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  1. Jenn, if you are concerned about your age have you considered donor egg? I know it costs a ridiculous amount of money in the States but if you were willing to fly to the Czech Republic you do a cycle all in for 3900 euros (5000 dollars), success rate is 50 percent. I can give you all the details on how to do it if you are interested, or donor FET for 1200 dollars.

    Elana, your daughters behaviour sounds like perfectly normal toddler behaviour, she'll grow out of it. it's nothing to do with not having a sibling. Don't make yourself feel gulity, there's nothing wrong with being an only child. Don't go back onto the IVF train unless you feel certain it's what you want!

    Lots of love to all,

    I\'m sorry i never have time to write nice long posts!!

    Nicola xxx

  2. hi guys - just wanted to say hi and see how you are all doing. it has been very quiet lately. would love to hear updates when you get a chance.

    hodaya is getting bigger by the day. i can't believe she will be 22 months next week - she is almost 2. where has the time gone. there are times she can be a handful and then the times that she is an angel she is the best. last night she was so cute - she was sitting on the couch with her back against my legs and she was singing this song which she probably leanred in day care, using her hands and babbling since i couldn't understand what she was saying. then all of a sudden she started clapping her hands and saying \"clap hands\" in hebrew it was so cute. i wish i had taped her but of course i didn't. hopefully next time i will get it. she is still on the small side but i hope she will have a growth spurt soon. we have the jewish holiday of purim coming up soon and have no idea what to dress her up as. also my huby's b-day is coming up next month he will be 40 and i want to throw him a surprise party - so will see how that pans out. does anyone have any good ideas for a present for him? i have no idea what to buy him.

    that is about it for me

  3. Hi-

    Elana, thanks for the update. Hodaya sounds so cute, Annika is big singer too. I'm sorry I don't have any ideas for a bday present, trying to think of something for my own husband can be difficult-men are hard to buy for I think.

    All is well here. I've pretty much accepted that I won't be having another with my own eggs but still exploring and thinking about other options. I'm slightly less obsessed which is good.

    How is everyone else?

  4. Hey-where is everyone? I posted last and you all have disappeared.

    Nicola- I'm interested in the Czech Repub., probably won't be for a little while as we're completely broke but I'd love to have all the info you have for when the time is right. Will you pm me? Thanks.

    How are all the mommies and babies/toddlers?

  5. Hi Jenn - glad to hear from you. it is so quiet here - would love to hear from all of you.

    Not much new over here. hubby's b-day was yesterday and didn't have a surprise party for him. saturday night my in laws made a small gathering of just family members and we had a small party with a cake and pizza - it was nice. got my husband what i get him every year - after shave. really original i know
    it was my daughter's 23rd month birthday as well yesterday and next month is going to have a party at day care g-d willing and my parents are planning a barbeque party for her which is cool. she is starting to talk more, understand more and is turning into a little person. she gets frustrated a lot and still hits and bites and is spoiled but we are trying to change it. it is really tough. she has already started with if i say no to her she will go to her father and ask him so we really need to be on the same page both of us. I pulled a muscle in my back a few weeks ago and it has gotten a bit better but now it has moved to my thigh and knee and it is painful. i went to pysiotherapy this morning for the first time and i hope it will help. i am also getting over a cold for the past few days so not doing so well. can't wait till summer gets here.

    take care and look forward to hearing from you

  6. Hi Everyone-

    Somehow I lost the feed again and had to come searching for you all! Glad I found you. I'm reading back so I can catch up.

    Sam is almost 3- so hard to believe! Things are good here- working on my weight but this time just for me (not to try for another just yet). Feels good!

    Hope you are all well.


  7. Hey Girls, just as quick update from me.

    All is good here, Benjy is 9 months old and crawls at 100 miles an hour!!! He is gorgeous and I love him so much but he is also very hard work (not complaining though). Ollie (my 6 year old) is loving being a big brother and that is so sweet to see, he always deperatly wanted a brother and now he has one he chats to him all day long, as benjy can't reply he puts on a baby voice and replys for him - cute! I am back at work 3 days a week, which i enjoy, although i have been off for the summer as I'm a teacher. I am freaking out a bit about how to deal with the whole donor egg issue, in fact I'm worried I'm just not dealing with it at all!!! I want to talk to Ollie about it but I feel like i need to chat to some other Mums who've been through a similiar experience, anyway, I'm working on that one .

    Miss all you gorgeous girls,

    Nicola xxxxx

  8. Hi Nicola! Great to hear from you and hear that your boys are doing well. We're doing well here, too. Sam turned 3 in May, and today was his actual due date. We spent the day painting the kitchen in a house I'm moving into next month. Then we came home and he continued his artistic expression by drawing on my bedroom wall with a Sharpie (permanent) marker! Love my boy

    My divorce was final on the 12th of this month. That was a big milestone but it's not all over yet. By the end of the year I hope we'll have everything resolved and we'll just be Sam's parents.

    Take care of yourself and keep sending updates.

    Hope everyone else is doing great!


  9. Hi Kelly and Nicola. Great to hear updates from you.

    Kelly, sorry about your divorce but glad to hear you are moving ahead.

    Nicola, sorry that I can't help with the donor issue, hope you figure out how to handle it.

    I ended up going to a new gyno and she has me doing a lot of tests. I am not pregnant which deep down I knew I wasn't. Because my cycle has been really wonky this past year and i am spotting and having longer cycles she wants me to have a biopsy and a hysteroscopy. She wants to rule out any serious condition. anyhow that freaked me out. I did the hysteroscopy and the dr was supposed to do the biopsy at the same time but because of the position of my uterus he couldn't do it and was really hurting me so he decided to do it under anesthesia - so am going in for that on sunday and am nervous. I keep saying it is the same sort of procedure as the egg retrieval and I did that many times. I just hope and pray the results will be ok. After seeing the hysteroscopy results the dr said he was much more relaxed and optimistic but still because of family history (my sister had uterine cancer 7 years ago and thank g-d is now fine) and that i am overweight and have pcos he wants to be 100% sure it is nothing. so please send some good positive vibes that all will be ok.

    on another note, my daughter is 2.5 and is starting to show a little interest in toilet training. at day care they are starting a bit already so who knows. I am so not ready for it but apparenlty she sees all the other kids using the toilet and she wants to as well. I bought her a few pair of underwear and she is so proud of them, she loves them Hee Hee.


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