November cycle DE buddies needed

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  1. Hi ladies - hope I can join in. This is my very first ivf cycle and I'm very nervous/excited. About me - I'm 32 and have stage 4 endo which resulted in removal of right ovary and 1/2 of left ovary. FSH was very high and AMH undetectable. After we were given under 5% chance of conceiving with my own eggs we decided to go straight to DE. We got matched with our donor on my 32nd birthday through our clinic's in house donor pool. She meets all our requirements and we got to see one adult photo. I had been on continous birth control for 8 years and went off in August. I had a lining check last week to see if my lining thickened on it's own but it was only 2.8mm. I've been on the estrogen patches for a week and will go back in next Friday for another lining check and if it's good enough we can go right into our donor cycle - fingers crossed!! After reading so much heartbreak from other women's stories I'm praying that this works the first time... Good luck to all of us!

  2. Claire-I love Nuvaring. I just pop it in there and it stays put even when it gets poked around. ;-D

    One of the office girls had a laser hair removal down south and got a second degree burn. She's on the thrifty side so I can imagine her telling the aesthetician to turn it up. Anyways, she said something about applying make-up for her boyfriend?

    Since we're telling stories...As our client was preparing to come to the office, his wife asked him why there was fog in the middle of the afternoon. It turns out his car was on fire. ooops.

    AJS-I had endo and had my right ovary removed too! Not that that's exciting news but I've been working 12 hour days six days a week so...

  3. hello everyone!
    Yes, anyone can feel free to jump in.
    Welcome melani and ajs
    Melani, 3rd trip to czech?? were they all DE cycles,
    Mags, Too funny about the waxing, I think electrolysis sometimes leaves scars so I would be afraid to do it!
    I need to take a clydmidia(?)test and actually formally sign and pay! That is the sad part. I also neeed to see the therapist next week
    I am sure the financial side has everyone in the same boat! The stress somedays is unbearable. I am still paying for cycle 2's failures...
    ajs, Are you actually on a schedule or do you need to get your lining up 1st?

    My best

  4. Sorry double post!

  5. And I'm a little conufsed about that. I asked nurse what if my lining is not thick enough and she said then we'd go to suppositories or injectibles. Then I asked what if it is thick enough and she said then we could go straight into the cycle and stay on the estrogen. Anybody have any insight what this means? Would I get to skip the birth control part? As always, I'm confused! Thx!!

  6. ajs,

    Yes! This entire process sometimes is very confusing.
    I have never done BC with IVF, They can regulate the shots to get to any point in the cycle.
    I am taking BC now, to delay things because the RE needs to go away.
    If the office can check and regulate you I wouldnt worry. How close is your RE??

  7. May I join you! We are doing DE with gestational carrier.
    Our carrier started meds this past week and our donor starts on Monday.

    I am so excited. We have been hoping and saving for years and have never gotten this far.

    Good luck to all!!!!!!!

  8. ajs,Yes! This entire process sometimes is very confusing.I have never done BC with IVF, They can regulate the shots to get to any point in the cycle. I am taking BC now, to delay things because the RE needs to go away. If the office can check and regulate you I wouldnt worry. How close is your RE??

    How frustrating your RE needs to go away during this. Good luck to you.

    Lucikly my RE is 1 mile from my office so that is one thing I don't have to worry about.

  9. Hi Bella
    sure, I am committed to keeping this thread alive! I have relayed on the info and support for the past 1 1/2. Insight and experience shared will help us all stay sane. Do you have a story to bring you to this point?
    My RE visit yesterday was very interesting. We received his thoughts on how many to transfer and hit us with selective reduction in case of multiples (3!)
    24 yr old donor, DH takes many meds for cholesterol and he never considered that there might be some male factor involved too.


  10. Hi Claire-I want to keep this thread going too. I was so happy when a Nov thread finally appeared b/c everyone else seems to be earlier than that.

    My donor signed her contract and I'm ecstatic b/c I have full ownership of the resulting embies so I don't need her permission should I decide to put them up for adoption. I know I'm putting the cart before the horse but I'm a planner so I need to know.

    I'm assuming she's on her BC now and I'll hear from my RE office next week about my tests and starting the protocols. I'm using Crinone this time around instead of PIO shots. Woohoo!

    AJS-I'm lucky too that my RE is less than a mile from my house as well.

    Bella-If I had know we would have spent as much as we have so far, I would've opted for a gestational carrier as well. Hindsight is 20/20, I guess. How did you find your surrogate? How many kids has she had? Are you using de as well? Good luck!

  11. Welcome ajs and bella, nice to have you on board.

    ajs - I can relate to your story. FSH 14.7, AMH 0.4, severe endo, right ovarian cystectomy, 1/2 right ovarian removal, both tubes damaged and removed, and less than 5% chance of pregnancy. DE is our only hope.

    Would someone please explain to me how the donor will sync with my cycle? She is on BCPs but I'm not. I'm only concerned because my cycle has been unpredictable the past 2 months. I asked the clinic a bunch of questions but I haven't received a response. The previous coordinator promptly responded to my emails, but I've been assigned a nurse. They sent me prescriptions for estrogen pills & patch, progesterone, and prednisone, but no BCPs.

    This is our 1st DE cycle and I'm confused about the process. Some are taking Lupron, BCPs or progesterone. What makes one different from the other? I'm very anxious. Thanks for listening. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

  12. Mags-I started my BC on the third day of AF. If you read the ivfconnections homepage under "answers," it may provide you info to your questions. My DH handles the protocols and I just take the shots. I found that the progesterone shot, otherwise known as the PIO shots, is the most challenging of all. Make sure your DH knows where not to inject, which is far far away from the sciatic nerve. Have your nurse draw a "map."

  13. Hi

    LAcy, My RE makes us sign a release to freeze any remaining embryos. I only hope to freeze (as I have always transfered all fert each cycle) and then, I guess we will have to decide. I am not too sure how I feel about "possible sibling" running around etc?? I am a planner too but that will need some thought.
    What does crinone replace from your last cycles?
    Mags, I am a little older than you and have slim to none so we are now at the acceptance that this is our only hope too.
    Where is everyone located??
    AJS, keep following up on the questions, they do this everyday and sometimes I think they forget the newbies. I must say, my 1st cycle was a whirlwind!
    Let me just say, I hope its all you need! But it does get easier.
    AFM, I add lupron today along with PN vitamins:} ! Still on target for Nov 9-11 transfer so LOTS OF TIME


  14. Claire-I'm comfortable with possible siblings running around probably b/c I'm from a small family. Although I have four brothers, only one of them is about to become a parent. My DH only has two nieces and one nephew so both our families don't procreate much. ;-)

    I'm more concerned about how to determine if the adoptive parents will be good to the siblings. What if they eventually have their biological children? Does this mean they will favor them? To do so is only human nature and isn't a matter of ethics or morals. What if the resulting child's personality isn't compatible to theirs? What if they decide to have multiples and the resulting problems that go with it? There's a SET vs. multiple pg thread right now. Fishie summed up the possible still undiagnosed problems of ivf multiples. I'm conflicted about what to do with the frozens, if there are any. I'm getting long in the tooth so my ability to carry future pgs is limited. I'm almost, ahem, 42.

    If the ivf is successful, I'm having my DH DNA tested. I like to be 100% sure.

    I'm in San Marino, CA.

    Are you also taking baby aspirins? It's exciting that you're starting your protocols. I can hardly wait for mine.

    Crinone replaces the PIO shots.


  15. lacy - thanks for the advice. Btw, we're neighbors. I'm from Alhambra (1 block south of South Pasadena), small world. Which clinic are you using?

    Can't wait to get my cycle started too. Goodluck everyone. Keep us posted.


  16. Hi
    I took my 20 units of lupron last night. I choose my inner thigh?? My guy remembers doing some there and also stomach??
    No other reason to call my nurse, anyone else remember?
    I am also doing baby aspirin, PN vitamin and folic too
    Just planned my last business trip at the end of the month too so I can be home for all the hub bub!
    I'm on the east coast and ahem 44!


  17. Mags-Seriously? I'm so excited you're nearby! I'm using James Lin who has offices in Alhambra and Irvine. Who are you using?

  18. lacy - I was with Dr. Brian Su in Alhambra for 3 OE IVF and procedures were done at HRC in Pasadena. But for DE, I'm going to Prague.

    claire - thigh or stomach are both ok for Lupron shots. I've only done it on my fatty stomach, less pain.


  19. Hi All,

    Thanks for the nice welcome!

    Lacy, my RE diagnosed me with severe adenomyosis pretty quickly. This condition and the way it is dispersed in my uterus does not allow an embryo to implant.
    The RE said I was lucky about the lack of implantation as I would only have suffered repeated losses As it was, I did have to deal with ectopics which given my condition, truly became life and death situations.

    We found our surro through an agency. It has been a long journey which we have spent years saving for! I know it will be worth it.

    For those ladies, whose clinics are near by- I am envious. We are traveling to ORM from the East Coast!

  20. Mags-Are you asian? How did you find Dr. Su? I used him on my second (cancelled) cycle. I hope you'll have better luck in Prague. How much is it compared to the US DE?

    Bella-I'm sorry to hear about your adenomyosis. Do you know what causes it? I'm glad you can afford a GS. It sounds really hopeful. Good luck.

    My RE's office gave me my schedule and is as follows:

    10/19-start Lupron
    10/25-remove Nuvaring (which I still love! no nausea like BCPs)
    10/31-start prenatal vitamins, Estrace (Crinone?), and Medrol
    11/1-start Delestrogen IM once every third day (ouch!)
    11/11-egg retrieval
    11/16-embryo transfer

    He said my only ovary looks pefect and my uterus is ideally shaped, whatever that means? He also said implantation will be a snap since mock transfer went well today.

    So far so good...


  21. Hello

    Lacy, I believe you will be 1 week behind me give or take a day! Sounds like your ready to go too!

    Bella, where are you on the east coast!? I think if you were diagnosed and actually planned funds/travel etc, you are actually helping to ease alot of pain and stress that comes with many women who are at the DE stage. Each of os has a different story...yet we are here trying to support each other! What is your actual dates and when do they expect you to travel?

    Mags, I know you got your meds but when are you scheduled?
    AJS, Will they give you a schedule after your lining check??
    Nothing new for me but this lupron is making my have flashes at night and I feel anxious!! ((sigh))


  22. How's everyone doing? Hope all your cycles are on schedule.

    lacy - I am Asian and was referred to Dr. Su by my ObGyn. DE IVF in Gennet is costing us 4500 euro + ICSI (if necessary, about 258 euro). With hotel and flight cost ($2800), it's 1/4 - 1/3 the cost of DE in 2 Cali clinics I consulted with. We made it a 2 wk trip, so we're looking forward to some travelling before ET.

    Melani - did you decide which clinic to go to?

    claire - sorry about the lupron side effects.

    Yeahh, got AF today. I've had a 23 day cycle for the last 4 years then in the past 2 months, I've normalized to 28. I guess that's a good thing. Here's my tentative schedule:
    10/14-11/5 - BC
    11/7 (when AF starts) - Estrogen pill & patch
    11/12 - fly to Prague
    11/18 - ER
    11/21-11/23 - ET
    11/27 - fly back to Cali


  23. Glad to see so many November girls! I was thinking today that in about a month, I will probably know! Ugh! I dread that horrible 2ww and second guessing EVERYTHING! Estimated ret for us is Nov. 2, 3, 4? Praying, praying, praying!!!

  24. Heather...almost there. I wonder if you're the first, from this group, to do ER/ET. Which medications are you on now? Yeah, not looking forward to that 2ww either, it's torture.

  25. Wow Mags!

    how much is 4800 euro in Dollars??
    Your cycle sounds more reasonable than ours!? Why are the costs so different?
    Heather, it does seem that you will be our 1st nov transfer so far!!
    We will be there, keep us posted
    I still need to schedule the counselor appt!
    Did anyone else have to do this ??Same Dr from IVF but it is on my checklist to do it again for DE :{

    Starting to think of Baby Dust!


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