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  1. i'm 30 weeks and have not been feeling any movement today at all no matter what i've tried (ice water, food, sugary drink, trying to gently push my stomach)....i've felt a lot less movement the last few days but at least felt something and i've used my home doppler and checked both babies this normal? i know that around this time, and especially with twins, there starts to be a lot less room.....but shouldnt i feel something????

  2. Mohamed, I would call your OB if you are concerned about lack of movement and have felt a decrease over the last few days. Yes, there starts to be less room in there and a lot could depend on the position the babies are in & the location of the placenta etc, but I would still call. They might order a NST to make sure everythings okay. Plus it will give you piece of mind. My OB always insisted that if I felt a decrease in movement that I should call. GOod luck and update when you can.

  3. Mohamed - i am almost 33 weeks with twins and am definetly feeling less movement now. feels more like pressure or pushing as opposed to the kicks i felt a few weeks ago. but maybe call your OB and check - i started going for weekly NST at 30 weeks and they give me a lot of comfort...and it's interesting, b/c while i barely feel them moving, the NST shows that both babies are kicking up a storm in there...good luck.

  4. well i went in to the doctor - i had an appt scheduled for today anyway but they had me come in earlier. both babies are thankfully totally fine - one was sleeping and refused to move for the longest time but eventually did. The other was moving and i just couldnt feel him. The doc said that between the fact that there's a lot less room inside me and their anterior placentas, its going to be harder and harder to feel them. His suggestion was that if i dont feel them for a while i need to go lay down in total quiet and try to feel them for 30 minutes. if after 30 minutes i still feel nothing then i need to call immediately. however, he said that the movements are going to get more and more subtle and its very possible to miss them so even if i'm just laying around watching tv or reading a book its not good enough. i have to have total concentration on trying to feel them....

  5. Thanks for the update and I am so glad everything turned out to be fine!! One of my twins had an anterior placenta so I couldn't feel her as much either. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!!! You are in the home stretch!

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