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  1. today I am 6dp3dt. I had cramping on and off since transfer up until yesterday. Now nothing. No cramping at all, I feel fine..just some waves of nausea. Anyone else have this. I would expect the cramping to pick up by this point. I am going crazy over here!
    I had similiar stories with my first 2 transfers and both were neg.

  2. It's hard to tell at this point. It's way too early to be honest.

    On my BFP cycle I did feel cramps and nausea around the same time and there were also days when I felt nothing. So it's very possible that you're stressing over nothing.

    Good luck

  3. Hi Angel,

    I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged already! FWIW, on my (+) cycle, I didn't start cramping until my beta day (I think 11dpo). For my (-) cycle, I never felt anything. Hang in there, girl!! It's still too soon for symptoms, I think. When did you start feeling nausea?? That sounds encouraging?


  4. Thanks guys for the encouraging words. I had cramping from FET till 4dpt. Now at 5 and 6 dpt nothing. But the nausea started yesterday. I am trying to stay positive. It is so hard. I feel like a crazy person. I just feel like I need this to work.
    I only have one frozen embie left and then another fresh cycle..
    I was soo hoping not to have to do that again!

    Thanks again!

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