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  1. I was put on Metformin as a "preventative measure" and I really distrust any medications but even more so now that I am pregnant.

    My medical history is a comedy of errors and I have very little faith in local doctors. I needed surgery to remove internal scar tissue that was causing major malfunctions of some internal organs but my local small town doctors totally dropped the ball, put me on the medicines that I kept telling them were making me worse, then they decided that I had an autoimmune condition (which I didn't) so they pumped me full of huge doses of steroids and gave me a really nice case of Cushings syndrome which ballooned up my weight and gave me diabetes. Finally, I gave up on local doctors and found one that had a brain instead of just a prescription pad. Long story short, a few surgeries later I am more or less fine but I still have a medical record like a Russian novel and when doctors see it they just seem to feel like they have to follow up all that by at least prescribing one new medication.

    Anyway, when I told my doctor that I was going to do IVF he put me on metformin and when I questioned my RE about the actual need for it he blew me off. (I am no longer diabetic, it was all medication induced and went away when I went of the unneeded steroids and it seems stupid to put me on medication for diabetes that I might get) The RE didn't want to wade through my medical records for something that really was a decision that belonged to my OB and I can understand that but Monday I am going to my local OB and frankly I have zero faith in doctors after all I have been through. I know I am high risk due to age, weight (I'm still trying to lose the weight the Cushings put on me) and the internal damage that could not be repaired. It just doesn't seem logical to treat me for conditions that I might get. From what I see online Metformin is a class C medication and they don't really know if you should take it while pregnant because they don't have enough data.

    Can anybody give me some feedback on how risky it is for a nondiabetic to be taking it while pregnant because Monday is my first appt with my local OB and I want to be able to wade through the BS and know if it is really a good choice for me. Also, could I have done any damage by taking it up to this point. I am 6 weeks pregnant.

  2. Hi,

    I took metformin through 14w of pg. I'm not a diabetic either. They had me on it through all my IVF cycles to supposedly help with my PCOS symptoms and avoid hyperstimulation. I did feel better on it so I never complained. I know some people stay on Metformin for their entire pregnancy, but my doctor said I didn't need it. My baby although premature(for growth issues to to lupus anticoagulant problems) is perfectly healthy. She's two weeks old and is doing great. She didn't even have the low blood sugar issues they thought may arise.

    Congrats on your pg. I'm sorry to hear you've been through the ringer with doctors. I've been there and it's not fun. I hope your pg goes easy for you

  3. Many women with PCOS will stay on Metformin through 14 weeks or so to help decrease the chances of miscarriage. My understanding is that next year a study will be released saying that is is safe to be on during pregnancy, but I would think you would want some reason to be on it not "just because". Your MD's might want to leave you on it with a prior history of DM with the thought that you might be more prone to Gestational DM. Hope you get some good answers to your questions!


  4. my re took me off the minute I got pregnant both times. But my peri told me that they do keep people on now during pregnancy if they have GD

  5. I was on metformin due to insulin resistance -although not diabetic. I took 1000mg/day 3mo before cycling and then after BFP I took it entire PG. Cut down to 500mg around 6th month and then completely off by month 8. Taking it again this PG (16 weeks). It does no harm to the baby.

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