November cycle DE buddies needed

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  1. hello ladies, we had our first u/s today at 5wk2d. my RE thought it was a little early to do it but because i had an appt for intralipids he took a look. there is one bean in there! we even got a photo to take home. it doesnt look like the second one took but i've a gigantic fibroid that is hard to see around so we'll go back again in two weeks. DH and i are thrilled, we don't care if it's one or two so we couldn't have had better news. we walked home holding hands and smiling with glee.

    thanks for all the good wishes, hi Anna

    jessie - congrats!!

    mark_H - first u/s 12/4
    Sana - first u/s 12/6
    luciabogoni - first u/s 12/9
    Zisis - first u/s 12/9
    mhdixon - first beta 157, first u/s 12/10
    DimaR - first beta 237, first u/s 12/11
    Chahira - first beta 180, first u/s 12/xx
    hoosier gyrl - first beta 60, first u/s 12/xx

    TWO WW
    ELENI FET 11/25, beta 12/4

  2. Hi

    Jessied, Wow, I have read about vanishing twins but never knew what is was! Are you Ok with this? I mean I guess you have to be but are you upset??

    Mairead, 1 sac yea! I'm happy you and Dh are on the same page. It makes it more special. My guy has called me every day and night (I am away for work) and asked me how are the kids! HA! I want to cringe. I am still in the non acceptance and thinking everything is gonna go down hill.
    I dont want to be a downer

    Bella, GL with your trip and new update! I hope you get a pic too

    Mags, My Re said walking but no weights or jogging. Assuning you were working out pre IVF?? I would like to continue if I wasnt so freakin tired!

    I am ok with posting on Preg after IVF as long as you dont think anyone will take offense that we are Donor gals?? I mean, I wouldnt but I agree that I'd like for us to journey together:}
    I saw on the winter babies someone posted pics. Anyone know how to do this??

  3. bella, have a safe trip and GL with US. Are you hoping for twins?

    jessie, congratulations. I'm rooting for the vanishing twin...unless you prefer to have a singleton. If we shared the news with immediate family, it will spread like wild fire and that's why we're holding off.

    mairead, congrats to you and DH. It's nice that your RE checked you even though it was still early. The earliest my OB/Gyn would see me is @ 7 wks (12/21), even with my history of m/c. The nurse had an attitude too. I'm going to find another that is more compassionate to the situation.

    jake, it's cute that your guy asks you how the kids are. btw, I thought you're not working anymore? I was very active pre-IVF and totally missing yoga. My body feels tight and bloated.

    ELENI, thinking of you.

    lacy, GL with US. How are you doing?

    hi luv & hoosier!

    Maybe we can post on the Preg with donor?

  4. Jessie - we are not going to tell anyone until 20 weeks. in part because there's a long history of m/cs in my family, but also because then everyone will want to get involved.

    i've only told two of my irl friends because one is also dealing w IF and the other's sister has DE twins. anyway they both keep calling, emailing, texting me every day and it's actually really annoying. i don't feel like talking about it every day, especially at 5wks, and one keeps emailing me at work which i'd asked her not to do as i dont have private email...anyway, several folks have told me that once you tell people they all start to pick apart your lifestyle and give you free advice on what they think you should be doing. since we'll have enough of that in the last 20 weeks of the pg i can do without it now!!

    bella - safe travels, hope this weather doesnt hold you up and i can't wait to hear about the u/s!!

    wish - i power walk for an hour each am w my furbabies but that's about it. by 7pm i'm ready for bed!

  5. Chahira - great beta!

    lacy and bella - good luck on your U/Ss

    jessie - I'm sorry your ultrasound news was bittersweet. I'll be praying for both twins!

    maired - congrats on your ultrasound results. you never know what could be hiding behind that fibroid! We, too, are in the no tell camp. I lost 25 pounds in just over a year. Hopefully, people will think I'm eating thru the holidays and gaining it back! With me being 45, and my job in danger over the next 6-9 months, I need to keep a low profile.

    jaked - I'm not tired, but the PIO shots are actually helping my long-term insomnia problem.

    ELENI - how are you and your husband doing?

    AFM - I had my second beta yesterday at 9dp5dt, and it was 166. They said I didn't have to tell my RE that I cheated and tested early 2 times, and if I want another beta, to just call them. Did I mention how much I love them? They have been calling with my results at 6:30 am, 7:00 pm at night, etc...! My PCP is nicknamed 'doogie', everybody only knows him by his nickname. He also tested my thyroid, which is low, and upped my meds. Because i have high anti-thyroid antibodies, monitoring my thyroid is going to be critical. it took a pretty good little dip in a very short time.

    Sana and everyone else? any updates?

  6. bella - The snow is nice to look at if it would not fall on the streets, drive-ways and sidewalks! When it was all said and done our part of town get 17.5 inches of snow. Now today is very cold only a high of 5!

    jake - This might sound funny but I don't know what to feel about the other one. Don't be get me wrong twins would be wonderful, but we went into the ultrasound saying all we want is one healthy heartbeat at the very least and that is what we got. The worst part is the uncertainty and not knowing right now. I am already looking forward to the next ultrasound on the 23rd.

    wish - First off great beta!

    thanks for rooting for the other one. As I mentioned in my message to jake I really don't know what to feel. My biggest wish is that whatever happens with number 2 that is doesn't have any effect on baby #1. In regards to sharing it with immediate family I don't have that concern with my husbands family, but mine (at least my parents) is another story. I know my dad wouln't share it with anyone with the exception of maybe his friend that lives in the apartment above from him. My mom I can see her sharing it with all her friends. However, I don't get a chance to see my family very often due to work and traveling so I would really prefer to tell them in person and with the holidays coming up it gives me that chance. Ugh, I just don't know what to decide.

    mairead - I am aiming for not telling people (besides immeidate family - maybe) until at least after 12 weeks. I too have a cousin and a close friend who have also been through IF that I would like to share with earlier, but I haven't decided yet.

    hoosier - congrats on the beta. I will continue to keep positive thoughts for your next beta!

  7. Hi

    Quick news update then I'll post later to all of you...

    U/S showed 2 sacs and 2 H/B's. No actual reading but all is normal. No more blood checks either. Schedules another U/S for 2 weeks and a peri appt for screening 1/27. ((relief sigh)) I have been holding my breath since last week.

    Still in another world with this news but need to get back to work...

  8. bella - GL tomorrow, can't wait to hear how it goes! tell your GC to pick up her phone more often pls, we're all anxious for the updates

    ELENI - i've been thinking about you all week. tgif, how are you and DH doing? xx

  9. Happy Friday, everyone.

    Jaked - Great news. What exactly does a peri do? I live in a city of about 120,000, but we don't have any here. There is just one practice with 2 doctors that are fetal-maternal medicine specialists that work with high risk pregnancies.

    Bella - Good luck!

    AFM - I go for my official beta on Monday, after 14 long days. I think I'm just going to tell my RE's office that I got a bfp on a hpt. I'm not gonna tell them I already had 2 positive betas. I'm bad!

  10. Yeah!!!!!!!! One healthy baby with a heartbeat of 132. We are 7 weeks 1 day/measuring 7weeks- I know we are only 1 day "behind" but that does make me a tad nervous.

    Waiting for our RE to call with the official blessing. The above is the only info I could glean from the tech at the monitoring clinic.

    Thanks so much everyone for the well wishes and support. I think I might actually begin to believe that I am going to be a mom!!!!!

  11. Thank you for the good wishes. I went in today (instead of Wed.) because I said that I didn't want to keep going in - I just wanted my hcg to return to 0. Well, fate had a different idea, since my beta went up to 47.5. The RN said that it is most likely an ectopic pg (so it truly did nestle in, but in the wrong place). I have to go in again on Mon. for b/w, and next Friday they will do an u/s to find it, confirm the diagnosis, and "dissolve it with medication" she said, since it is still so early. It's sad to think that we were so close to it working.

    I'm wishing good things for e/e.

  12. ELENI, I'm so sorry.
    Why are they making you wait another week? At this stage, can't they do a US and figure out what's going on? It seems cruel to have you wait again. My heart aches for you and DH. May you find comfort and peace in each other.


  13. ELENI - that is totally crushing, i'm so sorry, i think just a plain old bfn would have been easier to take then knowing the emby made it to the tube. sending you lots of hugs, take care of yourself. xx

    Bella - i'm thrilled for you, i was in meetings all day and wondering if you would have posted yet! how's your GC feeling, any better? super news on the hb!!

  14. Hi ladies,
    It's definitely winter in LA. Lots of rain, traffic jams and accidents...

    bella, great news, can't believe it's been 7 wks! Keep on believing because you are already a mommy, yeahhh! Do you have an arrangement w/ GC to make daily calls? When's the next appt?

    jake, definitely a sigh of relief... How are you holding up carrying twins? Is it sinking in yet? To be honest, I'm having twin envy. DH thinks I'm nuts to want to carry 2. Here's to hoping (fingers crossed).

    lacy, where are you? Hope all is well.

    luv, how are you doing? When's the next US?

    hoosier, isn't it nice to go for your official beta and know that it'll be positive? You can just relax and wait for the high numbers. Your PMD sounds like mine, fantastic. We need more MDs like them.

    jessie, I'll continue praying that you have a healthy baby or two.

    mairead, I like the idea of not telling until 20 wks. My mom just assumes that we're pregnant and she's already driving me nuts. She really wants grandbabies.

    AFM, I had 3rd beta yesterday (17dp5dt) = 3972 and had an US. We saw a sac measuring at 4wks 6days. But, based on the online IVF calculator, I should have been 5wks 1 day. It's suppose to be calculated from ER date right?

    I like the fact that this new OB (not an RE) saw me ASAP and wants to monitor me weekly. But... he wants to change my protocol: stop heparin shots & switch to baby aspirin, stop progesterone inserts & switch to oral, stop prednisone and estrogen. The clinic in Prague is against any changes until certain stages of pregnancy and I fully agree and will follow their protocol. I can put up with this OB for now until I see my regular on 12/21. I have a hematologist appt on 12/16 and another OB on 12/17.

  15. ok ladies, i think it's time to take this show on the road. who's going to do the honors and start our new thread? what about setting it up for due date august 2010 and then maybe some other folks will join us too?

    how is everyone feeling btw? i've been v queasy and tired but can't complain. work is slow so i've been home most of this week.

    mark_H - first u/s 12/4
    Sana - first u/s 12/6
    luciabogoni - first u/s 12/9
    Zisis - first u/s 12/9
    DimaR - first u/s 12/11
    Chahira - first u/s 12/10

    mhdixon - first beta 157, first u/s 12/10
    hoosier gyrl - first beta 60, first u/s 12/xx

  16. ELENI - I'm so sorry you and your DH are still in limbo.

    Chahira - I'm glad your OB care is starting so early. I'm hoping for the same thing. Was that you that lives around Pasadena? I've stayed in Monrovia 3 times and love that area!

    bella - congrats on your GC's U/S. Does it seem real, yet?

    maired - my b**bs finally started getting sore. Lots of twitches in my lower abdomen on the sides, and still my mouth waters. No nausea. This might be the prednisone talking, but I had the overwhelming urge to eat homemade vegetable soup and drink fresh-squeezed lemonade every day. Last time I made lemonade like that was prob 10 yrs ago. What a combination!

    jessied - your next ultrasound will be here before you know it.

    Any updates from anyone else?

  17. Happy Monday everyone! I'm not sure if anyone has US this week, but hoping for great updates.

    hoosier, hope you get to schedule your US soon. GL w/ your official beta. Yes, Pasadena is a great area and it's a beautiful, sunny, cool day today.

    ELENI, think of you.


  18. My beta today at 14dp5dt, was 1422. I think I can breathe a little sigh of relief. I go back for another beta on Wed, and then they said they would talk about scheduling an US at that time. Thanks for everyone's well wishes!

  19. Mornin girls,

    Hoosier girl Congrats on the great numbers! How many betas does your RE do??

    Mags, Have you been following up with an OB not an RE since your Prague transfer?? Wow, You would think they would continue original protocol right??

    ELENI, Has your Beta started going down??, My 3rd IVF what the same consequences and it too about 2 weeks and it lowered naturally. I am thinking of you..What are your thoughts>??
    Mairead, I was torn as to starting a new thread, But since I seem to be having twins, my due date will be before all you singletons! I just posted on the twin board and hopefully I will find a few brave women to join me! I will check in on you August due date women in a bit!
    Jessied, My U/S is a day before you.. My RE is off for a few so I didnt think I should wait till after! GL

    Afm, I had a horrible weekend and have has nausea pretty bad. My RE wont prescribe anything unless I keep vomiting. I am trying to eat crackers/pretzels every few hours but it is really a challenge! Anyone else have suggestions?
    Our thread is thinning out! Hi to Lacy/Luv and anyone else

  20. Sorry I have been missing in action I had the flu and then the morning sickness kicked in. I started zofran yesterday and feel a little better. We had our weekly ultrasound on Sunday. Our baby measured right on at 6weeks2days with a heartrate of 115. Our next ultrasound with our re is Sunday. Even though i wont be released to my ob for another week and a half, my ob was able to fit me in this Thursday, so I jumped on it. Not sure if she will do a u/s or not. When is everyone starting the weaning process of meds?

  21. Wishtobemom - Thanks! I'll finally find out tomorrow when my first U/S is. I'll be 5 weeks tomorrow. How much longer does everyone normally have to wait?

    mark_H - Thanks! My RE does 2 betas, but not until 14 days. His nurse wasn't even going to tell me what my beta was. Ugh. I cheated and had my PCP do 2 for me, early. I'm sorry the morning sickness is bad. I wish I had some words of wisdom......

    Sana - sorry you are feeling bad. sounds like you got the double whammy. I have heard of zofran in the recovery room after surgery, but I assume they have it in pill form, too? Glad to hear your US went so well.

    hi to e/e. I think Bella's hcg numbers were on the high side of normal with a singleton, but now I'm wondering about my numbers? My numbers have been doubling anywhere from 34 to 38 hours. I'm fascinated by all the calculators for hcg.

  22. Hi Hoosier_ Yes, I had very high numbers for considering a did an eSET.
    First beta 237, second 1,547 but only one baby.

    However, now I am starting to wonder if something is wrong We had a great heartbeat at our ultrasound on Friday 130 and baby is measuring on target.

    However, we learned yesterday that there is a separation between the gestational sac and the uterine wall I'm just wondering if the high numbers are actually an indication that something is amiss. Ugh. Our next ultrasound is not until 12/29

    Hope everyone else is doing well. ELENI, I am thinking of you.
    Lacey- how did the ultrasound go.

  23. Bella - yikes, what does that mean exactly? did they spot the separation at the u/s?

    hoosier - congrats! it's hard to know w the betas but the u/s will reveal all!

    jake - i'm miserable too w the nausea, i'm using seabands, mint rolaids, satlines, lots of water...nothing is working. it definitely comes in waves throughout the day sometimes i'm starving other times i can't even handle the smell of food.

    wish - stop bragging about the weather already, NYC is cold & damp

    jessie - how are you feeling?

    Luv - what is zofran and what is it for?

    lacy - we haven't heard from you for a while, are you doing ok?

    ELENI - thinking about you and DH

    afm - i'm so sick this week but not complaining, reminds me that i'm pg which i love. can hardly sleep on my front already cos my boobs are soooh sore. i've basically finished up at work for the rest of the month, we're heading to the beach on the 23rd for a week so can't wait for that!

    mark_H - first u/s 12/4
    Sana - first u/s 12/6
    luciabogoni - first u/s 12/9
    Zisis - first u/s 12/9
    DimaR - first u/s 12/11
    Chahira - first u/s 12/10
    hoosier gyrl - second beta 1,422!, first u/s 12/xx

    mhdixon - first beta 157, first u/s 12/10

  24. Mairead-- Yikes is right. I am sorry, I just reread my post and it wasn't clear.
    I was told yesterday to be cautiously optimistic- which I translate as limbo I pushed our nurse yesterday for an answer and she said the pregnancy could go either way
    When I mentioned the high beta numbers in my earlier post, I was just wondering if something overall isn't wrong with the pregnancy.

    I am trying to remain calm. Our carrier is beside herself with worry She knows about the separation issue but I didn't discuss the odds with her. No use getting her anymore upset.

    Of course, yesterday's news comes on the heels of hearing that all is okay on Friday- clearly my clinic did not have all the details when they relayed the info from the monitoring clinic

  25. it is my understanding that a high beta reflects that the placenta is working hard to attach, so maybe yours was working a little harder from the beginning?

    ug, that nurse' comment wasn't helpful, it could go either way, no shxt sherlock.

    can the GC go to a specialist for a more thorough review or do you guys just need to wait until the 29th?

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