no lupron cycle- anyone have this?

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  1. Has anyone had a no lupron cycle? I am perfectly healthy and 27 years old (DH has male factor) and my RE at Cornell is skipping Lupron. I certainly trust my RE but have seen most of the time that Lupron is skipped when women are believed to be poor responders or older- any idea why they would do this for someone our age (and with no problems?)

    Also, if anyone has done a no Lupron cycle did it work?

  2. I did a no lupron cycle and it did not work. I am 26 years old. First attempt I was 25. I am on my frozen embro cycle now and am doing it naturally with no shots except for the hcg shot to help me ovulate and progesterone crinone 8%. I still have to wait one more week to see if i'm pregnant. The suspense is so difficult! But just trust what the doctors are telling you to do. Some women may need it and others don't. I was going to get the shot and than they changed their minds but I am just trusting them because i don't want to stress about it. Good luck!

  3. I am in the midst of a no lupron cycle. They did the retrieval two days ago. 14 eggs removed, 7 large enough to fertilize.. 5 fertilized. Now i wait.

  4. Good luck, Joan! My no lupron cycle was sucessful. Hope you have the same good fortune...

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