Nov FET for #2(child mentioned)

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  1. ecologica- I took clomid for 5 days,I took the hgc shot on Friday and now im on prog.

    nick_s- I'm so sorry

  2. I POAS and got a BFP!!!!

  3. Hi thought I'd join because like you all I have a dd 22 months from IVf #9?? (too many to count). I have had 3 mc/ in total and with my last one
    I was Feb. with twins but lost them both at 12 weeks. I transferred our only frozen embie last Thursday. It was a great quality day 5. I'm now 3 days post transfer...waiting for the usual pg. symptoms (cramping and I tend to get spotting )but not feeling anything.
    Tracey I remember reading your threads from when I was pregnant end of last winter. What a wonderful miracle your son is! Congrats.

  4. oh yeah... I have a question; will coughing affect implantation?

  5. ecologica- Congrats.... how many days post tx are you?

    Dinar- Welcome! I'm sorry about your twins. We tx on the same day thats funny. I tx only 1 the other didn't survive the thaw. Thank you, Henry is doing well and getting big. He is our little miracle!

  6. I am 10dp6dt transfer with a beta of 144

  7. E2M- That's a silly question! To answer your question no. They put the embryo in the thick lining, it will not fall out know matter what you do.
    Good luck and feel free to cough all you want!!! lol

  8. ecologica- Congrats, that is so great

  9. Great news ecologica! How many did you transfer?

    Tracy/nick_s how are you feeling? I dont' pg. test until next Tuesday but I am already on day 32 of my cycle. I didn't ovulate until day 20 so we did the natural frozen transfer pretty late.
    No AF yet but no symptoms either. Are you feeling anything?
    For my last few pregancies I knew I was /or wasn't pg. before the test.This cycle AF is a bit late but I feel nothing?

  10. Thanks Ladies !!
    I transfer 1 b/s I only had one left. So it onlt takes one

    JJ- Good luck are you POAS or waiting for your beta?

  11. Unfortunateyl beta was negative.
    AF didn't come until day it was really messing with my mind.I thoug h I had a good chance of being pg.
    Oh well, one morefresh cycle and I think thst I may call it quits,

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