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  1. LOL on the DEVIL meds. so true! I think tomorrow will be the day. The cold is getting better - but the combo of meds is just too much. Spamalot was funny- it's basically Monty Python's Holy Grail movie re-done in to a musical. We were given the tickets - so hey! What was really fun was going out to dinner..we had a ball just drinking margaritas and laughing. A nice change! NO IF talk!

    Kelly- looks like you've made it one week! Only one more to go. Wow. Even though you WON'T need future IVFs - it's good to know that there is some HOPE- that would be great! Hey! Maybe baby #3 the magic number! Congrats on being strong about POAS. Freddy will be a good distraction - he'll keep you busy!

    Megan- I really hope you will consider the FET. You have nothing to lose! Men just don't get it sometimes. My husband is now wavering: you are not alone.

    We were just told that one of our blasts looks 'excellent' - it's beyond a blast - something about a great cell mass... Well, George thinks that's the ONE..... he wants me to do a FET next month. We are still fighting about FRESH vs. FROZEN. My thought is to leave that blast frozen - do one more fresh (due to egg quality) and pray that blast would be a future baby. He's now on a kick that JUST ONE child would be just fine. I agree. I'll take one - but realistically I'd like to have 2 . In a perfect world????? I know I LOVE to DREAM!


  2. Hi Girls

    I’m back!

    Kelly ~ I’m glad to hear that all 3 made the thawing process. Congrats on the puppy… I cant wait to hear all the stories.. Enjoy holding him in your arms because they grow out of that real fast. As for the insurance thing….. I really hope it does cover 3 cycles.. that would be so awesome and such a great piece of mind.

    Morgan ~ Great to hear from.. it’s always something with that sister of your huh

    Marie ~ I’ll be going in for my Glucose soon.. I LOVE Ava!!! What a beautiful name for a sweet princess.. How did the nursery come out?

    Hi Elizabeth ~ Hang in there honey…. Hopefully your body will adjust soon…. It better!
    My due date is 7/15 but that date may change if they decided on 4/3 that I need a c-section.. if I do end up needing one (which I hope I don’t) I may go sooner. Congrats on the blast…. Definitely let us know what you plan on doing… I told Dan that once we have the baby, I want to go through IVF just to store my eggs…

    Hi Megan ~ I hope that you and your husband come to a mutual agreement. I totally understand wanting to try FET especially since they are just sitting there waiting for you.

    Update on Me: Well Florida was AMAZING! The temp during the day were in the mid 80’s and it never rained. We sat by the pool a lot and went to Sea World and saw shamu…. It’s amazing how they train these animals. I allowed my self to enjoyed 1 pina colada (virgin) a day. This was just what the doctor ordered. It was hard to leave but…. Reality sinks in real fast when your close to running out of $$ LOL. We also did some shopping at the market place in downtown Disney, which was fun.. I tell you what… We got to see first hand what it’s going to be like traveling with an infant. There were tons of kids of all ages running around..

    I’ll try and see if I can figure out how to post pictures… It shouldn’t be so hard.. I’ll give it a try.

  3. Welcome Back- Aggie! Glad to hear you had a great vacation!!!!


  4. Hey Welcome Back Aggie-- sounds like a terrific week away. Now back to reality, but at least you have even bigger and better things to look forward to in a few months, and yeah kiss those quiet peaceful vacation goodbye!! its all good though

    speaking of kissing goodbye peaceful moments... Freddy is officially part of the family today. We took him home tonight and he is just adorable!!! What's even more adorable is how DS is acting towards him. Being an only child, well lets just say he is THE center of attention always, and it is so nice to see him worry about the puppy and help me. He was in his pajamas and ready for bed and he put sneakers and coat on to help me walk him. Then he just whispered from his bedroom "how is the puppy is he sleeping?" I know it may not last, he will probably be battling with the dog by next week but it is really quite sweet. And now I hear him (Freddy) crying..... gotta go.. this should be fun.


  5. Awww.... Kelly that is sooo sweet! Your son sounds so precious

  6. Hi ladies! I've been MIA this week - just haven't had much time to read and post.
    Kelly - How fun to have your Freddy home with you now! Lots of work - are you able to still take it easy? That would be so awesome if your insurance covered 3 cycles! I wish my insurance covered anything at all.
    Elizabeth - hope your experience with that devil med will not be as bad when you start it again.
    Megan - I thought about you on Monday afternoon when I was there, and I told DH about you also. He was saying we should just stand there and call out your name and see if anyone responded. They moved my appt. up to 3:30 though instead of 5:30, and I was thinking you had said your appt. was at 5. We were out of there by 4:10, so I said you probably wouldn't even be there yet. He would say "well, she looks like she could be a Megan" - he's too funny. I'm sorry you're feeling so blue lately. How did the adoption workshop go? Are you looking into adoption through a certain agency or just through the state? Good luck in deciding on your next step - this whole IF thing definitely puts a toll on a marriage. Our religious leader the other day said he wants us to focus on "dating" again - even if it means just going on a walk. We have to try to make other things important between us besides trying to have a baby.
    My follow-up with RE went well the other day. He basically said that I had a chemical pg....but that it was good that we at least got pg. He said that it was just something genetically wrong with the embryo and that it is VERY common. He said there's nothing wrong with the sperm, eggs, embryos, or even me carrying a baby. He recommended that we do a FET with our 4 frozen embryos because I'm still so young. If I were older then he'd recommend doing another fresh and keeping the frozen for later, but I won't be running out of eggs anytime real soon. We already have a frozen cycle paid for, so that will be our next step, but probably not until Aug. or Sept., because we have a cruise June 1, then a trip July 4-9, and July 21-29. We could probably get the FET cycle in there between now and June 1, but I don't want to just jump into it. I think we're going to turn in our paperwork for adoption and start that process also, so we have something else to focus on besides just the FET, and we'll have that in the works while we're waiting to do the FET. DH and I have been trying the "old-fashioned" way - nurse didn't think I'd have a regular cycle and ovulate until my next cycle, but I did finally ovulate on like day 18 (according to my expensive fertility monitor), so we'll see!
    Sorry this ended up being so long.
    Hope you all have a great weekend!


  7. Hello Ladies!!

    Stacie- It is good to hear back from you. I think you sound like you are in a good place with everything. Sounds like a great plan to do FET in a few months, give your body some time to heal and not deal with all of the meds, enjoy your cruise and the summer and to proceed with your adoption!!! All good stuff. You know how many women have planned the whole adoption and then get pg? This time next year you could be welcoming 2 babies!!! Wouldn't that be just wonderful. I hope everything goes well for you and enjoy the next few months off from the rollercoaster and focus on you and DH!!

    Aggie- Freddy is sooooo cute. we just love him. I know this puppy stage won't last. everyone keeps looking at his paws and telling me he is going to be huge!! he seems to sleep alot. Is that normal for 8-9 weeks old? I am trying to enjoy it when he sleeps thought b/c he is a total mama's boy and cries everytime I walk in the next room!

    Elizabeth- How are you feeling? I hope better and you can start back on the devil meds without too much heartache!! Thinking of you.

    Marie- Hows everything?

    Meghan- Hope you are doing well, how is everything with you.

    hafida--- I want to hear about Sam!!! Tell us everything! I hope it went well and that your sister is hanging in there as well.

    No news here. Got b/w back yesterday. Estrogen and Progesterone look good so they didn't have to change my meds. I moved beta up to Thursday 4/5. They had me for Friday 4/6 and I thought that was just cruel and unusual punishment. The 5th is 14 dpt so they said fine. Thinking of POAS on Monday. Freddy is totally keeping my mind off of it for now. DH and DS go to Florida on Tuesday. I can't go b/c of school. So it will be just me and Freddy for a few days, Hopefully I will be calling DH with some good news Thursday evening. !!!

    Have a good weekend


  8. Hi Ladies!

    Stacie- Sooo good to hear from you! Sounds like things are moving forward and getting better. I like your plan! Hey- having the FET paid for is fantastic- so why not??? You are smart to just take a break. I think we push our bodies too much with all these drugs and they are so confused. I really think doing my last IVF was too much and that I should have skipped a month or two. Like Kelly says: it's like we are addicted to it, if I am not cycling I don't know what to do with myself! So funny about looking for Megan at the RE's! I too have a friend I met here on IVFC that goes to my RE. We kept having appts on the same day and hoping to cross paths.... well, the day she was scheduled for her FET- was the same day We found out there was no heartbeat- before going back for my scan a couple walked in - she was carrying a bottle of water and I thought - BINGO- 930 FET friend! Well, I summoned up the courage and just walked over and asked if it was her. YEP it was! We have since gone out to dinner and talk (email) almost every day! It's soo great to have a friend who a) gets IT (like all of you) and b) goes to the same RE.

    OH and LOL on the trying the old fashioned way..... DH is determined to do the same this month. Dear GOD! I am POAS - AND getting 2 lines - unfortunatley, not the lines I WANT! I am a late (day 18) ovulator as well...I remind DH that I am diagnosed with an ovulation dysfunction - so this may be challenging. My 2 lines NEVER match up.

    Kelly- YEAH! on moving the beta up. POAS, girlfriend! I'll be HERE!

    I remember when we brought our Golden home. She SLEPT more than anything else - i was sooo worried that it was not normal. It totally is. They are growing so fast that it seems like all they do is play, eat, sleep and poop! Sleep being #1 on the list! Glad to hear Freddy is a charmer! He'll be good company while your family is in FLA! You'll be having your little shadow - they never want to leave your side!

    Aggie, Marie, hafida, Megan - Hope you all are doing well!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  9. OK ladies- PHOTO Experiment #1

    Here's ME - I did a free subscription to Photbucket..... I'll try to post my furry baby as well ( WAY more exciting than me!)



  10. Elizabeth-- what a handsome couple you are!!!! Are both Maddie and Beau yours? Sooooooo cute!!!! I will work on sending you guys some too. I already took like 20 pictures of Freddy!! Everywhere I go he is behind me and then will just plop to the ground and start sleeping at my feet! It is so adorable.

    Well since I am posting... I caved and POAS, nothing, nada, zilch, BFN. I know too soon to test and it was a cheapie dollar tree one so i am not giving up hope yet. But I can't tell DH so you guys are my sounding boards. I guess I will try again on Monday.

    Thanks for the pics E- they are beautiful!!!!


  11. Kelly - you are too sweet

    Beau is my Mom's dog- Maddie thinks beau is a stuffy toy! She's really gentle with him but sometimes wonders if one of her toys came to life......

    OKAY- and most IMP>>>> IT'S TOOOOOOO EARLY! You are free to POAS all you want but please don't read in to it YET!

    Hang in there- it's way too early

    BELIEVE, Kelly!


    PS- get used to it.... my 'shadow' is 4 years old and still behind me every step of the way!!!
    PSS- I am not sure I like those dollar tree tests???? I wonder about them!

  12. Stacie,
    That is too funny. I actually was late to my 5 o'clock appointment. There was a terrible accident in Berkeley that day so I think I got to UCSF around 5:20 since I was stuck in traffic. No one else was in the lobby when Dr. Cedars came to get me. We chatted for about an hour and there was one lady I could see sitting there but I figured it wasn't you (too late by then it was close to 6:25) since I knew you were coming with your DH.
    And we did go to an Adoption Connection workshop (near UCSF) Wednesday night. It was a very positive experience. I don't honestly know if I have faith if IVF will work for me. I am not getting any younger. DH & I really want to be parents. At this point I feel like I be 50 before being a mom! I at least want a baby before I'm 40 (not too far away)
    Thanks for sharing your photo. You guys make a great couple. Bermuda is so beautiful, isn't it? I went there with my mom when I was 16. I'm from South Carolina so the trip was easy for us.
    Hang in there. After my first IVF, I refused to POAS. I know the temptation is always there. Thursdays not too far especially with your new puppy. How exciting for you!
    Glad you had a nice time in FL!
    Marie & Morgan hope all is well.
    Lovely Spring weather here. I do love this weather.

    Enjoy your weekend.
    =) Megan

  13. Finally I am back!!!!! What a week. I have been without the internet at home. Yahoo/AT&T shut off my service last weekend. I spent the entire weekend trying to figure out what was wrong. I then called on Monday and they said oh, it was an accident that the service was disconnected. Then I had to reinstall everything and of course that did not work the first time around but I finally got it working last night. I felt like I was having withdrawal symptoms not being able to get online Who should I start with....

    Elizabeth - Thanks for sharing the pictures. Funny thing, I had a visual of you in my head and it was pretty close. You and DH look like a great couple and you can see what great parents you will be. And of course the Fur Babies look so sweet. I am sure you get lots of love from Maddie, she looks like a big sweet teddy bear. I hope the medicine is getting a bit better for you. How much longer do you need to take it? You are doing a fresh cycle this time around? You are the super trooper IVF'er for sure. Oh, I think you asked what my due date is - July 2! My birthday is July 6th, so it should be interesting to see if she decides to make her debut on that day. I would love if she came like a week early. Of course healthy but I am dying to meet her.

    Kelly - Ok, first congrats on the addition of Freddie, what a sweet name. With all the ups and downs you have to go thru having a new little baby will surely help keep your mind off things. Now on to the evil pee stick. Try not to read too much into it, I really think it is way too early. Just think when you take one later next week and you see those two lines you will know a 100% that it is a legit positive. Oh and I never used dollar pee sticks, but I am with Elizabeth and thinking it would be hard to trust them. I mean it only cost a $1 However, if you are like me and POAS like three times a day it might be worth it Just keep the faith and focus on that new baby.

    Stacie - I love your plan. I think it is great that you are going to take a break to focus on your marriage etc. You can get so wrapped up in the whole IF world that you loose sight of the other important things in life. It also sounds like you have a few trips planned, just enjoy them and remember that IVF will be waiting for you when you are ready. And I think getting the adoption paperwork rolling will be a huge relief. It will help you mentally not to have all your eggs in one basket. We did something similar. We had a fresh cycle not work in May and then we took the summer to do our vacations and were back in the game in September. I am wishing you tons of luck. How are you going about adoption? I am interested to know the process as I may look into that after this one is born.

    Aggie - Welcome back from your trip. Sounds like Florida was a blast. How could it not be fun in the sun is really one of my most favorite things in the world. How is the nursery coming along? Ours is a bit slow. We did get all the furniture and have picked out the paint colors. The room is now the computer room, so we need to move that out to start the renovations. As long as it is ready by Mid-May I will be happy. When is your shower? Are you feeling a lot of baby movement. I feel her everyday now and I love it. How are the names coming along?

    Meghan - You too sound like you are on the right track. Try not to feel too down. It is such a cruel roller coaster but I am glad that you are working on adoption as well. I really believe and have seen from close friends that it really helps you to have another avenue to pursue, before you know it you will have that baby that you deserve. How are you pursuing adoption? I am curious to hear what the process is like and what agency you are using in the Bay Area.

    hafida - Glad to hear that things are quiet with your sister. I hope that she is taking it easy and that she has no more scares. I really LOVE reading your posts. Are you a writer? If not, you should be you really have a way with words. OK, so how is your new addition to the family? Try to upload some pictures I would love to see your baby. You asked if Ava was a family name, no just one I have really loved over the years. I tried to pick a name that would work for her as a baby, a teenager and an adult and I really feel that Ava fits the bill, plus it sounds nice with my last name "corso".

    I think I covered everyone. Me same old same old. Just getting a bit anxious for this little one to make her debut. I want her here now!!! My husband is out tonight so I think it is a good night for a chick flick. Hope you ladies are all well.


  14. Kelly- Just checking in to see how you are doing today?????

    Be back later -


  15. Marie,
    Two other friends of mine are due right around the same time! I always wanted to be a summer baby. Fun that you are feeling Ava kicking. I can only imagine how amazing that would be!

    Hope you are hanging in there! Thinking of you and sending you good happy thoughts. Try not to POAS!! Are you enjoying being a puppy mommy? What type of dog is Freddy?

    Hi to Aggie, hafida, Elizabeth and Stacie!!!

    DH and I had a nice weekend together. I'm feeling better emotionally. We are trying to figure out when he can attend IAC's workshop. I am teaching on the weekends so I can't attend. I want to at least compare two before making a decision.

    Happy Passover (if anyone celebrates it)

  16. Hi Kelly ~ It’s totally normal for him to sleep a lot during this stage.. Girl enjoy it and hold him while he sleeps because pretty soon he’ll be bouncing off the walls.. LOL. I would cradle Avery in my arms all the time.. I miss that. She too had big paws… Such a great stage… enjoy it . I also second what Elizabeth said… Freddy will be your shadow for life. Avery still is… She needs to know where we’re at all times. And when we’re (Dan & I) in separate rooms she’ll come and check in on me and hang with me for a little bit then she’ll go down with Dan and hang out with him. She’s such a good girl.

    Stacie ~ How wonderful to have that peace of mind (regarding not having to pay for FET). Good luck and best wishes on the Adoption paper work. It’s always best to have a plan B. It makes the IF road less bumpy.

    Elizabeth ~ I’ll have to check out your pictures from home.. The state blocks any picture sites.. sucks…. I cant wait to see you though… Hope your well..

    Hi Meegan ~ Are you thinking of doing another round of IVF? I’ll have to re-read the posts and see where your at. I totally agree in the whole adoption process… If you (like Stacie) are going to go through another round, just knowing that the adoption process in already underway will take the edge off from the stress. There are so many kids waiting to be adopted… I just don’t understand why it has to take so long… Like why cant they give you the baby before they’re 6 months…

    Stacie / Meegan ~ What adoption clinic are you thinking of going with? Dan & I looked into International. Like Guatemala, Brazil the cost was a lot cheaper. We also found out that there are age and weight requirements for china. I was interested in adopting a little china doll. They are sooo adorable. I also saw A Baby Story with this couple waiting the arrival of their adopted daughter (from China) I started balling my eyes out… It was so emotional. And if this is the path you both decide to cross.. it will be just as emotional for you too… Good luck with everything.

    Marie ~ So nice to hear from you. Yes I too feel him moving around a lot.. I cant wait to meet and hold him. The nursery is finally done. Now we need to set up the furniture. Dan is going to set up the dresser but not the crib. I’m way too superstitious about that. I told him we could set it up when I’m 8 ½ months. We’re still working on names and I have my Dr’s appointment tomorrow.. Not sure if I’ll have my glucose screening then. We’ll see… Other than that… nothing much to report… Just praying for successful cycles for all these girls. I totally know how they feel. But miracles due happen right.

  17. Hi Guys.

    well i caved again and POAS today and got BFN again. Both times I did in the afternoon so my last glimmer of hope is that maybe I will do tomorrow am or wed am with the first morning urine and get a better result. But something is just telling me if I was I would know by now. I know I could be wrong and it ain't over until that FAT (okay i'll call her a lady now but if it is a BFN then I will call her FAT B**ch!) sings. I'll keep you posted. Freddy is keeping me occupied though. As soon as I get a few extra minutes free time I will send pics like Elizabeth did.

    I hope everyone is doing well.


  18. ...believe you me! I am still hopeful for this cycle and if by any chance it did no take, well, if your wallet and your body and your mind can handle it: Keep going, it is the ONLY true piece of advice I can give. Oh and this one: My lil sis was CONVINCED that once again it had not worked. We had made our peace with it - almost. She did the blood test only after we sisters almost forced her to and was absolutely dumbfounded to find out she was indeed a little pregnant. So: Forget all those darn home preg. tests, you will know for sure when you took the blood test. Keeping my fingers crossed! And here an extra hug from puppy mom to puppy mom! We picked up SAM on Friday and he has been keeping me BUSY ever since. He is sweet and cuddly and wild and clumsy (dear Lord is he clumsy) and crazy and heavy (having to carry him up and down the stairs over and over again has given me a bad back and an arm problem already), he hates driving in the car and is scared to death of any other dog... If you can tell me how to post a picture, I will. Cuddle Freddie from me! Where can I see his pix?

    All is calm over here, I am counting the weeks for my little stressed out sister...

    Sweet Marie, sending you an extra warm hug to lovely CA. No, I am not a writer (thank you for the compliment, though) even though I wrote a book once, I am a literature prof. without a job, I got my PhD in Berkeley, taught in CA, could not find a tenure job, therefore visa=work permit ran out and I had to leave after 12 years in the States. And there are no teaching jobs in my field for me over here. Words somehow have always been my "tool" to express myself and a magnet in other people's thoughts/books. Thats all.

    Enough about myself, YOU are the stars of these web pages, ladies. Have great Easter/pass over weekend, try to relax and enjoy and keep up the hope, good things do happen to good people. M

  19. HI Kelly- OK first of all.... Let's not put all your eggs in one basket .....(pun intended)

    Let me repeat your words...that FAT B*tch (I know her well) has NOT sung yet..... AND correct me if I am wrong BUT - last time were you not the woman who POAS all the way up to beta and got a negative??? Suddenly you were knocked off your feet that the beta came back ++++++++???

    I have GREAT HOPE for you and BELIEVE it's not over yet.

    Hang in there...morning is the best time if you are going to do it again. I don't mean to encourage - but I know exactly how you feel. Sending you ((HUGS)).

    Please keep in mind what happened last time - it's entirely possible to happen again...

    Can't wait to see Freddy!


  20. Hey E-- Thank you so much for your positive thoughts. You are the best. You and I (and the rest of the gang!) know how it feels to give up hope, but it helps so much too have your energy and positive thoughts so that I dont give up just yet. 2 more days and I will know for sure. I guess I am just preparing myself for the letdown. And you know what else, I guess I would rather just get a BFN and get over it than go through the torture of low beta, not exactly doubling but rising, and the rest of the 4 to 6 weeks of hell that you and I went through last cycle together. So while I am sounding negative I don't mean to be. Just realistic. I'll keep you posted. Thank you so much my friend!!

    hafida- I do love being a puppy mommy but it is trying!! Sounds like your Sam is adorable and loving too. I am hoping to post pics tonight! Thanks for your encouragement too. I am glad that your sister is hanging in there.

    Hi to everyone else, I have to run, I'm at work. Will write to the rest of you gals later.


  21. Hi Kelly ~ Hang in there sweetie.... I'm thinking of you. Im hoping for a big surprise on Wednesday..

  22. Kelly,
    I'm rushing out the door but I wanted to tell you how sorry I am this cycle did not work. I was really keeping my fingers crossed! I'm thinking of you.
    I\'ll post more later.
    =) Gentle hugs ((---)),

  23. Quickly re-read... hoping you'll still get good news!!

  24. Kelly- Thinking about you ..today

    Praying for some good news.... tomorrow!

  25. hey guys,

    just to clarify my beta is tomorrow, i think some of you guys thought it was today. so just in case you don't see the good or bad news until late tomorrow you will know why. I have AF cramps though, not looking good....
    Thanks for all your good wishes, you guys are the best!!!


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