No embryo\'s make it to freeze. Anyone else?

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  1. I have done two fresh IVF/ICSI cycles. Each time my embryos got to a good grade, but by day 5 they arrest. I have never had any make it to freeze. Has anyone else had this problem?

    I have a f/u consult next month and I will ask. My clinic doesn't really give any answers. I am normally told there is no reason or whatever.

    I am curious now to see what others have been told. Does this probably happen because my eggs are poor quality?

    Any guesses would be appreciated.

  2. Karagiannis, so sorry that you are dealing with this.

    While this exact situation did not happen to me...I would suggest that you ask your RE about a day 3 transfer. I would also suggest that you post this on the GBB as you would likely get more feedback.

    Just my 0.02. Wishing you GL!

  3. Hi- I am in a similar situation but I never make it to day 5 and they did the transfer day 3. I had 2 failed IVF with Isci and nothing has worked. Now I am at cornell in NY and we are doing co-culture in our 3rd round. Dr Davis says it will help with the embbies and hopefully have less fragmentation( that seems to be why the embbies cant make it to day 5) He told us it is either 2 issues, 1. an uterine prolem or 2. an embryo problem and we are definitely in the embryo area. good luck to you and hope this helped a bit. jenn

  4. I have a similar problem but no answer. Embies all look good till about day 4 and then by day 5 everything goes out the window.

  5. It could be a number of things.

    Yes it could be that your eggs are bad but that usually shows up initially with the growth of the embryo from day 1.

    None of our embryos make it to freeze and though they often make it to day 5 and beyond, they generally aren't good enough quality to freeze. This poor quality is seen right from day 2 and on (frag, slow development).

    Now, we initially started our IF diagnosis with MF. I've asked repeatedly if our poor embyro quality could be MF. I've been told repeatedly that the male DNA factors on day 3 so if things look great by day 3 and quickly deteriorate from there, its possibly a male issue. (thus they have ruled out MF for me since our issues begin to show up earlier)

    Not sure what tests are out there for male DNA testing but I know there's a few. It may not be the answer but at least its one more possible ingredient to look into prior to spending a lot of time, money and emotion into a subsequent cycle.

    Good luck and I hope this helps.

  6. Wish I knew. I have now done IVFs. 5 were 3 day and 2 were 5 day and we never had any to freeze. So annoying!!!

  7. Thanks for all of your responses.. I really sucks that we have all been in similar prediciments with no answers... You are all in my thoughts on this very hard day.

  8. Thank you very much for your post. I find myself in the same boat, and nobody gives me a possible explanation. I am a very high responder, and nothing makes it to freeze.

    IVF #1: 27 eggs retrieved, 22 mature, 16 fertilized, two good quality blastocysts transferred on day 5, none frozen. It was a real shock because I remember the embryologist telling me the day after retrieval "16 of them have fertilized...they look very good". Four days later, he announces before transfer that I only have two good ones for the transfer. It was a chemical pregnancy.

    Last month we began IVF #2. My FSH level was 5. I had 31 eggs retrieved, 17 mature, 10 fertilized and transferred 3 grade A embryos (8-cell) on day 3-- none frozen. I found out that I had nothing to freeze when I called day 6. The embryologist said that "they stopped growing this morning". Yesterday we learned that I am not pregnant.

    This last time they stopped growing day 6 in the morning! Of course, the first thing that comes to my mind is the egg quality, but what bothers me is that they look fine all the way until last minute.

    Again, thank you for your posting.

  9. After we had none make it blasts to freeze on our 2nd ivf, we were told to do the dna fragmentation test on dh's sperm.

    (It came out okay).

    Ivf #2 was the short protocol. On ivf #3 we went with a long protocol, and had nice results (also did acupuncture throughout the cycle). Ivf #1 that failed (with long protocol) had too many eggs (29 retrieved) said get better quality with less sometimes.

    Transfer for ivf #4 scheduled tomorrow. I'm anxiously waiting to hear how many we have left of the 17 that fertilized. (Protocol and # of eggs is most similar to ivf #3)

  10. Hi,

    Our cases seem to be quite similar. I want to have the scsa (dna fragmentation) test for my husband sperm. I will suggest it to my doctor tomorrow. If the results are normal, at least we can rule that out.

    I\'d love to hear if you had any blastocysts to freeze. Did you transfer day 3 or day 5?

    Best luck tomorrow and have a wonderful tww.


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