No symptoms at all during 2WW. Any success stories?

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  1. I am 9dp3dt and I literally have no symptoms. No sore BBs, no bloating, no cramps or weird twinges, no fatigue. I have a slightly increased sense of smell, but I read that's due to progesterone. I was constipated for a couple days, but no more. I actually feel great, other than being slightly depressed that I got a BFN from a pee stick this morning.

    My ER was pretty easy because I only had two follicles, so whatever soreness I had in that area is long gone. I've been doing PIO shots since 3/15 and even those don't bother me. My butt's not sore, no rashes, etc.

    It\'s hard to imagine I'll end up with a BFP on Monday but I still have a little hope if I can get some symptom-free success stories!

  2. Happy,
    When I was pg with DS, I never, ever had any symptoms (up to the day I delivered him). I was so lacking symptoms, I could have been one of those idiots that shows up in the Emergency Room with abdominal pain and they tell me I'm in labor and the baby is crowning. A lack of symptoms is NOT an indicator of the end result. Keep the faith and hang in there!

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