November/December 2009

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  1. Hey ladies...I'm looking for someone to be cycle buddies with... We originally wanted to do a September cycle, but our RE only offers 4 cycles a year. I'm due to start my meds sometime in late October but won't actually have my ER & ET until November. I'm nervous as all get out and can't stop thinking about this. Have any of you found ways to finance IVF? We're still looking as neither insurances pay A DIME!!! Jerks...

    DH is 31 and I'm 26. We're dealing with MF due to paralysis and now, possibly endometriosis on my part. Went to our first appointment with the RE on Monday and when she did the ultrasound, she saw some pretty big cysts on both ovaries (left more than right). She put me on BCP following my CD 3 labs (today) in the hopes that those will shrink down! :fingerscrossed:

    We have one little fur baby and a fur nephew that lives with us. Farley is our love. He's a 5 month old Jack Russel Terrier and keeps us very busy. He's very smart and now lets us know when he needs to do business and also has learned how to sit! :-D Ty is our neph-dog, also a JRT. He's absolutely insane, but we love him anyway...

    Not sure what my protocol will be or what my lab work came back as, but I'll post it when I know... Looking forward to finding someone who's in this mess about the same time as me.........

  2. Actually, DH and I decided yesterday that we needed to hold off until the next cycle. We realized that we really can't afford to be making payments right now and although we are pretty sad we know that it is the responsible thing to do...but it sucks! What insurance do you have? I was wondering if if they filed, my insurance might at least knock down some of the costs too...I know they do that for A LOT of other doctors... Anyway, I hope everything goes great. I'll be keeping up on here so let me know how everything goes!!!

  3. I will also be cycling with you....At the same clinic no less . Our insurance covers all the lab, meds and sonograms. If you are covered under any plan go ahead and have them file it with insurance you never know.. They originally told us nothing would be covered but we insisted that they file with our insurance anyway and they paid on the lab, sonos and meds.. Any little bit helps. Good luck to you in the coming months.

  4. We have BCBS. The office files if you push them to. They like to tell everyone that insurance doesn't cover anything but we insisted that they file everything and our insurance picked up alot. On our last fresh cyle we only paid about $4000 out of pocket. Our insurance paid the rest.

  5. I asked them to file for our consult and they said something about group #s starting with a 5 have no out of pocket coverage... I'm actually going to call PPK tomorrow. I know they won't cover anything, but I'm thinking they might knock down the costs of what the clinic can actually charge us. My dad is an MD an I know that he has to write off a lot...will be interesting to see!

  6. Oh, also, when you filed, did they make you pay first or after your insurance paid? Are you doing another fresh cycle or do you have some \"leftovers\" to use this time? I'm wondering how much a frozen cycle costs just in case we don't have success the first time around, or want baby #2 later...

  7. For the consult, they filed and my insurance covered all of it. With IVF I had to pay up front for everything and then they reinbursed me anything that our insurance covered. The meds were paid for by insurance at the pharmacy and we only had to pay our copay when we got them. When we first started they told us nothing would be covered but we kept on them until they filed and surprisingly, they were wrong. This will be another fresh cycle for us. We have done 1 fresh and two frozen cycles and had a son from the first frozen cycle. We just did a second FET and had a BFN, It cost about $2100 plus meds (ours were covered by insurance). But also, if you have leftover Embies it cost $106 every three months for storage. We paid that for 2 years before we used the remainder of ours.. So now we are on to another fresh cycle at the end of October beginning of November.

  8. All good to know...I hope you get some more cycle buddies on here soon. If not, you should check out the Sept/Oct group...they're great! I started on there before I started up this one (and then decided to hold off...). A few of them will be cycling late in October too...

  9. Hi tagyg-----hope things are going well for you.

    Are you still cycling in Nov? I think I may join this thread instead. The other one is getting so huge... and many of the girls are well into their meds already----and even though I'm always happy to hear a sucess story, I had truly intended for that thread for women starting meds in sept/oct----we'll see.

    Hope we get some more company!

  10. Lex---I'm sorry to hear of another delay...I know how frustrating that can be.
    I was supposed to cycle this summer, and had to wait until late oct/early nov.
    It S U C K S !!!!

    I also know how hard it is to read about everyone else getting so excited, (being happy for them) but still feeling so left out.
    Wishing you lots of luck, and lots of patience for the long haul!

    jahanna-----sounds like we will be on similar cycle schedules. It will be nice to have someone to chat with! Hopefully we'll pick up some more friends along the way.

    Here\'s my quick bio:
    We are dealing with MF and have a timed fresh TESE for our cycle.
    We have been married a little over 3 years, and this will be our first IVF/ICSI attempt. We are nervous as hell.
    Whats your story?

  11. Tootsie,
    Sadly, I won't be cycling until next summer. We just decided that there was no way we could afford to do it now...I can't believe how many of the ladies on the other board have already started... I hope they all have great success, but it is also hard for me to read since I know we have to wait. Join us here, there's already another lady on here (from the clinic I will use actually) who will start meds in October...

  12. Thanks Tootsie! I know that in the long run it will be the best thing since we'll be able to spoil our future babies now...but it is hard waiting when we want it so much! Justin and I were watching The Doctors the other day and they were doing a 4-D ultrasound on a woman who had said she'd never been one who had thought she wanted to be a mom...then, when she decided to try, she got pregnant on the first month! I was so jealous I started to cry!!! Justin asked what was wrong and I didn't even want to talk about it...

    Me -- 26
    Justin -- 31
    MF due to spinal cord injury.
    Went in for first consult/US and found my right fallopian tube is blocked and I have lots of cysts on both ovaries. Probably Stahe 4 endometriosis.
    This will be our first cycle too and we're terrified!!!

  13. I know about the jealously stuff only too well.....
    I'm a freakin nanny who takes care of OTHER PEOPLES BABIES.....
    Its like the cruelest irony of all.....

    So until its cycle time----pull up a chair, I'm bartending tonight----Whats your pleasure?
    I\'ll take a nice glass of White Zin.....nothing but the best for this classy broad!

  14. Haha...I'm a teacher, so it isn't quite as bad, but I understand! My drink of choice is going to have to be a Midori with pineapple juice OR a Sex on the Beach.....

  15. Good call!

    Too funny---I used to teach, and am a big fan of Sex on the beach myself!

  16. Hmmm...must go with the teaching territory!!!

  17. Hello Ladies,

    I\"m still farely new to the whole IVF thing. I started the process in June and was ready to start taking my meds in August when I got the dreaded phone call from the doctors office. My insurance had a 10 month waiting period and I would not be able to continue unless I was paying out of pocket. Lucky for me I had just started a new job around the same time. My job insurance kicks in September 1st the same day I go back to the doctor and start the whole process over again. I called my new insurance making sure they covered IVF, testing and meds before I get my hopes up again...also making sure there was no waiting period. I cried for 3 days straight last time. I ask all you to be with me along this journey as I will be with you along yours. Good Luck to everyone!!!!

  18. Hello Ladies,

    Looking forward to joining you. I am still a relative newbie to this whole IVF process, but a veteran with IUI!

    Right now, on-track to have my 4th IUI in late Sept. and have started to book plans to go to Gennet in Czech Republic over Thanksgiving if the Sept. IUI doesn't work. I started acupuncture and cut out nearly all caffeine in early August - so keeping my fingers crossed that these actions will help my September attempt.

    We\'ve been TTC for about 3 years now. Got BFP my second month of trying which ended in MC at 7 weeks. Since it was so easy in the beginning and I have never had any health issues, I was very surprised to have MC'ed. Fortunately, it was very early in our TTC and in the pregnancy process, so I wasn't as devastated as I'd probably be if it happened now.

    Haven\'t been able to get BFP since. Started working with a RE in January 2009 and she thought it might be polyps (which were removed in Feb). After several rounds of increasing levels of drugs and 3 IUI attempts, still no success...

    Everything looks good (low FSH levels, you can set your watch by my 29-day cycles, had a complete physical recently and all tests came back great, consistently have 2 mature follicles when on drugs / 1 mature follicle otherwise, husband has outstanding counts) - so at this point, my RE is just chalking it up to age and stress.

    Anyway, that's my story. Looking forward to getting to know you better and learning much more during this exciting journey.

    Me - 41
    DH - 45

  19. Flygirl and Candie---great to have some company!
    Flygirl---hopefully your IVF journey will be over before it gets started with positive IUI results...but if it doesn't....I'll still be here waiting to cycle!
    Candie---is this your first IVF? When will you know about the new insurance coverage? I hope it all works out in your favor!

    Anyone else ready to climb aboard???

  20. Thanks Ladies for welcoming aboard. This will be my first cycle even thought I was nervous the first time I was about to start this process Im really nervouse now.

    Flygirl: I really think what you said about babies picking thier parents makes perfect sense and I will keep that along with me as I go through this process...I just hope a baby's out there waiting to come join our family.

    Tootsie: I called my insurance just to double check they cover 100%( in network) and 80% (out of network) not so bad. I still want to make sure so I'm waiting for my doctors office to confirm.

    I'm so excited and I'm thankful to have you girls th share this experience with.

  21. Welcome Candie!

    Had another acupuncture session last night. Surprised even myself, I feel asleep!

    Got an e-mail from Gennet last night. Looks like our dates will work. It feels good to have a backup plan.

    One of the nurses who is treating me really put the whole process into perspective one day. She said \"I've been in this business a long time and I believe that kids pick their parents. It probably hasn't worked because the right baby just hasn't come along yet...but it will.\" As corny as it sounds, this makes sense to me and has helped me cope.

  22. Hey ladies...It is great to have some new-comers! I'm so excited for all of you to get through your cycles and get your BFPs!!! Just think, you'll all be about to burst with babies when DH & I do our first (hopefully only) cycle next summer!!! Got some good news today on a new job for DH. Will have to pay OOP for insurance, but it will be worth it since his weekly check will be just a little less than his current bi-weekly check is!!! Get that debt paid down much faster so we can make a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Tomorrow I have my first appt. at the new doctors. I will be going to Columbia Fertilty in DC. Good thing I was able to get all my records and test from old doctors so hopefully I wont have to go through everything again. Wish me luck!

  24. Candie T lots of luck with everything tomorrow....
    Thats great that they were able to use your old records and test results, I'll cross my fingers that you won't have to repeat anything!

  25. Lex---thats wonderful news! I can remember when I finally had a plan and a protocol in my hand....things just looked brighter. Please do keep us posted on all the little things leading up to your cycle----I can't wait to cheer you on! Its a bitter pill to swallow, but having some good support makes it a little less painful.

    Candie--sounds like the new job has fabulous insurance coverage----I have Harvard Pilgrim and after my deductible (which, of course, I already hit!) I too have 100% coverage for up to 6 cycles---I hope I only need it for one!
    Just curious, are you in MA?

    Flygirl--I like that phrase too, and I constantly am reminding myself and DH that we will have the child that is meant for us, regardless of how it comes into our life.

    Any of you girlies have your protocols yet?
    Hope you're all enjoying the weekend!

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