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  1. Elana, you're almost there .. I really hope you get that BFP followed by a happy pregnancy and (a) child(ren) that bring(s) joy to your life. I know you've waited long and worked hard for this .. so I will be saying a special prayer for you today.

    I\'ll check tomorrow again to see ..


  2. Thanks Nicols and have a great time. hope you come back to great news.

    as for me, i am trying to hang in there and be strong. i didn't cave, almost did, but stayed strong and didn't hpt this morning. i was too scared to. my hubby is convinced that i am pregnant and i really hope he won't be extremely disappointed - i know i willl be but i will survive - i always do. yesterday all day i had extreme cramping all day. a couple of times felt like stabbing pain in my left side and then my right. not sure what it was but hoping it is something good. my family dr told me that the earliest i should hpt is on day 12 and even that is early so I am going to do it tomorow morning. i have clearblue at home - 2 tests - so one for tomorow and one for sunday - beta day. i need to be prepared. please guys send lots of positive sticky baby dust and whatever else - i really need it.


  3. Hey Everyone,

    Sorry I've been MIA.

    Rina, there just are not words. It is so unfair that you've had to go through all you have. I'm amazed at your strength and have to believe that you will have the child you so desire sometime soon.

    Elana, hope to hear good news soon. Hang in there.

    Nicola, thanks for keeping us all together.



  4. Hey Elana, I am sooooooo happy for you .. I pray that your little one(s) stick(s) in there .. take it easy .. keep your circulation going by going for easy walks and drinking lots of water ... keep us posted with your beta numbers ...


  5. thanks guys for all you kind words and thoughts.

    i couldn't sleep tonight, was up from 4 am so at 5:30 decided to hpt. I am now 14dp1dt and 12dp3dt and I am in shock and can't believe what i am about to write. In about a minute i got a + really strong. from past cycles i usually had to wait the full 10 mins and then would have to squint to see if i could see anything. this time it was right there really strong. I am excited, nervous and scared. i am worried that by sunday something will happen and my beta will be negative. i am trying not to think of that and concentrate on being pregnant for the moment. my first frozen cycle i had gotten pregnant but sadly miscarried at 5 wks so am a bit scared. i just want to get to the u/s point and see a h/b to make it all more real. thanks for all your positive thoughts. i never thought i would be writing this. after 7 years of ttc, after 6 fresh ivf cycles, after 3 frozen - can it really be happening. i hope to have great news to report on sunday after my beta. at least now when i keep having cramps and puling sensations i can attribute it to pregnancy and not af coming. trying to stay calm. going to work on my winnie the pooh rug today. it is really coming along.


  6. well guys it is official - I am pregnant. I can't believe it. I am still in shock and it hasn't settled in yet. I am a bit confused though. my beta was 193 at 14dp3dt and the nurse told me i don't need a second beta since the number is high enough. also she told me i should come in for u/s next sunday - isn't that way too early? can you see anything that early? i remember on the one cycle i had gotten pregnant on i was supposed to have an u/s on week 6 but never made it cause i miscarried. can anyone shed some light on this? I wish i could be happy and relax and enjoy but i have this nagging thought - what if something goes wrong? what if i don't see anything at the u/s? what if i have another m/c. i don't want to be like this for the rest of my pregnancy i want to be able to relax and enjoy. any thoughts or advice how one does that?

    i just wanted to say something to those that got negatives - maybe talk to your REs about having the transfer in stages. my re tried it and this time it worked so who knows. his thinking was that the embryos may do better inside of me then in a dish so he did one transfer after 24 hours and a second transfer after 3 days. maybe that can work for some of you.

    Elana<!-- / message -->
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  7. Hey Elana, another \"official\" congratulations. And that beta number does sound strong.

    You should be able to see a sac or more by next Sunday. It is good that you are doing an early u/s .. it will help keep your mind at ease, so you're not wondering.
    Unfortunately when you worked so long and hard to get pregnant it is only normal that you feel like you cannot just relax and enjoy (especially when you experienced losses before) .. but you can defenitely try to .. for now you can defenitely enjoy the fact that you ARE pregnant. Take it one day at a time .. I know that is hard to do .. but try.


  8. thanks for the well wishes. i am still having a hard time believing it is actually happening. i am still too scared to really believe it. i hope after the u/s when i can see something i will be able to relax a bit more. my dr himself called me yesterday to tell me that he wants me to come in for a blood test on thursday - so of course i freaked out. called the clinic back and talked to the nurse. she assured me all is well and not to worry. so i am going for another beta on thursday - praying it is at least 800. not sure if they will do an u/s then or wait till sunday. will find out when i get there

  9. Elana,

    WOW, what wonderful news, that is apsolutly brilliant, I am SO SO HAPPY for you, it brought tears to my eyes to read your post . As for the worrying, it NEVER ends!!! Last time I was pregnant with DS I found getting to 12 weeks the hardist, it seemed to take FOREVER!!!!! I had really bad cramping on and off throughout my early pregnancy which panicked me SO MUCH, but apparantly it is perfectly normal so if you get that DON'T PANIC!! After you get to 12 weeks you want to get to 20 weeks to make sure everything is ok, then you want to get to 28 weeks so if the baby was born right now it would be fine, then you want to get through the birth and know that is all going to be ok. But there are still the wonderful moments between all the worrying when you can just think, wow, I'm pregnant !! It also gets much easier when the baby gets wiggly as you can feel it moving every day. I the found the first bit the hardist, it feels great when you've just had a blood test or a scan but then the worry creeps back!!! I think it's because we go through so much to get pregnant we are bound to worry! Anyway honey, take good care of yourself, huge, HUGE congrats. Please, please keep us all posted. Lots of love, Nicola xxxxxxx

  10. nicola - thanks so much. you are right the worrying never ends till you are holding that precious healthy baby(ies) in your arms. will try to relax and enjoy.

    Rina - thanks. i am trying. hoping we see what we are supposed to see on the u/s

    as for me, i had a stressful day. i went in for my second beta this morning - my first one was on sunday - it was 193 and from about 10:45 am had been trying to get a hold of a nurse to find out the results. finally my hubby got one at 1:00 pm!!!! don't they know these results are more precious then gold anyhow, i can relax for a bit - the second beta came back at 667 - whch the nurse says is great. i have my first u/s on monday. i will probably obsess over that as the day gets closer. i am just praying hubby and i see what we are supposed to see. so for the next few days i am going to try really hard and relax and enjoy being pregnant. they checked me today for OHSS - cause i am so bloated but thankfully i don't have it. will just have to deal with it. i have waited for this for such a long time i am not complaining about any of the symptoms i have or will get.

  11. Hi Elana,

    That sounds like a very good beta number, you are really pregnant , do they think it might be twins? Good luck with the scan on Monday. Won't be long you can see a heartbeat and then by 9 weeks it really looks like a mini-baby .

    I am SO HAPPY for you Elana ,

    Nicola xxx

  12. Rina,

    How are you doing? I have been thinking about you and hoping that you are finding a way to start healing and move forward. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Nicola xx

  13. Hey Elana,

    How was your ultrasound today? I am thinking of you .

    Nicola xx

  14. I had my u/s this morning. was so scared. was afraid i wouldn't see anything or it would be in the wrong place. i am so relieved and happy and am trying to believe it is actually real. they saw one sac with a yolk. i am 5wks 4 days today. i am ashamed to say this but i was a little disappointed - wanted twins - but i am so thankful that i have one that is doing what it is supposed to. i go back next week to see if there is a heartbeat. now i have something else to worry about. it never ends. the technician said that next week we could maybe see more then one but for now there is only one. is that possible? i still can't believe that i have a living creature growing inside of me - it is so unreal. was also told that after next week if all is well they will be discharging me to a regular obgyn - am nervous since i don't have one yet - have always used the drs at the hospital. i pray that all will be ok. i will really miss the ivf unit and all the wonderful nurses there. they gave me my first picture of my baby to put in my album - it is so cool. i got the u/s picture and am going to keep looking at it to make it all more real.

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  15. Hey Elana,

    Great news on the scan . Maybe it's good that it is only one as that makes your beta numbers REALLY strong and is a sign of a strong pregnancy . One more week until you see that little heart beat, WOW!! I was really sad when I had to leave my fertiltiy clinic after getting pregnant with Ollie, but I just used to go and visit them and they would scan me for free just to check my little bean was ok. Can't wait to hear about next weeks scan, by which time you'll be more than half way to 12 weeks .

    Nicola xxxx

  16. Hey Rina, If you are around I would love to hear how you are doing xx

    Hey Pau, I hope you find us and everything is going ok with the twins.

    Hi Kelly, I know you're too busy with Sam to post but I am still thinking of you all.

    Hey Elana, Can't wait to hear about your scan on Monday, I'm glad you are here still talking as I'm beginning to get a bit lonely .

    Nicola xxx

  17. Hey Nicola, thanks for asking about me. I am fine. Just trying to stay away a bit in an effort to take my mind off things. How are you ?

    Elana, I do check on you and can't wait to hear your news.


  18. Hi Rina,

    Thank you for replying, I'm glad you are ok, I'm still thinking of you.

    I am fine, first scan in 3 weeks then I start the meds, transfer should be sometime in November depending on the donor.

    Hi Elana,

    Good luck tomorrow, I will be checking on you as soon as I get back from Uni .

    Love to Pau, Jenn and Kelly too.

    Nicola xxx

  19. Elana, I am soooooo happy for you. All your perseverence paid off. Keep us updated on your progress.

    Rina, glad you are doing OK, you are always in my thoughts.

    Nicola, good luck with the donor cycle.

    Hi to everyone else.


  20. Hi jenn,
    How are you? How is your little girl doing?

    Hi Elana, how was your scan?

    Love Nicola xxx

  21. thanks guys for asking. went for second u/s yesterday - i am now 6w4d. it was so unreal. i was a nervous wreck right before u/s - really scared there would be nothing to see. hubby and i got to see the heartbeat - it was the coolest thing i have ever seen. this little white dot pumping in and out. i still can't believe i have a human being growing inside of me. i met with my RE and he wants to see me in 2 weeks so going back to him on the 25th. he gave me a million tests to do - all sort of bloodwork, glucose, urine etc... and i should bring the results with me. he also was telling me that in normal pregnancies there is a 15% of miscarriage in the beginning, it then drops to 7.5 when you see a heartbeat where i am now and then it decreases to 3% at 12 weeks. he wants me to get to 12 weeks. he also told me he wants me on bedrest till after the jewish holidays which comes out middle of october - so i am now at home for the next few weeks. called in to work left a messge for my boss. not sure what i am going to do but take it easy. he doesn't want me traveling back and forth every day so i am now off of work. i really hope my boss is ok with this. i feel like she will understand since she also went through treatment and was off for a long time.

    hope everyone is doing well.
    take care
    Elana<!-- / message --><!-- / message -->

  22. Elana, great news .. so happy for you .. how is time off work ?

    Nicola .. how are you ? Only a couple more weeks. Hope this is it.

    Jenn, great to hear from you and thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. How are you .. and your little girl What's her name again ?


  23. Elana,

    How are you doing? Are you still out there? Please post soon and let us know how you are getting on.

    Nicola xx

  24. Hi Elana,

    SO HAPPY ot hear your scan results, that's such good news . Keep us posted.

    Hi Rina,

    Fantastic to hear from you, how are you doing?

    As for me, I am back on the waiting bench, not cycling until January as my course is so intense. I need a bit of time to get to grips with it. I am REALLY DISAPOINTED .

    Lots of love to you all, Nicola xxxx

  25. sorry i have't been posting lately - have been having a bit of a hard time. for the past few days was feeling very pessimistic - just a feeling of doom like this isn't going to work or something is going to go wrong. yesterday i had my meeting with my dr and all my bloodwork was ok and he did an u/s. was so scared that somethng was wrong or that the h/b we had seen wouldn't be there. it took him a few minutes to find which really freaked me out but he did it. i saw the h/b again and this time i also got to hear it. it was the coolest thing ever. it makes it all so much more real. i got to hear my baby's h/b. am trying to relax a bit more. i just felt like i should be feeling much more sick and i am not so it was making me a bit nervous. i get a bit nauseous a few times a day but never lasts more then an hour or so and then it is gone. i know i shouldn't complain i just thought it would be bad like 24/7. also have been having cramps all the time some days stronger then others but he said that is normal not to worry. anyhow he wants to see me again in 4 weeks and still wants me home not going to work. so i am home for at least the next 4 weeks. not sure what i am going to do. it is really hard staying home. thank g-d i am not on bed rest and i can do things at home just not strenous things but it is really hard. i am thankful that my work is understanding and they have been sending me some things to do which is good. my hubby picks up the hard copies and they send the files by email. anyhow that is all for me.

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