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  1. OK I am throwing this question out there and know I will get a variety of responses but I am curious: at what age did your baby stop nursing through the night?

    One of my boys sttn or maybe wakes once. The other just keeps waking every 2.5hr on the dot. My DD did this until we cio at 9m. From a few years on these threads I know there are some babies who just sleep through the night from day 1 and others that do not.... and then there are some in between who have a little help from sleep I know I will see a lot of different answers.

    They are napping very well. When they wake they always nurse and then go back to sleep. I know at this age they do not need it, but physiologically it is just interesting how one can go to sleep on his own while the other still wakes and wants me (especially since both were treated the same regarding sleep). So there must be an inherent difference in personality/physiology that is making one wake vs the other. Luckily there are not waking each other up [anymore].

    So when did your nursed lo start sttn?


  2. Hi MJ - well you won't like my answer but one of my boys who will be 11 months on the 2nd still gets up 2 - 3 times a night to nurse. I am losing my mind! The other one has STTN since he was 13 weeks old for the most part. The one that STTN is fed formula/EBM while the one that doesn't is EBF. I'm not convinced that it matters what they are fed but there it is for what it is worth.

    How are your BTW?

  3. My 4th child was 18 months the very first time he slept though the night. Until then he was nursing probably 2 times at night. He continued to wake occasionally to nurse for a few mire months. For my twins, it was 10months or so.

  4. i have 3 boys, all ebf. my first started to STTN on his own at 4 mos or so.

    my second started to sleep better, i e waking up once or twice a night, by 4 weeks, then started to wake more and more often, ending up every 2 hours all night long by 6 weeks. i kicked him out of my bed then. he went back to 1-2 times a night till we sleep trained at 4 mos- got him to a dream feed at 10 pm and up at 530 or so to nurse- he kept that up till i weaned him at 14 mos (to cycle again). i dropped the dream feed in there somewhere and it made no difference at all.

    my third actually came home from the hospital able to do 5 hour stretches- so, 9 pm to about 2-3 am, then again at 5 or so. i kept him in the cosleeper rather than in the bed with me. at about 3-4 mos, he started going to bed early- 6 pm- but i didn't bother with the dream feed- and he stretched himself out to sleeping till 5 am. as i am the sole breadwinner and was taking two hours to fall asleep again after the 5 am feeding, we did push him to sleep till 6, where he currently is (very regular on this one). we pushed by setting whatever time he slept till as his "line in the sand," not feeding any earlier than that time on subsequent nights. he's now 6 mos and sleeps about 530 pm to 6 am. he nurses every 2 hours like clockwork all day long, though.

    mine were all full term, though, if your twins were premies it might make a difference.

  5. Having now bottle fed (my twins) and breastfed my son my own conclusion is that it has more to do with development and how you handle feeding versus bottle over breast (I never found that my twins went longer at night b/c they were bottle fed).

    With that said, even though I am ebf'ing my son, I started some things early on which I think really contributed to him STTN including sleeping him in his crib, in his him a good, solid routine with predictable naps during the day, feeding him no longer than every 2.5-3 hours during the day (except during the mid-day nap) an the biggest thing was when he started sleeping through, I didn't go back to feeding him unless it really seemed like a GS. Like pilma, I sort of made a line in the sand so to speak also. I also don't have anyone home with me most nights, and most days so I really needed all my kids to be good sleepers.


  6. Thanks for the advice..although I am really just curious WHEN other kids sttn. After reading your posts everyone (and those in the past) I know everyone does sleep "training" differently but now that I have three kids I kinds feel their personalities play a big part. I know we could draw a line in the sand but as I experienced with my DD, CIO worked but we had to keep repeating it. I do not want to repeat it! I do set a time that I will not go back in through the night (3am). Just last night my poor sleepr woke at 4. 5;30 and 6. I finally got up at 6:30am.

    Brit..My twins do not co-sleep anymore (not since they could crawl) and were full term. Solid routine 2.56hrs onf napping in the day on a great routine (we do love routines in our house).

    Meg...What is BTW.

    Got to run...just back from work and miss my babies. Got to give them a hug

  7. Hmm- wish I hadn't read this thread. Mine are 4mths (were born at full term) and every night is different. Some nights we will hav a 4-5 hours stretch and others every 2 hours. Now I see how long I am in for with this- possibly

  8. MJ - BTW is by the way. I would say my twins being only 32 weekers had something to do with the poor sleeping but the one goes down without fail by 7 and sleeps to 6 without us doing a thing. I think the reason S getsup so much is I still let him nurse whenever he wants around the clock since he has some eating issues and allergies. I know my milk is the only constant that he has that he won't react to, and will always take. So I guess I am part of the problem

  9. MJ,

    I definitly agree, it has so much to do with personality and physiological/developmental issues. With that said, my twins started STTN (bottle fed) @ 12 hours around 4-5 months but their sleep wasn't great at night till closer to 6. Brennan is following a very similiar sleeping from about 7-6:am (I don't go in till 6:45/7) with some regressions at I suspect he too won't be solidly and consistently sleeping through till closer to 6 months.

    I agree, it's tough also b/c there are those time when you sort of have to re-train. I hate that.


  10. My DS started STTN just after 2 mo the night we put him in his crib for the first time (about 9 hours). He was probably sleeping 12 a couple weeks after that. He has always been a great sleeper, naps and bedtime. Never had to do CIO.

    We let my DD start STTN at 4 months (she was tiny and not a good eater, so before that I would wake her once to feed her). She slept through until around 9-10 mo, and then started night waking again and wanting to eat. I did CIO at around 13 mo.


  11. Well i think my boys knew I was posting about them yesterday. My good sleeper slept from 7:15 until 7am. My poor sleeper went down at 6:45 and only woke at 9pm and 2:30am! I actually realized that I usually put the poor sleeper to bed first as he goes down really easy...but he does not drink as much as his at the 9PM nurse i offered both breasts and made sure he ate more...and sure enough he maybe he is just lazy? he love the bottle this guy but rarely gets ebm. true..but i find I am less bother but me to sleeping this time. I know these will be my last babies.

    3yp...I am well thanks. Our Jan twin club has waned but glad to "hear" from you. i too have one good and one poor sleeper.

    Well off to finally get some pictures loaded onto our web album.
    Thanks for all of the responses.


  12. My DD slept through the night periodically, but had many sleep regressions until she was 18 months old. Now (at 26 months), nothing seems to phase her and she sleeps through even when she's sick.

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