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  1. Bella - Yes, your beta was high, but not abnormally high. A strong heartbeat and measuring on target....I think those are good signs. Did your GC's spotting resolve? Hopefully, at your next US, someone with more experience can read it. The nurse definitely gave conflicting information which does not help.

    Maired - I hope your morning sickness gets under control in time for your vacation. It sounds wonderful!

    ELENI, Jessie, and Lacy - I hope you are doing ok!

  2. Luv - forgot to tell you I'm glad your US went well.

  3. Hi ladies,

    I'm so sad and upset to share this from Lacy -

    I had an m/c last week and am upset about it. Can you tell the other ladies? I'm feeling down and want to move on with my life. Visiting the ivf site makes me want to cry.


  4. Bella,

    I dont understand? Did they call you back After the ultrasound after the RE looked at it? I dont understand why a nurse would say something like this after everything you have done to get to this point!??
    I agree with Mairead, can you make another appt. Waiting till the 29th seems like tourture

    Mairead, Bands work?? I have a box of wheat thins next to my bed and I'm trying to not let my stomach get totally empty. My nurse said thats the worst for sickness to start and not end.

    I am reposting that I jumped over to the pregnancy board, my unofficial due date from ivf calander is July 13th. I will be before you girls since I seem to be still having twins. When is your estimated DDs?

  5. Oh Mags,

    I had wrote my 1st post about 8 am but walked away from my computer! UGH!
    I feel so bad for lacy, Please tell her I am thinking of her.
    My heart breaks for all our us and our loses. There is nothing to say. Grief is a ticky thing
    Today, I am thinking of all the set backs all the women have to endure.

    My Best

  6. Mags, I am so so sorry to hear lacey's news. That just s*cks!!!!
    No other way to put.

    Please, please tell her I am thinking of her. I am truly heartbroken for her.


  7. poor Lacy
    i'm so sorry to hear this news
    we have all been where you are now, the lows are so low
    we are here for you if you want to chat or vent but we understand if you don't

  8. Lacy - I am so sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your DH in my prayers. Keep each other close and try not to be too hard on yourselves. Hugs, Susan

  9. Happy Friday ladies,

    hoosier, great #, how was the 2nd official beta? Did they schedule your us? Feeling any symptoms?

    jake, how's the nausea? Here's some suggestions from a pregnancy booklet: eat smaller meals (5-6x/day), eat crackers or dry cereal before getting out of bed in am, try eating high protein foods (meat, cheese) and cut out fatty food intake, try eating salty foods (pretzel, crackers) along with acid foods (lemonade, tomato juice) - this combination sometimes does the trick, avoid getting dehydrated, drink plenty of fluids - diluted fruit juices or carbonated water may settle your stomach better than plain water, avoid coffee which can upset your stomach, and stay away from stale or strong cooking odors.

    luv, hope you've fully recovered from the flu. Nice US. How was your OB appt? As for meds, I'll be on estrogen + prednisone til 7th wk, progesterone til 12th wk, and Fragmin (heparin) til 2nd trimester.

    bella, how is everything? Did you get an explanation from your MD? Can you schedule an earlier US? I'm sorry you have to go through this during the holidays.

    maire, hope you're feeling better. Re: sore boobs - I wear a tight cami, tank or a sports bra to bed and it seems to help a lot (the tighter the better). Have fun at the beach, that's a nice Christmas break for you and DH. You'll finally get the warm weather

    jessie, how are you doing?

    ELENI, thinking of you.

    lacy, please take care of yourself.

    AFM, had another US yesterday measuring @6wk, no heartbeat yet. I'm definitely changing OBs, I don't like this one. I told him that my hematologist is keeping me on Fragmin til the end of 2nd tri. His response "I'm learning something new, now I know what to do with other patients that has your condition." I'm on Prometrium 200 mg 3x/day (from Prague clinic) and he gives me a prescription for 100 mg/day. He's such an idiot. Then the abd US lasted 18 sec...ugh. I'm not asking for much, just someone with a heart. My appt with my regular OB/Gyn is on monday and I will definitely get better care there. Thanks for letting me vent.

  10. Chahira - i hope you find a good OB! I'll be on 20 mg prednisone for 12 wks, and PIO and estrogen for now, BA for several mos., and lovenox until 8 mos. I'm jealous that you've had 2 US! i don't get my first one until dec. 28th at 7 wks. my 2nd beta at 16dp5dt was 3424. On the high side of normal, but I think it's probably one. good luck on your US.

    I have alot of stretching, pulling way in my lower abd, have to tinkle alot, sore boobs, not bad....only a little sick a couple of mornings but i'm a couple wks behind everybody else. starving for things like lemons and tangerines and raw veggies. prob the pred. talking. no spotting yet, which is good. i'm scared my symptons will fade away before my US.

    my pcp told me to not call my OB, and he'd refer me instead straight to the main MFM doc here. Still have to see what the diff is instead of a peri....

    maired - have fun on your trip!

    luv - how are you feeling? i waited too long to get the reg. flu shot, and can't get it now until 2nd trimester.

    bella - i hope they give you more details, soon.

    jessie - i hope things are going well for you.

    ELENI - how are you doing?

    lacy - how are you doing, too?

    jaked - has it sunk in, yet?

  11. Hello friends!

    Just checking in before the madness of x-mas eve.

    Hoosier- your beta sounds nice and strong. I cant believe they make you wait for U/S for 7 weeks! Maybe its safer, but We were able to see the sacs and beans (sounds funny) at 5 weeks and a few days! GL
    Mags, thanks for the list. I have been trying to stick to all of the tales, to no avail! I am nauseous all day! It is really interfering with LIFE!
    Bella, How are things??
    Mairead, I think you are leaving today, Hope your feeling good and enjoy the beach
    Luv, Hows it goin for you?? I am staying on shots and esterace it least for 12 weeks?
    AFM, It is def real. We heard the HB Monday. Both are measuring apx 8 weeks! I am still nauseous everyday and just trying to wrap my head around it all! I'm on the twin board but hope to check in with you gals along the way!
    To all others, ELENI, Lacy, Have a safe holiday and I wish you peace and an easy path in 2010

  12. Hi Ladies,

    Unfortunately, things are not going well. Today I had my 2nd ultrasound with my RE at 9 weeks and there was no heartbeat! She thinks it must have stopped over the last couple of days because the fetus measured right at 9 weeks.

    We are completely devestated. Need to decide over the next couple of days if we are going to do a D/C or let it happen naturally. I am leaning towards a D/C, since I am on vacation next week.


  13. Jessie,

    Oh no! I am so very sorry to hear this. It just feels so cruel.

    I am fearful that I might be facing the same fate- at our last ultrasound they told us ( after they told us all was fine) that their was a separation between the gestational sac and the uterine wall.

    Hugs to you. Be good to yourself. I am just so sorry.


  14. Jess - that is so crushing to hear, i'm very sorry. i would recommend you do the d&c because then it's done and you can go on vacation without worrying about what's going to happen, plus hopefully they can test the embryo and let you know if there were any obvious reasons why it didn't work. such sad news, take care of yourself. xx

    Bella - any update from your GC? i'm still confused as to what is going on. are you still waiting for the next u/s on the 29th?

  15. jessie, such heartbreaking news, I'm so sorry. Sending you {{{Big Hhugs}}}. Please take care of yourself.

    bella, how is she doing?

  16. Hi Mairead, Wish2be.

    My GC is doing well. On the ultrasound ( 12/11) there was what looked like an empty sac next to the one with the baby. When I finally spoke to my nurse ( we have to use a monitoring clinic) I asked if what looked like an empty sac was a vanishing twin.
    The answer was no. In fact, there is a separation between the gestational sac and the uterine wall. I pressed the nurse for stats on a potential outcome and she said things could go either way. Either the separation would repair itself or not
    I am trying to remain optimistic but I also am trying to ready myself for a poor outcome. We will know more at our next ultrasound next week

    Jessie- Again, my heart goes out to you. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  17. Oh Jessie,

    I cant imagine your pain! After losing one and now not seeing the HB! PLEASE PLEASE know that I am sending you a prayer right now...
    What, how and why would this happen?? were and are you still on pio and esterace???
    Take your time and try to believe that if the HB stopped, there was prob something very wrong with the embies. AN unhealthy baby would be a huge challange and I believe unfair. I know it is a personal choice and my heart goes out to you and DH

    Bella, I would be puching for another U/S. Has your GC had any other symptoms good or bad??

  18. Jessie - I am so sorry to hear your news. I know there's really nothing that I can say to make things better. I too, would do the D&C. I've played the waiting game a couple of times, and nothing ever happened. It's just adds too much stress to an already difficult situation. Blessings to you and your family.


  19. Hi, everyone. I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a great holiday.

  20. thanks hoosier.

    Happy Holidays everyone

  21. Hi Friends!

    Hope you all had a safe and good holiday...

    I am sending good wishes today to all of us on this thread!


  22. Hi, everyone. I just wanted to give an update. I thought it was over on xmas day. I had a pretty significant bleed and clotting. I spent 3 days on bedrest and drinking water because that was the only thing I could do. I went in for my 1st US at 6wks5days today, and there was a heartbeat. The baby measures 6wks5days. We saw the bleed on US. The doctor wants me to do modified bedrest thru next Monday. I'm going to be off work, anyway. He said the baby is much bigger than the bleed, so that is good. I go in for another US on 01/11. Still cautiously optimistic. Susan

  23. Hi Ladies,Unfortunately, things are not going well. Today I had my 2nd ultrasound with my RE at 9 weeks and there was no heartbeat! She thinks it must have stopped over the last couple of days because the fetus measured right at 9 weeks.We are completely devestated. Need to decide over the next couple of days if we are going to do a D/C or let it happen naturally. I am leaning towards a D/C, since I am on vacation next week.Jessie

    Hi Jessie, I just wanted to tell you that I lost a heartbeat at 9 weeks in 2003 and my doctor insisted on a d&c. Not easy, but necessary for your health.
    muneer (Australia)

  24. hi ladies, how is everyone doing? seems to be slow this week as we're all enjoying the holidays.

    Bella - any word yet, was the u/s yesterday?

    Hoosier - sorry to hear that you had the bleed, i had something similar two weeks ago and we were still able to see the heartbeat when we went for the u/s. how's bedrest going? at least there are lots of movies on tv for you to watch

    Jessie - thinking about you, i hope you can get some peace on your vacation as i'm sure you and DH are still v sad after the news. xx

    hi to e/e

    i'm doing well, we're still on vacation, fly back to nyc tomorrow. have had a great time though i'm sick as a dog almost all day every day so i've just been resting as much as possible.

  25. Hi Ladies,

    Thank you all for the wonderful thoughts, they are greatly appreciated. I had a D and C performed on Monday afternoon (12/28) and all went well. In discussing the situation with my RE and OB it was determined not to do testing on the babies. They both believe that it was just a fluke and that if it was a problem with the embryos then I wouldn't have 10 grade A blasts frozen. Like they both said m/c's due to happen even in donor egg cycles. We are going to do testing to see if I have any strange things happening, such as blotting clotting issues or immune issues. My RE is also going to do a hysterscopy after I get my next cycle to make sure there is no damage to my uterus after the D and C.

    So now I am just waiting to get AF, which should arrive between 4 to 6 weeks. Once I get my cycle we will begin the testing and then prepare for a FET as my RE indicted you only have to wait 1 to 2 cycles before transferring again. Every day is still sad, but getting better. It still feels like a bad nightmare.

    Anyway, thanks again for all your thoughts. I hope everyeone else is doing well. I will continue to check in on everyone. HUGS

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