November/December 2009

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  1. PM-I was extremely fortunate..2 fertilized and the 7 cell and 8 cell were put back in yesterday. Thus keep your chin up. I have really worked hard on increasing the quality of my eggs through eating, vitamins, herbs and accupuncture thus happy with this result. Now I am in the two week wait period. DH and I have been going thru this journey for the better part of 4 years. We are just praying really hard that it will our turn soon. Take care. Sabrina

  2. Hi ladies-
    Wondered if I could jump in? I had a FET on Nov. 6th.

    I have a 1.5 year old daughter from a FET as well...she was conceived after a m/c from my 1st fresh cycle. We had a failed IVF in August, which was attempt #1 for our 2nd child. Soo....this is our 4th IVF attempt. I was on this board alot while TTC #1 and found a great group of ladies to connect with...wish I'd kept in touch!

    I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and be of support to you all! In particular, I'd love to hear from those of you trying for child #2.

  3. That is awesome Sabrina!!

    The lab just called. The 3 good ones are still doing well. Two others that were too immature, matured overnight and he was able to inject them with sperm. He'll call tomorrow to let me know what ones went onto divide to the 2-4 cells.

    Thanks for your prayers everyone! So how is everyone else doing?

  4. govaris- Thanks for the welcome! Hopefully your b-day will turn out to be good luck for us! Hope I can be of support to you.

  5. Welcome gdmiliotis. You transfered on my B-day, so hopefully that'll be good luck for you. Unfortunately, I'm still trying for my first. HOping this is a lucky cycle for both of us.

    Praying -- how did the other two do? When are you transferring.

    Sabriann- glad everything worked out. How are you managing through your 2ww?

    excited -- how are you doing?

    AFM, AF is due to arrive this week, and then I start my stims. I can't believe it's almost here. Wow. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time..


  6. Hi Ladies...

    I have an update.

    The end result is that 4 embies were transferred.

    Two were grade 2 (one had some fragmentation)
    and the other two were grade 3

    I\'ve been having some trouble breathing since I woke up from anesthesia and my lungs still hurt. I also had a lot more bleeding and soreness this time which I did not have the last.

    The doctor and his staff did the best that they could possible do. They did ICSI, assisted hatching and a whole new protocol this time. If it doesn't work, I know in my heart I was giving it my best.

  7. Praymiracle-good luck! 4 embies are great!


    Lahann-hope AF has come.

    AFM-I am in the middle 2ww. Just trying to relax and laugh alot and not think about why I am lounging around lots. Get some cramping which is normal for progesterone. Had a funny back pain this am. This IVF cycle I have tried to rest lots and not go up and down the stairs. Just praying hard that this is the cyle for us. DH is already thinking about nannies...I am like WHOAAAAA!!! We have some time before we get there not long I hope Take care everyone.

  8. iryna,

    Ut I not supposed to be going up and downstairs? I have done that at least 5 times today. I was also worried because I had to get out of the car and pee about 10 times on the long drive home.....I started to pink bleed but the bleeding stopped completely when I laid down.

  9. Praying Miracle- Hopefully that light pink bleeding was implantation bleeding! I'm curious about your using anesthesia during your transfer...I've never heard of that.

    3 days till my beta....the Estrace is kicking my butt this time...SO TIRED!!

  10. Hi gdmiliotis!

    That bleeding is from all the poking to get to my uterus yesterday. They were inserted on day 4, and the zona hadn't even thinned yet. I presume (if my body hasn't attacked them this time) that they won't try to implant until tomorrow.

  11. Pray Miracle - Thanks for the clarification...I should have read back farther to see when your transfer was!

    iryna - When's your beta? Sending sticky vibes to you as well!

    I'm getting pretty nervous about's so ironic that we go through all that we do to try and have babies, yet I HATE beta day! I'm one of those that never POAS and my RE has me do it before my blood draw and I refuse to let them even tell me the results. Apparently when I got the BFP w/my DD, they knew before I'd ever left the office and they were dying to run me down and tell me, but instead respected my wishes and I waited a few extra hours for the beta call! Anyone else as silly as me about it??!!

    Anyone else have a beta this weekend?

  12. Hatsidiakou..I have been told that light bleeding after ET is normal. I peed so much after transfer...drank waaaaaay too much water. I am just taking it easy around the house..good excuse for DH to get his butt in gear.

    gdmiliotis-I have been pretty exhausted too. I did not know it was the estrace. I am usually a night owl and feeling tired at 10:00. Good luck with beta!

  13. gdmiliotis-I am such a chicken. I am scared to POAS..I get to dream for a few days more. My beta is on Tuesday. So you are not silly! Getting some real funky pains right now and just trying to rest.

  14. iryna,

    When are you due to test? I know what you mean. Right now, I like the idea of being in my bubble of \"possibly\" rather than back to ground zero. I won't test near Thanksgiving.. but it is scary, I know.

  15. Hatsidiakou...DH leaves early Tues AM for his boys trip to California...he planned this trip a month ago and my luck it is on the day I am suppose to go in for the beta. We were suppose to go to Cali as a couple but last year we hung out with some friends and DH likes riding motorcyles his buddy's his wife drove me NUTS...all she did was talk about kids and she has a 5 year old that she treats like a one year old..chases him around to feed him. Plus there is nothing wrong with not drinking but heck don't make others feel guilty..I would have a few glasses of wine to sedate myself.. Well that was not vacation for I opted out and he turned it into a boys trip..thank-god.

    I am not trying to look into every symptom but I had a real piercing pain on the left side..close to where the ovary is...kind of scared me and made me lie down because it really hurt for a few mins. Just scared. I have never been so aware of my body..for the last 38 years people would say you can't feel when you ovulate....I never could but now every pang/twing I seem to feel.

  16. Hello Ladies,
    My DH and I have been ttc for almost two years now. With five failed IUI's. Our DR. has given us the opportunity thru a great program that is offered thru his office to attempt IVF. We have just started the process. I am currently taken the BCP, a multi vitamin, asprin 81mg. Starting next week I will start my Lupron injections and then my gonal-f. My expected date of egg extraction is the first week in december. I guess I am asking to become a part of your group for support. You all seem like a great group of women and lord knows It wld be nice to talk with someone walking a mile in my shoes at the same time. My friends and family try to be supportive and there for me but they just dont understand. And the ones who say when its your turn it will be happen. So if you'll accept me I will be right by all your sides thru your journeys as well.....

  17. Hi Ladies,

    Glad to hear things are going well for everyone and welcome tridi!

    It's been a crazy few months, but good news is that we are still on track for our 1st IVF attempt in a couple weeks. Went off BCPs earlier this week and AF arrived today, right when it should have. Donor will start stimming tomorrow...can hardly believe this is all coming together!

    Good luck everyone!


  18. tridi - Welcome! I of course wish you didn't have to be here, but it's very helpful to find a whole community of women to go through this journey with that know how you feel.

    iryna - I know what you mean about keeping hope alive for a few more days....I've been debating if it would be easier to just take a test tonight and find out on my own time/accord before going in for the beta in the morning...however, realistically I know that a BFN will be devestating regardless so I'd just as soon get the specifics from the lab.

    Flygirl - Good luck!!

    T minus 19 hours till my beta!!!!

  19. Thank you so much... My prayers are with all of you for the best outcome. A dear friend of mine just found out today that their first cycle failed on them... I feel their pain.....

  20. Okay, I have to laugh at my RE's office calling to remind me about getting my beta done tomorrow....because people often forget????!!!!! As if I can think of anything else! Saying prayers.....

  21. gdmiliotis... I agree with you how can you forget a beta test.... Good luck and you will be in my prayers....

  22. gdmiliotis-good luck tomorrow!! Thinking of you. Lots of baby dust your way!

  23. May I join? .... My tx will be this week depending on lining etc.... I went on Friday and my lining was 8 from 4 on Monday. I started taking Clomed (clomiphene) last night and will go bk Tuesday for a possible tx Thursday. THis will be a frozen cycle, we have 2 left.

  24. It's a BFP!!!!!! We go back in Monday so pray for doubling numbers. It WILL happen for everyone!!!

    Off to bed to dream sweet baby dreams.....

  25. Congrts- gdmiliotis hope those numbers triple for you

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