Nov/Dec 2009 cyclers with multiple cycles done

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  1. Excited- thanks I am better now. I went and saw my doc on thursday, I go back monday- should start af on thurs or friday and hopefully start stims then if all looks good on u/s. We'll see. Good luck. Jen

  2. We have no beds in the hospital right now- it is crazy, and the full onset of flu season hasn't even hit yet. Well- i got slapped in the face again today- not literally- but one of the anesthesiologist i work with is....... PRegnant again, a couple years older than me, and I could tell she hadn't meant for me to \"hear\" this right in front of her- as she knows my fertility history, but the nurse asked her about it and I had to hear that she was \"11 weeks\", and I literally wanted to drive a stake thru my left eye- do u get this visceral gut wrenching reaction to other people\"s pg\"s????? I hate feeling like this- but all i can think is GREAT_ now i have to listen to her complain for the next 28 weeks, and watch as she gets as big as a house- i just survived that with another co-worker- who got pg the week before i did in january- her surprise, not really wanting to be pregnant self- and then the complaining the whole time, it just doesn't seem fair.Sorry---- i know it is not right to not be happy for people- but i simply HATE women who can get pregnant naturally- I HATE THEM.Jen

    i totally understand and I feel the same way... my co-worker just told me yesterday that she is 19wks and I was like \"ohhhhh congrads\" as I start AF... WTH. I'm so ready to start this FET and see what happens.

    AFM- I was forced to get another Dr. (mine is not practicing anymore)
    Consultation and b/w was 10/1/09
    CD3 was today- U/S was good...this time (as you all know how things can be good 1 min. and bad the next)
    Start BCP tonight between 7-9pm
    Brief Consultation next Friday 10/16/09 w/ Dr. to see when I can start meds or if I even can start.

    I am going to be on 2nd cylce which will be FET

    We shall see,

  3. had another $600 saline u/s and endometrial biopsy- new studies shows doing the endometrial biopsy before cycle can increase chances of fertilization- this is out of Israel and has been replicated in the states.

    Anyway- hopefully will start af b/w tomorrow and friday- possible cyst- so unsure right now what we will be doing. Could just be corpus luteum- but couldn't tell today. If all good probably start meds this weekend.

    How is everyone else???

  4. Hey- wanted to let u guys know I started stims last night- max dose follistem and microdose ovidrel- will add iun ganirelix next week. First time ever not using bcp before a cycle and this time I had 6 resting antral follicles- I am always flat , so maybe this will be a good thing. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

    How is everyone else???

  5. Hi Jen, Hi everyone!

    I don't start my stims until the very end of October. My egg retrieval is tentatively for Nov 7th. They are starting me on Heparin because I tested positive for an auto immune disorder. Praying for us all.


  6. Praying for a miracles- goodluck. Does your doc do endometrial bx's prior to cycle start?? Mine had me do one based on new studies that it increases chances of implantation hence pg. Of course even if those 2 happen embryo can be chromosomally abnormal and m/c anyway. But u might want to google endometrial biopsy and increasing pregnancy. Big study out of Israel and some clinics iin US have replicated results.

  7. Hi Ladies,

    I haven't been on here lately because I've just been taking BCP. However I started Lupron on 10/25/09 night and my other stims will start on 11/11/09 for 1st FET on 11/30/09. I'm excited but very cautious that this is a up and down process so I'm trying to prepare myself for disappointments. Ive been at this since 5/09 with 1 failed fresh IVF. So hopefully with the 7 grade A embies left something GREAT happens.

    This time I'm doing both the suppositiories and Oil and I'm also using the patch as backup E2 along with the pills

    I will be in Mexico from 11/8-11/15 and thats the time I'll be doing most of the injections so maybe that will help with the stress.

    JI am hoping for all of us to have success so keep me posted and I'll do the same.


  8. Hi Jenga! I'm not sure on that.

    Excited2bemom, I'll be praying for you!

    As for me, I'm now doing the STIMS and my egg retrieval date is set for Nov 7th. I am praying that there will be enough viable, healthy eggs and that they will fertilize to day 5 normally.

    Much love,

  9. Excited- really hope with those great Embryo\"s it works for you- this is such a rough road.

    Praying- pray u have a great response to stims and a great cycle.

    Update- i had egg retrieval on tuesday- got 12 mature out of 13- a complete miracle based on my numbers and history- 8 fertilized- and today 5 are growing normally- which is good for us. I have 3 ( perfect 4 cells) 1 ( almost perfect 4 cell) and 1 ( almost perfect 2 cell). transfer is tomorrow at 12:30. I am honestly shocked this cycle went so well- especially sence we decided to do it and started basically 2 weeks later. i think this is the least stressful a cycle i have ever had- maybe it does help.

    did i mention i also got my donor egg profiles in email on tuesday- have to let her know by next week- ironic isn't it.


  10. Nadine- sounds like u have been thru the gamet. I am sorry about your m/c. Good news is that u must stim well and get some good embryo's- so hopefully they can tweak your drugs and get you pg on your next fresh. Hoping this is it for u.

    I am on bedrest after my transfer yest- hoping this is it-jen

  11. Hi Ladies,

    If you got room for one more, I would love to join you.

    My History.

    DH and I both 35. Been TTC for....3.5yrs?
    IVF #1 dec08/Jan09 Cancelled after ER due to high risk OHSS (5 day 3 Embies on ice)
    FET#1 Feb 09 Cancelled due to lining issues
    FET#2 Mar 09 2 3D embies transfer BFN
    FET#3 May 09 last 2 embies didn't make the thaw, did trigger and was told when to DO IT.. bfn
    IVF #2 Jun/Jul (Ovaries soo huge they were touching) 9 5d embies, transfered 2,6 made it to freeze.
    started to bleed 5 days before beta, 10p5dt beta #1 75, beta #2 212 beta #3 654 (kept bleeding throughout) Beta #4 190 (I know I love the needles). m/c...
    FET #4 Oct 09 BFN.
    IVF#3 Dec 09.(I would have done it in Nov, but I am way for 10 days when I would be stimming and I need close monitoring due to high risk OHSS)

    I think that gives you the jist of my IVF exp.


  12. Nadine...I'm so sorry for all that you've been through. My heart aches for you and I will be praying. (hugs).

    Jenja- Congrats on the good outcome! That's exciting.

    As for me girls, I am a little bummed. I had my first ultrasound and they only show 10 follicles. 10. That's it. My clock is ticking. YIKES. Does anyone know if 10 is enough to work with? I'm really scared. This may be my last paying cycle with insurance.

  13. Praying- 10 is a great number of eggs. At 30 I only got 10, and shocked I had 12 at 34 but only 8 fertilized- so really only 8 good. What is your e2 level- that is important when looking at number of follicles and there size, r they all close in range?? Sounds good right now without other info.

  14. jenga - Really? I see so many other women get like 20 follicles, so when I heard I had 10 in the oven, I started to get worried.

    As of my last ultrasound (which was yesterday), my E2 was 744. About 4 eggs were in the 18-21mm range. They told me to start my gannerellix injections so that the rest can cook more. I go in for another E2 and ultrasound tomorrow morning.

    It\'s so great to have you here and be with others who are in this same boat.

  15. Praying- chica is right quality over quantity is what u always want. Here's to u getting at least 6 good eggs and more will be a bonus.

    Chica- we will be rooting u on as u get started.

  16. Praying - It only takes one good embryo to make a baby Each person is different, and I think sometimes it is better for your help and comfort to produce few eggs. My Ovaries tend to go NUTS and over produce follicles like CRAZY!!, but then I end up in a lot of discomfort and pain. When you see my follicle count when I stimm there will be most of them that are 10-14mm, and those ones are no good. Right now you have by the sounds of if 4 good follicles.. and some more on the way. that is a great start

    afm - I start BCPs tomorrow. I'm not going to start stims until the begining of Dec. Hopefully I will be PUPO for xmas and prgs for New Years.

  17. Hi Jenja, Hi everyone!

    I did a big no-no. Let me start out by saying that when this thread first started, it was because others, like myself, was tired of the \"babydust\" optimism.

    After I tested 12 dpt continuously, I purposely stopped all injections and decided to let my period come early - before my beta (without my doctors permission). I will probably get banned as a patient but I don't care. I feel like I wasted two cycles with my current RE when I told him from the get-go what I needed, and he and his nurse ignored my pleas for what in my heart I knew I needed medically. I could not handle another night of shots and itchy painful estrace patches, all to get my period and a BFN anyway. My hopes were shattered. This being my 2nd failed cycle, there was not one ounce of strength left in me to go on. Whatever hope I had, was squeezed out of me on the first cycle. I still don't regret my decision to take matters into my own hands.

    I'm tired of the baby dust optimism remarks out there. While I understand that people just want to help, I think the hopeful lies of IVF hurt more than the realistic ones. One example is the nurse telling me \"Oh, the reason it never shows up in HPT's is because you have to be at a 100 before it will detect anything\". In my opinion, that's a load of BS, because I buy only the most sensitive ones that pick it up at 20. I would rather she be realistic with me and just say, \"we will see what the blood test says\" than throw some hurtful IVF lie into making me believe what I call the \"false hope\". It's like a cookie is constantly being dangled in front of my face, making believe that I will eventually get that bite. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't deny that situations can happen regardless of an HPT outcome, but seriously, what is the percentage of those that fall into that category? Not many.

    The fat lady started with a vengeance yesterday. I can take a big sigh of relief and move forward now.

  18. Hey Ladies,

    Just a quick update with me...
    Enjoyed yesterday... shotless...lololol
    Today I did my own PIO shot... didnt hurt at all. Alittle sore now but not as bad as I thought it'd be. Transfr count down....5
    About to go to ladies enjoy your day with the family

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