November cycle DE buddies needed

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  1. jessie - I'm glad you're feeling a little better. I'm glad to hear you have a plan.

    maired - besides the morning sickness, sounds like you had a good trip!

    Chahira - are you having any luck finding a new OB?

    mark_H - i hope everything is going well for you...

    bella - i hope you and your GC are doing well.

    afm - my bleeding turned to light brown spotting last mon so I hope that is a good sign. my next US is 01/11 at 8w5d. they didn't tell me what rate the HB was at my 1st ultrasound. I couldn't think to ask.

    I hope e/e is doing okay.

  2. Hi everyone,

    Sorry for being MIA. It was a rough couple of weeks with the carrier and knowing that we were looking at a 50/50 chance.

    Thankfully, things are looking up At our appt last week, baby is measuring 1 day ahead (we are 10.5 weeks today) and heartbeat is 167.

    The separation which is really a placenta abruption is much smaller according to the tech. However, they ( the monitoring clinic) have yet to send the finalized report to our clinic. Therefore, we are still waiting for the full details on this very important aspect.

    I am relieved but will feel better once we know more.

    Jessie- sounds like you are doing well. I know it is not easy but your day will come.
    Lacy: If you are still lurking, just want to say hello and let you know that I am thinking of you.

    Hello to e/e

  3. Mornin girls,

    Bella, Thanks for checking in! It sounds like you are progressing causiously. I am just as baffled about the placenta thing. I dont know why it is still a mystery and 50/50???
    Mairead, I seem to be doing a little better with the zofran. Are you taking anything??
    Hoosier, My RE didnt tell me my H/R either the 1st few U/S. We heard the heart beats again and saw the babies moving around on Monday! Really surreal. The H/B were 167 and 158 and I am 10 weeks today.
    Jessied, I am soo saddened with your plight, but I agree that There must have been something wrong with the embie. I am glad you are back on track.
    Mags, ELENI, Luv, Lacy, Check in when ya can! and the rest that I missed, Hi!
    I am starting to get real forgetful!


  4. Sorry I have been mia. I am so sorry to hear about your loss Jessie but glad to hear that you are working on another plan. I have been having horrible morning sickness that lasts all day. Zofran seems to help. My baby at my last ultrasound measured three days ahead. I will be 10 weeks tomorrow. My secong ob visit is next week. Hopefully I will get another u/s soon, but not sure. I bought a doppler and am able to reassure myself daily that my baby is ok. I wil have a scheduled c section. Since my ob only does them on Tuesdays it is scheduled for July 27th unless baby has other plans. That seems like such a long time away. Has anyone else switched over to an ob?


  5. Hi everyone, been away from the boards for a while...just too sensitive to read anything. Had another US on Tuesday and everything is on track (8w6d). Nausea starts mid am till bedtime and it's a struggle to keep dinner and vitamins down. So far, my only craving has been crunchy fruits. I'm still on daily Fragmin shots and progesterone inserts.
    Jessie, glad to see that you're back on track.
    mairead, how's m/s treating you? Are you on any meds to ease it a bit?
    hoosier, I'm deciding between 2 obs, hopefully we make up our minds soon. How are you doing? You're probably one of the lucky ones that will not have m/s.
    bella, hope you got the finalized report (why is it taking so long?)
    jake, how are your symptoms? Do you have any cravings and how's the weight gain?
    luv, looks like you're on track. Which doppler did you get? There are so many different kinds. Is buying better than renting?
    hi lacy & ELENI

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