE is know for being overly thorough and a great reputation - well, from what I hear Reprogenetics is one of the BEST labs for PGD out there in the US. We've done quite a bit of research.... So, I am glad our embies are going somewhere reputable!

    Marie- Soooo good to hear from you! I want to hear all about the shower when it happens! Yes, I have gotten sucked in to Tori & Dean! I'll be starting stims as soon as AF arrives. No bcp's or lupron (thank God) this time around...

    Aggie- Where are you??? We miss you!

    Also, Staci & hafida- I am going through withdrawal again- miss you ladies!

    Megan- good luck getting through the end..it will be here before you know it.

    ok have to run... I'll bore you all some more this weekend during the NE monsoon!

    oh and I woke up in the middle of the night with AF cramps. now..NOTHING.

    I hate that evil witch!

    Happy Friday!


  25. Kelly,
    I am in Graduate school for counseling. I'm in my third semester. Ironically, I am writing about a paper about IF and insurance. What are you in school for? I took an intensive course last summer. I am not doing that again this summer! So you are taking 2 months off between cycles?

    Good luck with all your procedures! Are you still having to take that yucky medicine? Physically I am not feeling well again. Like after my last IVF failed, my glands all over my body became swollen. Last time I got real sick afterward. Thankfully I don't feel that bad this time. Just a lack of energy.
    So I don't know. My DH is going by himself tomorrow morning to another adoption workshop. I am working. But honestly in my heart, I know I have 5 embryos frozen and probably at some point will want to transfer them. I just feel like they are there waiting for us to use!

    Wow, only 11 weeks! Can you feel the baby kick all the time? Hope you are feeling well these days. Thinking of you ... your shower is not too far away. I hope it is a big blow out celebration for you. You deserve it.

    How are you feeling?

    Hope all is well.

    Back to my paper. Nearly done. Yes only 4 more weeks. It will all come together.

    Enjoy the weekend,

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