November 6th( beta day) Anyone else?

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  1. So I am now in my 2ww and I test this comming friday. I'm 5dp5dt and hoping for the best. Anyoine else out there in my shoes.?

  2. test_user- hey- I just had transfer friday+ so I am 3dp3dt. I transferred 3 embryo's. My beta is the following week. R u going to poas??? U may want to checkout the two week wait board their is a group doing beta's around same time as u.


  3. So I went in this morning for my beta and for the past 2 days I've been having cramps and having light spotting. So this being our 7th or 8t cycle for our second I knew it was a bust....iI evn went to the store and got tampons. So long behold they called an it's POSITIVE!!! my beta was 125. I'm so happy but at the same time being careful as we've had chemicals.But today I'm preggers and happy. Thanks for the support and great luc to everyone. I have to go back on Monday for 2nd beta soI will be praying for good news.

  4. hey, thamk I'll look for that group, and no I'm not going to poas this time. I did lst time and it ended up with chemical preg so I'd beter just wait to hear it straight from them this time...and safe money on test. I fimd out tomorrow so well see. Hope your doing well and great luck to you.

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