October 2009 Cycle Started BCP Today anyone else?

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  1. Hello, I am new to this board. TTC 3yrs. I am 33 DH 46 and just found out 4 weeks ago during an HSG test that both my tubes are blocked one with fluid. IVF is the way to go for us. I had the fluid filled tube removed last week (not fun). Today I started birth control pills. We should start Lupron in a few weeks. Is anyone out there starting close to my cycle? Any advice from those of you who have been through it? Tips for injecting, dealing with work while going through a cycle? I sit at a desk all day and am concerned this will effect my follical growth. I'm a little nervous but very excited and trying to stay positive. DH has 2 wonderful children from first marriage 17 and 19 they were both conceived without a problem. He is also new to this and is being very supportive. I wish you all good luck on this adventure.

  2. Hey jdale 33. I am also new to this board. TTC for 2.5 years with 3 early miscarriages. I am 33 and DH is 34. The doctors are puzzled as to our problem. They have checked everything possible with me and DH, but all looks great. I found out Friday that our one and only chance at TTC through IVF was negative. We are hoping that next month we will have enough money left to try FET with the 2 good embryos that where froze.

    All of my injections were in my stomach except the last one. I would advise pinching up stomach skin real tight and it pretty much numbs the area so you don't feel the shot. My last one, I had a nurse friend give me in the thigh because my DH was to chicken. Dealing with work does get difficult toward the end because of all the ultrasounds and then uncertain timing of the Egg retrieval and Embryo transfer. I was lucky enough that my work is flexible in that I can make time up. I also sit all day at a desk. My doctors where never concerned with follical growth, but they did advise me to get up and walk around often to ease the discomfort you will feel as the follicals grow. Overall my experience wasn't bad. It is just a lot to keep up with (schedule). It is really good that your DH is supportive of you, but that is the least they can do considering their contribution to the whole process is one little thing of which is not painful in the least.

    I wish you luck as you start this new adventure.

  3. Mabrouka Khoja there is a sept/oct board if you want to come over there and chat

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