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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Here it is version 2! I hope you are all doing well. I will write more tomorrow after I take that yummy glucose test!!!


  2. Hi Guys, This is our new home/thread. Thanks Marie for taking care of that. Lets think of it as a FRESH START, maybe good luck for the lucky 4 of us!!!!
    I hope everyone is doing well. Things here are progressing Tomorrow is the thaw, keep your fingers crossed girls!!!! Hopefully all goes well and then we do ET on Thursday!!!! So yes, I am nervous, scared, hopeful and then that part of me that just says if it is meant to be it is meant to be. Went for the pedicure today so I at least feel like I have pretty toes. (Thought of you Elizabeth!!!). And looking forward to 2 days of sitting on my a***!! LOL


  3. Kelly - I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping that you get 3 of 3 thawed!! How exciting and scary all at once. Like you said whatever is meant to be is meant to be. And then Thursday will be the big day Someone has to start the positives coming, let's start with you.

    How are the rest of the ladies? I hope you are all doing well. I know Stacie, Meghan and Elizabeth have follow up appointments in the next week or so.

    I know we have talked about Adoption before but has anyone thought of Embryo Adoption? I looked into after my first IVF and I said I was going to seriously consider it if IVF #2 did not work, along with traditional adoption. For me I really wanted to be pregnant so it was an alternative to adoption. I found a great place, who match embryo's and the cost is almost nothing. Here is the website if anyone is interested.....www.embryosalive.com Just thought I would throw it out there for another option.

    Took my glucose test today and will get the results on Thursday at my appointment. Keep your fingers crossed.

    Hope all is well.


  4. Kelly - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and thinking good thoughts for your embies! Do you hear anything from the RE tomorrow about their progress or nothing until ET? So they don't thaw them until the day before the ET? What would they be like after they thaw - blastocyst? I am really going to need to learn about the FET process as I don't know much about it at all. Good luck with the ET and enjoy that resting!!!
    Marie - Hoping your glucose test results are fine! Thank you for the website - I'm going to take a look at it. If our embies don't result in the birth of our baby, then maybe I would look into that - if the RE thought that it was the embies that was the challenge and not my body rejecting it or not able to carry a baby or whatever. My dear, sweet sister-in-law has also offered to be a surrogate....she keeps telling me to ask RE at our follow-up if he thinks we should do surrogate, because she says she's totally willing. DH and I are still not sure how we feel about it, except I would want her and my brother to *really* look into it. As long as the embryo adoption isn't too expensive though, if that is an option we'll look at it. Isn't it just crazy -- I don't know about you all, but I NEVER thought it would come to these measures.
    Elizabeth - sorry that Glucophage is making you so sick....no fun. What is it for again?
    Aggie - I read on the other thread about you going to FL -- have a great time!!! Enjoy that sun and bring it back to your home with you!
    Hello to everyone else!
    I'm looking forward to our follow-up with RE next Monday! I'll definitely know more about our next steps after that!
    Thinking happy baby thoughts for everyone!


  5. Hi, ladies, just a quick check-in to let you know everything is fine over here with my lil sis, and I continue to keep my fingers and toes crossed for Kelly, Elisabeth, Stacie, Megan and Aggie and I am also thinking just the warmest thoughts in your dircection, Marie!

    Have a good transfer on Thursday, Kelly! The puppy will be great training for you (sleepless nights, lots of action, lots of love... ) and I am sure it is all meant this way: First the puppy then the baby!

    Our puppy will be here on the 30th! All the best to all of you, love, M

  6. Kelly - Give us an update on the thaw!!!! We are pulling for all those embies to survive.

    I will write more tonight...just a quick check in.


  7. uhhh ok ladies- how slow am I??? I am sitting here like, hmmmm where is everyone forgetting to check the NEW thread. HELLO.

    Sooooo (drumroll, please) Kelly- THIS IS IT, GIRLFRIEND!!!!!Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! How did things go today? I can't wait to hear your good news. Have FUN sitting on your a$$!!! Love it! We'll be waiting for you on the other side!

    I had a horrible reaction to this glucophage. Took 2 after dinner yesterday and woke up at 4am - ready to puke. Apparently, it had dropped my blood sugar very low - had the cold sweat - it was horrible. I didn't know what it was at that hour- just thought it was the medication ( was warned it would be brutal) messing with my stomach. Well, I didn't eat anything so at 6 am my blood sugar was so low- I was totally incoherent and wacky! George had to leave for DE - threw a Gatorade at me and left (he was late- and in all fairness he offered to stay home with me) It wasn't until later when I spoke with my sis in law who is diabetic - that I had realized what had happened. It was horrible!

    So, needless to say ... all day I have been feeling like ****....Wait until I have to work up to 3 pills a day! yikes. the things we do.

    So, Kelly- I hope to hear from you ONE LAST time! Now that I have found you all- i am such a dork!



  8. Oh Elizabeth-- you poor thing!!! how horrible that stuff sounds. God I hope you can get through it. I mean I know you can.. I just hope it gets easier on your body. Maybe you can check with other women on these boards and see if they have any tricks for you on how to help avoid the really bad situations. You are too nice I would have thrown the Gatorade back at my DH. LOL. No I know it is so hard when you are dealing with this and I know they (the men) are too but it just drives me crazy sometimes when DH doesnt GET IT.... Anyway, I really hope that you are feeling better, there is nothing worse than feeling like that.

    So update,,, 930 am tomorrow is ET. I wont have the final thaw report until the am when I go in. I remember that from the last time, I kept calling and they were like 'we wont know for sure until the morning" so anyway I am just hoping and praying there is at least 2 for transfer. Ya know what is so weird.... I met another woman on these boards through the Connecticut thread where my RE is and she is going in right before me tomorrow!!!! I told her that hopefully our embies are partying tonight before they go in for the transfers!! So ladies I will try to check in tomorrow evening if not I definately will on Friday and give you the updates.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Oh Marie-- how did the test go? That orange stuff wasn't so bad right? You get results tomorrow right? let us know. I am sure everything is fine.

    Aggie, hafida, Stacie, and Meghan---thanks for the good wishes and I hope you guys are all doing well.


  9. Kelly- I am praying that those embies are PARTYING LIKE ROCK STARS

    thinking about you!


  10. Hi Kelly ~ My very best wishes... fingers and toes crossed for you babe... sit back and kick it (meaning take it easy) this weekend.... I cant wait for the great (positive) news. Many blessings your way honey.

    Ladies... I will check in with you all Next week. Dan & I are off for Florida tomorrow...

  11. Kelly,
    I hope your transfer goes very well for you. Thinking of you!!
    =) Megan

  12. Hey Guys.

    Thanks for all the good wishes and thoughts... Things went well today. all 3 made the thaw and were all transferred. 2 were "excellent" grade 1 and the third was grade 2. RE seemed happy with the results and transfer went well. The Irish song "Danny Boy" was playing during the transfer. I told DH if we are lucky enough to get pg this baby might have to be Danny, girl or boy!! Well lets just hope at least one of these guys stick around!!

    Aggie - enjoy Florida!!!

    I will check back later, my mom is already yelling at me to go lay down and put my feet up!!!!

    Thanks Girls!!


  13. Kelly - thats awesome about the transfer and all 3 making it....and that they are such great quality!!! Take it easy now....you have a wonderful excuse to relax! I'll be keeping everything crossed for you that at least one snuggles in real tight!!!
    Elizabeth - sorry you had such a crazy episode the other night. No fun. Have you been better?
    Aggie - have a great time in FL!
    Hello to everyone else --- running off to dinner! Have a busy night, but wanted to check in quick!


  14. First of all: GREAT, Kelly, and good luck, this sounds fabulous! One will stick for sure!

    Over here, the old funneling and early contractions problem is raising its ugly head again, and I am WORRIED! My lil sis started her new and exhausting job just a week ago, she can't stop working within a week, she says. I, however, think she might have to, although I understand her problem since she is the breadwinner in the family... Arrrgh. God, I hope nothing happens, it is far too early still, and I want that little girl in there to hold out for at least another 12 weeks... PLEASE...

    Just wanting to share a concern.

    Hope things will ease up for you, Elisabeth!

    Love to all of you!!! M

  15. Kelly- Great news on the three....see we all new three was a lucky number . Sounds like they were all great quality. Just relax and rest and get thru the 2WW so you can see that BFP. I am thinking of you. What movies are you gonna watch this weekend to pass the time? I just got Blood Diamonds in the mail and can't wait to watch it.

    hafida - You poor thing, stay strong. I swear this pregnancy thing is a constant roller coaster. I hope and pray that things subside for your sister. She needs to try to take it easy. Can she explain her situation to her new employer and maybe they will take it easy on her? I know it is hard when you start a new job, but as a HR Manager, I see things like this all the time. And if your sister is working for an employer who cares about thier employees they will try to do something to help her out in her situation. Tell her to relax as much as she can on her off days and try to get thru these contractions. How far along is she? I think she is like right there with me, so around 26 weeks. I just was talking with a lady whose daughter gave birth at 26 weeks and the baby ended up being fine. Of course not ideal, but some of the other stories she was telling me of babies in there who were even earlier and making it, made me appreciate how far modern medicine has come. We will all keep praying.

    Elizabeth - You poor thing, that medicine sounds awful. You should totally search around this board and see if there are any tricks that might be out there to help with it a bit. We know you are SUPER strong so just keep reminding yourself of the good cause and why all of us ladies put ourselves thru the ringer. So, in a few weeks you start your new fresh cycle. Seriously, you are like a IVF warrior and it WILL pay off in the end.

    Aggie - Enjoy Florida!!! It sounds like it will be fun in the sun, can't beat that.

    Stacie - OK, so you will be seeing Dr. Rosen next week. I know you are going to feel better after that meeting. I am sure he will have a game plan for next steps and I hope that you are able to do another cycle. As for the embryo adoption, thru the website I told you about it does not seem too expensive. It is like a $200 fee and then some couples ask for money back on the storage fee but other than that I don't think there is a lot of out of pocket costs. Obviously, you have to pay for the transfer. You should ask Dr. Rosen about embryo adoption and see if UCSF has anything set up for thier current patients. I was going to ask but never got around to it. I would be interested to know.

    Ok, I think I got all my ladies. So, brief update on me. I went to the Dr yesterday and found out that I passed my glucose test, so I am Diabetes free. Also, gained another 6 pounds over six week so they were happy with that. I think I am on track to gain about 30-33 pounds, keep your fingers crossed. At least you loose like 20 pounds at births , so not too bad. I have to go back in three weeks for my Rhogam shot. I am working on the nursery and paint colors, so I at least have some ideas in my mind now. And of course, still shopping. Oh and we picked her name - Ava. That's is for now.

    Have nice relaxing weekends everyone.


  16. AVA is, Marie!! Beautiful!!!!!! And what a lucky little girl to go home to such wonderful, caring Mom and - I am sure - Dad! Thank you for your uplifting thoughts! - -

    Every day something terrible is in the newspaper about people killing their babies or neglecting their children. We just had this terrible story 2 days ago over here, I will spare you the details. I know, there is little that can be done to prevent what individual people do to their children even though I often wonder about what society could do differently...

    But I am very happy for every child on this planet who is as wanted and desired and wished for and fought and battled for as much as the babies you wonderful ladies are having and will be having and loving and caring for!!

    It sure does not turn the bad stories into good ones but it consoles me to know that there are children in this world who will have a love-filled life, who are wanted and appreciated.

    And in the "big picture" I suppose this is why I am sure that ALL of you will succeed in your quest sooner or later! Your love for your children, the unborn, the almost conceived, the ones who will be conceived soon and the ones dreamed of is there to make up for some of the lack of love and the pain and sorrow that is also around on our world every day.

    I am not a religious person at all, but I believe in the strength of love and of good deeds done. And what better deed than to want a child and embrace a child as much as you do?

    Paying all of you my respect once again, M.

  17. hafida-- wow you have such a way with words! you should be/ if are not already a writer. I am sorry that your sister is going through so much turmoil with this pregnancy with the new job and all. She must be so stressed, I hope your wonderful words can convince her of what she needs to/must do to help her little girl along. While I sometimes tend not to be religious either, although I was raised Irish Catholic and DH, DS and I attend mass pretty regularly, I have my own issues with religion and how God can let those terrible things happen to poor innocent children, as well as I lost my dad and brother w/in 4 years and they were both young (53 and 36). it has taken me awhile to totally trust "the faith"but I try. After my last m/c, I did kind of turn my back, although I know we need to have faith, it is just trying at times. I totally understand your sense of despair when hearing of all of the terrible things that happen. I truly hope (and i will pray! ) that things work out for your family and that new little baby girl that will be so lucky to have a special aunt such as you! So.... when does your puppy arrive??? I am picking Freddy up on 3/29!! I am getting excited... I can't wait to hear all about your little guy...

    Elizabeth- how are you feeling?? we haven't heard from you i hope you are not still sick. check in and let us know how things are going. You poor dear, i hope it gets better. BELIEVE darlin' i know you are strong enough for this!!

    Marie- Ava is a beatiful name!! So the glucose test was good, happy to hear that. You have to have Rhogam? Me too. You Go RH negative girl!! I had to have the same thing during my pregnancy, then they are supposed to give it to you before you leave the hospital after the baby is born (if the baby is RH positive) make sure that this gets done!!. Once I started having IF problems (which was after DS was born, I kept thinking maybe they didn't give me that shot before I left the hospital, believe me at the time it was the last thing on my mind!!) however i felt it might have been a problem with TTC afterwards. Anyway bottom line, make sure you get that Rhogham shot before you leave the hospital after that beautiful baby girl is born!!. How is the nursery coming along?

    Aggie- hope you are enjoying Florida.

    Stacie- Thanks so much for the positive vibes. I really appreciate it after everything you just went through. That is what I love about these boards (and our little group which is THE BEST!!) I can be so happy for my girls even when I am feeling sorry for myself because I know each and every one of us has been on each side of the fertilty fence. And while it s**cks, we all stick together and can't wait to see it happen for each and every one of us. Sorry to go off on a tangent, I just really appreciate your support and I hope your consult with RE goes well on Monday. Make sure to write down all of your questions beforehand and ask him everything you are thinking of... I really hope you get some answers and direction about your next steps. If you do decide to do FET, hopefully I can help..

    Meghan-- Thank you too for your good luck wishes. How are you doing? Any plans on a new cycle or are you laying low for awhile. Good luck in whatever you choose to do.

    Well Ladies, all went well with bedrest. Got some school work done, watched a little tv, got some beauty rest. LOL.... Stayed at my moms for two days and now back home, back to the reality of laundry, cleaning house, etc. etc. I am going to try to do some tomorrow but take it easy for the most part. Easier said than done, there are like at least 5 loads of laundry!! Oh well , they will get done eventually.. Looks like the puppy will be joining us on Thursday!! I was trying to give myself a full week before having to worry about walking him and picking up after him. But i am excited,,, hoping that I will be pg with a puppy!!!

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


  18. Hello!

    Sorry for my MIA. Kelly! Yeahhhhhhhhhh! Sounds like you had a terrific ET! I am sooo excited for you! I feel good things, sista! I think you finally got the golden ticket! Fingers, toes and everything in between are crossed for you! Loved the beauty rest! You deserve it. Oh my gosh and now Freddy's arrival. Get ready to fall in love all over again! Those puppy days go so quickly - enjoy every moment - soon they grow up - and you wish for one more day where you can pick them up and hold them in your arms (much like babies - i would imagine!) Our Golden is STILL our baby! You have got to email a picture of little Freddy.... sooo cute! Hope you are still taking it easy and not overdoing it...it's so important. Hang in there. When is Beta???

    hafida- You made me cry again! So sweet. It's so wonderful to have you around. I am praying for your sister. Just how much should one person have to bear?

    Marie- Ava is a beautiful name...so sweet. Glad you passed one more hurdle with the glucose test! Now it should be smooth sailing, right?

    Aggie- OK I am officially jealous - sitting in the warm sun of Florida! Hope you are having a great time!

    Stacie- I can't wait to hear about your follow up. Hope you get some answers and hope you can cycle again very soon. Glad to hear you are bieng good to yourself right now- it's so important. Hang in there and let me know what your next steps are!

    Well ladies, this Metformin has kicked me in the a$$. Coupled with allergies or a cold (not sure which) I have been so out of it. My blood sugar drops about an hour and a half after taking the pill. Yesterday, at Nordstrom I got faint, then started having hot flashes - oh my gosh it was awful. I was afraid to drive home. I have to carry around peanut butter crackers and orange juice in case of an episode. I was so out of it I left a pair of Prada sunglasses at the register - got out to my car and realized (thank god) it. Almost drove home w/out them - but thankfully they were there when I went back. I usually am so careful with sunglasses (having learned after losing 4 good pairs) but I didn't even remember putting them down - then I had trouble counting my $$!!! The sales lady looked at me like I was crazy! Can't wait to kick this congestion and maybe things will be better. Took my second pill at dinner yesterday and everything was fine. I think the cereal wasn't enough in the am to help with the pill. Now, how do I work up the courage to do 3??? Ahhh the MAGIC 3.

    Well, on to better things- George and I are going to go see 'Spamalot' tomorrow night....also going to go have dinner downtown before the show. A date night! I am so excited! With all this IF stuff it's been a while!

    So, sorry for the silence- I'm here just totally out of it. Hope I didn't ramble too much!

    Love you gals!


  19. Geeez Elizabeth---- You sound very upbeat for someone going through such awfulness. I'm proud of you! I hope you can hang in there with this metformin. How soon do you think you are gonna go to 3? And then how much longer do you have to stay on it after that? The things we do.... it just makes you stronger woman!! hang in there. Enjoy your date night, sounds like you guys could use it. I hope you have a great time! Can you at least have a few glasses of Chardonnay on this stuff??? I hope so. Have fun.,

    Hi to all the other girls, just wanted to check in quick.


  20. ...Ladies, once again.

    Elisabeth: You are such a trooper! Hang in there, it can only get better, right? And just wait, it will!!

    Kelly: Tomorrow we are driving to the Ostsee (= the ocean up east/north from us) to pick up "Sam". We will return with him on Friday, the 30th... This means your puppy will already have kept you busy for one entire day before ours starts over here. I bought two kennels today, one for the car and one for potty training purposes in the apt. Good-bye sleep, where are you jogging pants and flash light, here we go...

    Marie, Aggie, Megan and Stacie: Best regards and warmest wishes to you as always!

    Otherwise nothing new on the babyfront over here, I am still very concerned. I am counting the weeks. Every day that goes by without anything dramatic happening IS a good day. I so hope all goes well. Keep your fingers crossed, O am crossing mine for you!

    Love and hugs to all of you! M


    Our honorary babies!

    Like that!

    Oh Kelly- here's the IRONY. Alcohol drops your blood sugars- so you can imagine a RX for a diabetes meds accompanied by alcohol = NOT GOOD! I found out first hand. This is THE WORST! Well, I officially have a cold and am taking cold medicine- so I refuse to take metformin on top of it. SOOOO looks like I can have a few Chardonnays tonight for date night! watch out Philly!

    No idea when I'll be able to work up to 3. I think once this cold is gone I'll try.

    hafida - You and Kelly are going to have your hands full in the nex few weeks! So exciting..and very sweet.

    I want to see pictures!

    I've got everything crossed possible, hafida for your sister, and Kelly you too - girlfriend! How are you feeling?

    Just checking in.... Hope all is well!

    Stacie- Did you have your consult?

    Marie- look at you sitting back on cruise control - you have made it over half way at this point ...you must be sooo excited! How are things coming with the nursery??? What have you chosen for colors? You know, I have looked around this site for others and how to handle the metformin...and have had no luck. I have a friend here who went to my clinic did metformin and had stomach issues in the beginning but NOTHING after that. She has been a great to help to me- being through the same stuff and has the same RE. So, hoping that after my cold subsides everything will be better!

    We need to find a way to post photos. Others have on this site.

    Hmmm - maybe one of us will figure it out!


  22. Quick check in. Sorry I have been MIA my computers at home both are having issues with Yahoo DSL. I am still trying to correct this and hope to have it resolved by tomorrow.

    Stacie and Meghan - How were your follow up meetings? Any answers or new plans?

    Elizabeth - I hope you are feeling better. Sounds like it is one thing after another for you. However, enjoy your Chardonnay, it sounds yummy!!!

    Kelly and hafida - You are going to have new family members this week, how exciting. Let's try to figure out how to post so we can all see them.

    Aggie - I hope Florida is treating you well.

    Ok, gotta go, hopefully I can write more tonight from home.


  23. Ladies- FYI - My new favorite drink is blood orange Margaritas yum.

    Aggie & Marie- Not much longer...and you'll be having cocktails.... What are your actual due dates????

    Kelly- One more day before the chaos begins! But it's all good! Can't wait to hear about Freddys arrival!

    Still praying those embies are snuggling in!

    Stacie & Megan- you two have been awfully quiet. Hope all is well. Can't wait to hear the new plans for future cycles!

    Thinking about you all!


  24. Hi guys,
    I went to my follow up Monday afternoon. Since this is my second one, I was not expecting "answers" as to why this cycle failed. But I did want to try and have a little bit better understanding of what might have gone wrong. My RE explained that even though she transferred two book perfect embryos that sometimes even in nature it does not work. A wee bit frustrating but again I knew it would be something like that. She told me that the quality of my embryos were much much better than last time. Even though as she said, we don't really want strong embryos but to get you pg. She told me I still had 5 good embryos (I thought I had only 4). My DH & I have been fighting a lot lately about doing another cycle. I feel if I have my embryos I want to at least try for a FET. Tonight we are going to our adoption workshop. I hope I start feeling better. I have just been feeling so blue lately.

    I too really love the name Ava. Is that a family name?

    Hope you are feeling ok? Keep getting your rest!!

    Gosh you have been through so much. I had a cold all last week. Not sure if you can take this with your other meds but I took ZICAM. Great stuff, my cold was gone the next morning.

    Did you meet with Dr. Rosen Monday as well? I hope you feel better about your next steps now.

    Off to go take a TB test, I'm starting a program where I am volunteering my time to read to 1st graders that are having problems with their reading.

    All the best to everyone ~

  25. Elizabeth-- blood orange margaritas huh. sounds like fun How are you feeling and how was the show? hope you guys had fun. Now when do you have to start back on the devil medicine? So yes it looks like freddy will be coming home w/me tomorrow night, i will figure out a way to send/post pics so you guys can see him.

    Megan- hi there, thanks for the good wishes. Its so normal to feel blue after everything you've been through, and this stuff really tests a marriage on top of that. You have us whenever you need to vent, take advantage that is what we are all here for, to listen and bi**ch to each other about anything. Hang in there and I hope you and DH can come to an understanding and give that FET a try.

    Marie- how are you feeling? it is good to hear from you. we want some details on the baby's room etc. Also have you registered yet for all the fun stuff? strollers, car seats, bouncies, Make plenty of room in the house. the smaller they are the more stuff they seem to have! LOL. You must be getting excited.

    hafida-- I know you are probably traveling, can't wait to hear about Sam.

    Aggie- hope you're enjoying the Sunny FL sun

    Stacie- how are things? what's the latest with your next cycle? Are you taking some time off for a bit?

    Things here status quo. Feeling bloated, sore bbs, backache, all from the progesterone so i am not even going to read into this time. I have not hit the dollar store yet to buy hpts but that is only b/c i have not had time. I think I can hold out though. Actually have been looking into a new health insurance plan and the agent thinks it might cover 3 cycles of IVF!! I told DH that it was way too good to be true, but we are getting final answers on it in the next day or two. That would be awesome!!! Not that I am not hopeful for this FET cycle, but you know how we are always planning the next step for if it does not work. Lessening the financial burden is just a great bonus!! So we'll see, i'll keep you gals posted.

    Have a good night ladies


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