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  1. Elana,

    It is so hard not to worry. I went through exactly the same thing with my DS, I was completly terrified all the time and only felt better when I had just had a scan. I also had to stay at home and I think that makes it worse as you have so much time to think. I too had really bad cramps but all turned out ok. They kept telling me to take pain killers but I never wanted to.

    I hope the next 2 weeks go quickly for you, keep posting if you get the chance.

    Love Nicola xxx

  2. Hi Everyone,

    Just a quick check-in while Annika is sleeping. We are doing great and I'm really enjoying motherhood.

    Elana, sounds like all is going well so far. I think worrying is just part of the process, it is good to try and stay as relaxed as possible but I don't thing there is harm from the worry. I worried all through my pregnancy and everything turned out fine. I'm very excited for you and your husband.

    Nicola, how are you. Are you at peace with your decision to wait awhile longer to cycle again?

    Rina, how are you doing? What is new with you?

    Pau and Kelly, still think of you both.

    Take care,


  3. great to hear from you guys. not much new here. i am now 9w4d. hard to believe. i go back for a nuchlar translucency test on the 23rd and have my drs appointment the same day. it is so hard to wait till then with no u/s or anything. i am starting to feel nauseous more of the time which i am taking as a good sign. i am tired all the time and eating tons. i feel so fat and heavy not sure how i will feel when i am further along. my boobs are heavy and sore - not complaining though. will take whatever comes my way. i am off of work till at least the 23rd and then i may have to cut down to half time will see what my dr says.

    how is everyone else doing?


  4. BUMP!!

    Hi Girls ,

    Hi Elana, I hope all is well with you. When 's the 12 week scan???

    Love Nicola xxx

  5. this thread has been really quiet. thanks nicola for bumping it up. it is next week on the 23rd. am a bit nervous but i hope all will be well. i can't believe i am now 11w2d - trying to take it one day at a time.

    where is everyone else? would love to hear from all of you.


  6. Hey Elana,

    It is really hard for me to get on the boards much these days with the baby and being back to work and all. I check often though I don't always post myself. You are in my thoughts all the time. I'm so excited that you will soon be in your 2nd trimester.

    Hi Nicola,

    How are you??? How is your work going???

    Hi to everyone else too.


  7. Hi Jenn,

    Teacher training is going well but is SO TIRING!!!! Not sure when to start my next cycle, maybe January. How is your little daughter doing? they keep you busy don't they. Thanks for asking after me .

    Hey Elana,

    Congrats on getting to 12 weeks and on your scan results (read about it on another thread). You must be SO relieved to have reached this huge milestone. How are you feeling?

    Nicola xxx

  8. BUMP!!!

    Just to stop us falling off the bottom!!!

    Hey Elana,

    Let me know how your doing, I'm thinking of you.

    Hey Rina,

    Are you still there??????? I hope you're ok.

    Hey Pau,

    I hope you find us soon and your having fun with your twins.

    Hey jenn,

    Hope you are ok too, it's fab that you pop in from time to time to catch up with us.

    Hey Kelly,

    I'm still reading the updates on Sam and he is so big and healthy now, what a star .

    As for me, I'm starting again in Jan, I am so frustrated that I've had to wait SO LONG but it is good to get this teacher training out of the way so that I am able to go back to work part time after the baby comes (wishful thinking!!!).

    Lots and lots of love to you all, Nicola xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Hi Elana,

    This has happened to so many people I know and they all had healthy babies. First of all one in 125 is still not that likely that there is anything wrong. Also, was this result connected to the measurement of the fold of skin on the babies neck or just from the bloods? If it's just from the bloods then don't panic as they are only 60 percent accurate.

    This happend to two close friends of mine and both went through the awful experience of having an amnio just to find out that the baby was fine. Wait until you are 20 weeks pregnant and then decide if you can face going through it.

    Try to stay positive and remember you have a 124/125 chance of having a healthy baby, that is a 99.2 percent chance that everything is fine.

    Lots of love, Nicola xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. i am stressed out. i got my b/w results back from the nt scan that i did and they aren't so good. it sort of freaked me out. my results came back at 1:125 of having a chromosomal problem. it also said that according to these results they recommend having amnio. i don't want to do an amnio so am feeling very torn. i faxed the results to my dr since i am not seeing hime for another 3 weeks and he called me and told me it would be a good idea to go for genetic counseling. after speaking to my mom and after she spoke to my sister in law we decided for the time being not to do anything. my SIL said these tests are not reliable and are not accurate and they just stress you out. i am schedualed for an early scan on week 15 (Nov 16th) and a blood test for measuring the babies protein level or something like that and hopefully the results of all 3 tests will give me a better picture. my mom does not want me doing an amnio - the risks for miscarriage are likely and i am petrified of the whole procedure. on the other hand i know that i am not capable of raising a down syndrome baby or worse. it just freaks me out. i guess for the time being i will pray a lot and leave it up to g-d. i have a second scan at 22 weeks and hopefully all will be well. i don't think i will be able to handle it finding out there is a problem after going through all this and getting so far. i thought after the first trimester i could start to relax but i guess you never stop worrying until you are holding a healthy baby in your arms. i am so confused and dont' know what to do. any advice?

    one good thing is my headaches have stopped so am happy about that. also most of my nausea stopped just a little in the morning but nothing to bad. still have heartburn though. so i guess my next test is on the 16th and will know more then. my next drs appointment is NOv 16th and will see what he says. i am finally going back to work tomorow part time so will see how that goes.

    take care and i hope everyone is doing well

  11. thanks so much nicola. it makes me feel a lot better. this result was just from the bloodtest. when she measured on the u/s she said it was 1.1 and all was fine so am trying to not read to much into it. i still have so many more tests and i just pray all is going to be ok otherwise it is going to be a very long 9 months


  12. Hi Elana,

    I have checking through my old notes for when I was pregnant and it says that the scan that measures the fold of skin on the back of the neck is 80 percent accurate and the blood tests only 65 percent accurate. My notes also say that there are lots of factors that can affect you hormone levels and bring back an abnormal test result and one is being overweight, I know you said you'd put on weight being off work so maybe that has had an affect.

    When I was pregnant my Obstetrician adivised me not to have the blood tests as they are so inaccurate. He also said that he had never had a baby born with chromosonal adnormalities that had a good result on the nuchal fold scan. I think your baby is going to be apsolutly fine .

    Lots of love, Nicola xx

    Below is quote from a website about the blood test:

    \"Approximately one out of every fifteen women screened will have a \"screen-positive\" blood test result; the vast majority of these women will go on to have healthy babies.\"

  13. Hi Ladies,

    It is so nice to see some activity here, I miss you all.

    Elana-I agree with Nicola and Rina, these tests are so not accurate. But you are right too, it is hard not to worry. I am just so excited for you that you are on your way.

    Niclola-glad to hear work is going well. You'll be cycling again before you know it. Have you decided where you'll cycle?

    Rina-so nice to hear from you. I can empathize with your husband, you have both been through a lot. Hope you'll share with us what your RE has to say.

    I'm doing really well and enjoying motherhood. When I feel completely incompetent and overwhelmed I try to remember how lucky I was to get here. My life has definately changed.


  14. Hello everyone ...

    Long time no post ..

    Elana, I have been following your news, and I am so happy and excited for you that you are where you are today. I agree with Nicola about the blood test and NT restults. I know quite a few ladies in other threads with worse results and their babies are fine. So don't worry .. praying is a good idea to help you keep that worrying under control

    Nicola, thank you for keeping this thread alive. I always come here and check on you girls ... well January will be here before you know it. Who knows we might be cycling together. Let me know when you have any plans.

    Jenn, how have you been doing ? How is your little girl ?

    Pau and Kelly .. where are you girls ?

    Well, I have been trying so hard not to think too much about the whole baby thing .. not working very well. The truth is I can't wait till we try again. But dh is not ready after losing 3 babies and almost me twice in 9 months. I too am not physically ready (my uterus), or so the dr who did my d&e told me.
    But I decided to go see my IVF doc next week just to see what he thinks .. so we'll see ..


  15. Hi Rina,

    Fantastic to hear from you, I hope your re has good news for you. I can understand why your DH is a little concerned, but I can also understand your desire to get going again. Let's pray that 2007 is the year for us.

    Hi Jenn,

    Fab ot hear from you too. Looking after a baby is REALLY hard work but they get easier and easier, my son is nearly 4 now and he is just so easy to look after. Although I miss the level of closeness we had then.

    As for me, I'm still confused about what to do, I don't know whether to go ahead with my friend as a donor or with the clinic in Spain. I really can't decide, I guess because I can see advantages of both. I will have to decide by january. Part of me just wants to go for the Spainish clinic and start soon, but I am also terrified that if I get pregnant I will be really sick and that will mess up my course. As you have probably gathered by now I am rubbish at making decisions!!!!! Any advice would be gratefully recieved!!! Do I :

    A) Wait for my friend to stop breast feeding and use her as a donor


    1) She gets pregnant very easily so that is good
    2) She's obviously lovely and we are quite similar in terms of personality and build
    3) I could be treated in a clinic close to where I live
    4) This is my husbands prefered option


    1) She has said she would like to be a special aunty or a godmother to the child and that makes me feel threatened
    2) How would I feel when she sees the child. i might feel weird if she starts looking for her own physical attributes in the child, or compares how the baby looks to her children
    3) She may not finish breat feeding for some time and in the mean time I am just waiting

    B) Go the clinic in Spain


    1) The donor is completly anonomous
    2) I can start whenever i like
    3) it's much cheaper


    1) The fact that I will know nothing about the donor scares me
    2) I won't know if the donor has proven fertility
    3) i have to go to another country to be treated which is not ideal

    Any thoughts would be gratefully recieved. For today i think I am going to wait for my friend, but the waiting drives me mad!!!!!! But maybe the waiting is good because I can get a little further through my teacher training course and I need to finish to course so that I am able to go back to work.

    As you can see I am CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nicola xxxx

  16. Hi Girls,

    I am having such a bad day!! Just went to the doctors and she thinks I have endermetreosis, she has refered me to a gynocologist. If this is true why have none of my fertity doctors picked up on it? I have never had a laperoscophy (sp) and apparantly that is the only way to check for it. Could it be that all my years of infertility are down to this??? Now i have a high FSH too so donor egg is definatly the right path for me but does this mean that donor egg won't work for me either??? I was feeling all positive because it was nearly time to start and now this. How far will this put me back if I have to be treated? Could it mean I just won't be able to get pregnant?

    Any feedback at all would be gratefully recieved, thanks girls,

    lots of love, Nicola xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Nicola, sorry to hear you had such a bad day.

    But I have good news for you .. I have severe endo and I am able to get pregnant and is told that it should not interfere with the pregnancy. Endo is a large part of why I am infertile, and is also why I have to do IVF. So it won't stop you from getting pregnant, with IVF. You would only need to be treated if you wanted to try to get pregnant on your own (the usual way ). I mean even if you have high FSH that is possible. I did get pregnant once on my own despite my severe endo and my \"old ovaries\" So please don't let the doctors depress you .. stay positive .. and let me know if you will do the laproscopy and when (sometimes they can treat it while you're doing the laproscopy if it's not too severe) .. just curious .. what made your dr suspect endo ?

    As to your confusion .. can't blame you .. it's so confusing .. they all seem like hard choices to make .. but maybe you should wait and see what this laproscopy unfolds ..

    Jenn, good to hear from you .. I like your attitude about how you're dealing with being overwhelmed .. sometimes I think that is one advantage to not being able to \"just\" get pregnant, when you have to work so hard and wait so long for it, you seem to deal with the hardships of being a mother much better than most women .. you're just less likely to take being a mother for granted and hence you enjoy your motherhood way more .. so enjoy it ..


  18. Hey everyone,

    Elana-what happened to you-how is it going???

    Nicola-sorry you're feeling so discouraged. I think you just have to take it one step at a time. I would definately investigate the endometreosis-maybe you don't even have it. No sense looking backwards even if you do-remember you will make the right decision based on what is happening now, try to have faith, you know what is right for you-sometimes we just need a little time and space to figure it out. We are here for you.

    Rina, I think you are right about that one positive asspect of IF, at least there is that. How are you? Have you been to RE yet?


  19. not much going on here that is why i haven't really posted. am trying to stay positive and not freak out with every little twinge and cramp but it is so hard. i am so scared that something will go wrong. i am now 14w5d and still can't believe it. i am still home since sept 11 and it is really hard. i tried going back to work on nov 1 half time - 4 hours but after two days i just couldn't handle it. i was so tired, napped in the afternoon which i never do and had cramping which freaked me out so decided to stay home till after my next drs appointment which is nov 16th and hear what he has to say. i also have an u/s on the 16th - it is an early u/s to detect problems if there are any. usually they do the scan at week 22 which all pregnant ladies do but my dr wants me to have an early scan at 15 weeks so i just pray all is ok. also my dr wanted me to see a specialist since my bp is border line high and later in pregnancy it can cause problems so she had me do a gazillion tests - blood and urine and one of the tests came back not good. protein in urine after 24 hours of collection was double what it should be so that freaked me out. after talking to the dr who wanted me to do these tests she said not to worry just yet and i should redo the test before i see her which is on the 22nd so will redo the test and hopefully get better results. also my tryglicerides came back really high which i knew they would. since i got pregnant all i want to eat is sugar and **** and now i just can't stop. i am so afraid i will end up with gestational diabetes and yet i just can't stop with the sugar. anyhow that is what's going on with me. i bet your sorry you asked

    hope everyone is doing ok

  20. Hello everyone !!!! I finally found you.....

    Times flies. I will be quick because I'm at work...yes, I had to go back. We could not afford for me to stay home at this point.
    Well my kids are doing fine (4 1/2 months old) Sean Nicolas and Brandon Mateo. They arrived 6 weeks early and had to spend some time at the NICU. But they are very healthy boys and really big I'll post some pictures later.

    I hope everyone is doing Ok. I am going back to read all the posts and I will post later.


  21. Pau-how great to hear from you. Congrats on the boys, what beautiful names. Would love to see some pictures and hear more from you whenever you get a chance. I know how hard it is to find time, especially after returning to work. What are you doing for child care?


  22. Elana-what great news. I'm so happy for you. Keep the positive updates coming. Jenn

  23. pau - it was so wonderful to hear from you. glad to hear all is well. u must definitely have your hands full with twin boys. can't wait to see pictures.

    as for me, yesterday i had my early scan at 15 weeks. i was so scared but thankfully all is well. the baby is fine and according to what the dr saw he said all is good but to be 100% sure i have to have the later scan at 22 weeks. he had a bit of trouble seeing very clearly cause i am overweight but all in all i am feeling better. he also said that 90% sure it is a girl which i am thrilled about. he saw everything and was pointing it out to us. i couldn't see everything he was showing but i got most of it. he saw the brain, and heart and spine and nose, ears, teeth etc... and all is ok. i am just so thankful. they said it weighs about 4.5 oz and is 10 cm. last time we saw the baby it was 4 cm so thank g-d the baby is growing. i don't think i will really truly believe it until i start feeling it kicking so am anxiously awaiting that. saw my dr yesterday as well and he wants me home till i get to 22 weeks so am not going back to work till Jan 1. i now need to fill in my boss at work and hope she is still understanding of my situation. i asked about prenatal yoga and he said for sure i can do it so am going to check it out. my friend teaches it and she has been asking me to join so i guess i will. i wil give it a try.

    take care

  24. Pau, so wonderful to hear from you, congrats on your twin boys .

    Elana, Great news on your scan . It won't be long before you can feel the baby moving, usually around 20 weeks.

    Rina, How are your doing? Any news from your doc on when you can start?

    Hi Jenn, It's so lovely that you are staying around to cheer us all on .

    I am going ahead with the clinic in Spain, it's taken me such a long time to come to this decision but I had to be sure it was the right one. I am waiting for af at the moment and then on day 15 I go for a scan if all is ok I am starting. Please keep everything crossed for me, I am SO DESPERATE for things to work. At the moment the friend that I see the most is pregnant and so is my sister, my sister in law is trying too and I know she'll be calling any day with her happy news; her sister is also trying and I am going on holiday with all of them at Easter, which means I could be going on holiday with 3 pregnant women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

    Lots of love to you all, Nicola xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. Pau, really good to hear from you. And back to work already .. you must miss your babies .. really glad they are doing well. How are you managing ?

    Elana, great that all is going well .. wow you're 15 wks already .. I am so glad your u/s went well and that you're getting the rest that you need. I felt the first kick at 15 weeks .. it was amazing .. hope you experience it soon .. be sure to share it with us

    Nicola, that is great that you have come to a decision .. it's a good thing you took your time to make it .. when are you expecting af ?

    Jenn, how are you ?

    Kelly, where are you ?

    My appointment with dr was really not anything exciting. I have to go for an hsg before we try again. And I won't be able to do it this month since I have to do it at day6-9 of my cycle and have to call on day 1 to let them know and I will be on vacation when this happens so I am not sure I can call. And then it would be Christmas and they don't work Christmas week. So it looks like it's going to be January for the hsg and maybe February to try again .. that is 3 more months. Oh well .. I think I've had lots of practice at waiting

    For now I just want to go to the beach and just relaxxxxxxxxx and leave EVERYTHING behind ........


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