No embryo to transfer?

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I just found out I have no embroy to transfer. Did anyone experience that? I had only 2 eggs retrieved yesterday. It was so sad.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Anna-I'm so sorry.

  3. Thank you for your message.

  4. Oh heart goes out to go through all that and not have a transfer...I have no idea what you must be feeling. I'm thinking of you.

  5. Thank you, paolo6657 for your understanding. I should have cancelled the cycle when I saw the doctor only wrote down the size of two biggest follicles. I have two or three just by doing IUIs. He told us the third one might catch up and they can put it in their lab and grow... After having almost 100 shots, my brain was not thinking... I felt the pain of loosing $ 20,000 for nothing.
    I would be very careful to make any decision in regards to IVF.

    Again, thank you.


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